Monday, June 6, 2016

Blog Hop: Question of the Month

The very entertaining and talented Mike from A Life Examined has graciously decided to host a party.
Well, it might not be a party exactly, but it’s at least considered a gathering!
He has initiated a bloghop called Question of the Month and I’m honored to a part of it.
It was open to the world, but Jax can pretend that it’s an exclusive “gathering”, right? RIGHT?!

Of all the places in the world that you haven't yet been to, where would you like to go next?
The #1 answer is going to be the one place I've been begging and pleading to visit.  Can you guess it?

10.  Switzerland
I've heard so many fabulous things about this country that I can't help but want to visit it.
Besides, my husband has close family there.  Excuse much?  Yes, please!

9.  Montreal
My nanny swears this is her favorite place to visit.  Proof of this is hanging in a frame in her home!
If my nanny loves it this much, then it's definitely a place we'd like to visit.  She's a great judge.

8.  Australia
Word is this country is surrounded by good beaches, hot men, and real nice people.
Besides, I took a pole once on R&W and the Aussies have the sexiest accent!

7.  California
Word is that Cali and New York differ from each other in the best ways possible.  I need to experience it!
I need to see LA, Hollywood, and SFO for myself!  Especially if Cali is anything like a Jack's Mannequin song.

6.  Sicily
I know that Sicily isn't the richest or most famous of places, but I'm dying to see my roots.
Last year my family went and was overwhelmed by how much of one town shared our blood!  

5.  Chicago
As a full bred New York Sicilian, I know pizza!  Life won't be complete until I experience Chicago's deep dish.
The furthest I've ever ventured past the east coast is Ohio.  I've been dying to do a quick trip more west!

4.  Italy
One day I'm going to be a total tourist and spend two weeks venturing throughout all of Italy.
I want to experience a week with tourists and week like a citizen.  The real experience is away from crowds.

3.  Barcelona
I've always dreamed of spending a week in Barcelona with periodic adventures away from the city.
Luckily, this is one fantasy that my husband and I share.  One day we'll get there!

2.  Santorini
While I've been to Greece, the mainland is nothing compared to the island of Santorini.
It's famous for the gorgeous beaches, yummy food, rich culture, and history.  Let's go!

1.  Paris
I've always been infatuated with all thing Parisian and French!
...and I'm pretty sure that my husband is real sick of talking about it.  Just sayin...

Where is the one place you'd like to visit that you haven't been to?


  1. Australia is tops on my list to visit someday. I want to hop with the kangaroos. Girl you will love Italy!

  2. Nice! I'd settle for something on the west coast for now. Cali, perhaps?

  3. New Zealand's at the top of the list - Can't believe I haven't gone yet!

  4. Greece does sound beautiful, especially the islands.

  5. Sure have lots of places to go at your show. All good ones too. California would be fun and Australia too.

  6. You have a very nice list. Italy and Paris would be on mine as well. :)

  7. That's a fabulous travel bucket list! I've been to 1, 2 (Paradise! ♥), 4, 5, 7, 9 and 10 (lived there for the 68/69 school year). Wonderful places all and I hope you're able to visit them. Cheers! (My # 1 item was Greece, which we accomplished in 2013. Still on the list: Egypt, Venice, Malta, Barcelona, Madrid and many more.....)

  8. Fun approach to the QOTM; lots of good destinations!

  9. Since I live in California I don't need to visit. In fact, I'd like to move away from California and probably will eventually. As is sometimes said, "California is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there." And each year this becomes increasingly true.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  10. That would be a quite a tour to see all of those. I hope you get to a few of them.

  11. You have a great list. My daughter has a video on Facebook of her petting a marmot in the Swiss Alps. She gave him a carrot, which he put in his den. He came back for more. She didn't have any, but he stayed close enough so she could touch him. The look on her face was priceless. I've been to Montreal. My son says it's the city in Canada where he'd love to live. I've been to Chicago a couple of times. I think it's a great place. May all your travel dreams come true.


  12. Bummer, I had either Italy or Australia as number 1. I should have picked France, you've always been a character from straight out of Sex & the City ;)

  13. speaking of Switzerland they're currently thinking of giving each citizen a free salary of more than 1000 euro a month! Where do we sign for citizenship?

  14. That's a great list. I think I might start investigating a cottage on the Northumberland coast, near Lindisfarne, for my next trip :)
    Jemima Pett


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