Wednesday, June 8, 2016

List: Ten ideas to save your barbecue leftovers from the trash..

I love to entertain.  I love barbecues.  And I love me a good celebration!
Therefore, it shouldn't be a surprise that we're planning for multiple BBQ bashes this summer.
Our first barbecue in our new home was on Memorial Day and it was a real good time!

As much as I love to throw a good party, I hate to throw away money.
Which is a problem because any good barbecue is going to come with lots of leftovers.
...and when the leftovers go in the garbage, so does your hard earned cash!

I always try not to serve an insane amount of food, but I always feel the need to make more.
It's impossible to gauge other people's hunger and you always want your guests to have options.
Not to mention, you always need to be prepared unexpected guests and the occasional spill.
No matter the reason, in the end leftovers will appear despite all of your meticulous planning.
This is totally ok, people!!  You have me here to pre-plan the destiny of all your leftovers!

Ten ideas to save your cash barbecue leftovers from the garbage.

1.  Barbecue as they go.
Certain meats need to be eaten right away.  This is a perfect excuse to barbecue as needed.
Don't want to ask "who else is hungry?".  Try saying "How do you like your burger?" instead!

2.  Keep the dessert menu small.
Guests typically will bring a dessert to the party.  Keeping this in mind, prepare only one or two.
I went with a fruit and a cake.  As expected, I ended up with about a million dessert fillers!

3.  Start the next morning with an omelette.
Peppers and onions aren't just a yummy side for your sausage.  They go amazing in an omelette!
Not to mention to peppers and onions are a much healthier addition to your omelette than cheese.

4.  Serve the salad with dressing on the side.
If your lettuce is dressing free and you separate the croutons and tomatoes, it'll be good tomorrow.
Not only did you save your money, but you saved your time!  One less side to make the next day.

5.  Store leftovers in portioned containers for lunch.
This is a double savings!  You're saving your leftovers and not spending extra cash for lunch.
Nothings better than a work week lunch that you can just grab and pack!  Hollaa!!!

6.  Double them up for a dinner.
Do you have 5 burgers left but need 10 for a family meal?  Pick up 5 more on the way home.
I never understood why people toss the few that are left just to buy all of them all over again?!

7.  Serve leftover dessert buffet style at work.
Anytime coworkers leave their extra dessert in the kitchen at my job, it disappears in minutes!
Sharing with others is much better than sharing with the garbage.  Besides, think "BYE empty calories"!

8.  Utilize your freezer.
There are so many things that can be frozen including vegetables, cakes, and breads.
If you aren't craving the leftovers right away, why not save them for when you are?!

9.  Add leftover fruit to that week's breakfasts.
Chop it up tiny and stick it in your oatmeal.  Eat a large serving with an egg.  Blend it into a smoothie.
Fresh fruit should never go to waste!  It's way too yummy, nutritional, and expensive!

10.  When all else fails, hand out doggy bags.
If you know there is something that you absolutely will not use, just give it someone who would.
You don't have the space in your fridge to store your future trash.  Besides, sharing is caring!

How do you make use of your barbecue leftovers?


  1. Well, we don't host BBQs but I'm all about all of these! And I love leaving my parents' house with leftover BBQ food for the week. I think properly planning meals and utilizing your food is something I've gotten pretty good at the last couple of years. Because you're right, lost food = lost money. I like the idea of grilling as you go, I hadn't really thought about that!

  2. BBQ doggie bags. Sounds like a great name for a fast food joint lol I eat the same thing over and over, so no waste for me. If at a bbq, which is rare, I just don't eat. Easy peasy.

  3. Just invite my dog, she'll gladly eat any unwanted food.

  4. Good tips. I used to entertain a great deal. I often sent food home with friends and neighbors. One time I had a couple of leftover party platters from a big Christmas open house. We kept them cold and as soon as the guests left, we called the Salvation Army and offered the food to them. They were pleased to accept. Of course, not every type of food can be given away in such a manner.


  5. I don't think I've ever had food leftovers.... for me, throwing away food, is unacceptable and unimaginable, not just because I had hungry years in my life... but because all the hungry people around us... I could just never throw away anything... I will always use it, or feed the cat... or save it somehow....

  6. My husband never wastes food and comes up with all kinds of "creative" meals with leftovers. Some are good, some not so much.

  7. I'm a big fan of bringing food to work to share with others. I hate throwing food away. Such a waste!


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