Friday, June 3, 2016

Let's Discuss: To follow or not to follow some friendly advice.

I spent a few hours the other day browsing through my old entries at R&W.
Don't judge!  I had an extra cup of coffee and I just couldn't fall asleep...
I was all smiles reminiscing on things I've long forgotten about when I stumbled upon this gem.


I have this habit of dating blue collar men.
My exes are typically maintenance men and electricians.
There's just something hot about a man who knows how to use his hands!

I've tried dating accountants and financial advisors but it never works out.
They were always boring and talking about boring things such as IPO and the stock market.
Ok, so I totally had to Google IPO the first time I heard a guy mention it...

I was discussing this with my girlfriend recently.
She went on to lecture me about "limiting myself" and "being able to do better".
While I get that money is important, blue collar workers are still capable of bringing it in.
Maybe I am biased.  My father, The Viking, is a shoe repair man that always pays his bills!

The bottom line to this little story is that everything comes down to money and social class.

To me, only dating men that have high paying jobs would be limiting oneself.
To others, dating men without a 6 figure income is an immediate limit to oneself.
How about eliminating both and just date a bum that doesn't work at all?  No?  Ok...


My first reaction was to scowl remembering this conversation.
My second reaction was a beam of pride knowing that I didn't allow a good friend to sway my judgement.
My husband, the love of my life, does grounds maintenance.
 It's a fancy title for the man who fixes the boilers, sprinklers, and all sort of mechanics on a building.
Guess what?  I'm proud of what he does!  He supports our family AND is useful around the house.

Have you ever caved to peer pressure?


  1. I try to be my own person but peer pressure is rough. I definitely stay true to my roots though. When people tell me they can't believe I don't have a luxury car because my husband is a doctor, I tell 'em my 'stang will blow the freakin' doors off your fancy schmancy car.

  2. Peer pressure it tough when your young and still tough when your older. But as you age, you find you care less and less what others think because you're comfortable in your own skin and with your own decisions. Glad you married your maintenance man!!

  3. Pfffft "friendly" advice is hardly ever friendly and hardly ever right advice for you. So pffft is what they get at best and go pound sand up your umm bum is what they get at worst lol

  4. I'm a Blue collar guy at night.
    That's right.

  5. My mother told me I would never be able to hold down a job so I'd better marry a rich man. I married a poor man and gave him my education fund so he could go to school. He ended up with a PhD. It took me twenty years to get a BA. My mother was a woman of her time, but she was wrong. Of course, he dumped me and married someone else to join him in his wealthy retirement years. But I pay my bills. He's addicted to gambling, and the second wife can have his cheating ass.


  6. People should just be happy to have a job in general in this economy. Money does not always mean happiness either. If you become a slave to your job... if you have no time for your significant other, family and friends etc, is the money worth it?? These are struggles people deal with all the time even in a mediocre paying job... is work more important than having a life?? Sometimes to find a balance is difficult. Pros and cons to every side of the coin.

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