Wednesday, May 11, 2016

List: Ten things you should stop to be more successful.

The other day I was having a heart to heart with my amazing manager.
I expressed how I'm content but bored with my position and I'm ready to move on up.
See what I did there?  I expressed interest to grow while opening the door for expert direction.

He was super helpful in laying out a plan for my future career in this company.
He signed me up to take a test for a special certification and arranged a business trip to corporate.
Hello trade specific licencing and hello upper management.  Remember this face! 

After developing a plan of action, he started talking about the things people shouldn't do.
This was an interesting view of things.  I never thought about our actions that prohibit success.
People spend too much time planning what they need to do, and not planning what they need to stop!

Ten things you should stop to be more successful.

1.  Stop believing that you're irreplaceable.
No one is irreplaceable.  There is always a person ready and willing to fill your shoes.
Many times, there are even people willing to fill your shoes and then some for less money!

2.  Stop thinking that anyone owes you anything.
Some people feel they're simply owed a promotion while successful people earn a promotion.
Length of time in a position does not mean that a company owes you anything!

3.  Stop doing the bare minimum.
While it's inadvisable to take on too much, successful people will always try to learn the step.
You may have been tasked to take a project from steps 1 through 3.  Next is to learn step 4! 

4.  Stop waiting for opportunities to fall in your lap.
Thinking of moving up is not going to get you anywhere.  Express interest and take steps to do it!
I'm always bewildered by those waiting for a promotion, yet they never apply for the open spots.

5.  Stop being involved in workplace drama.
Stop the gossiping, sharing real personal information, and bullying your coworkers.
Management will overlook your hard work if you're nothing but drama and trouble!

6.  Stop avoiding opportunities for education.
Don't avoid that webinar, sleep during a conference, or delete that e-mail regarding extra training.
"Learning as much as possible on our company's dime makes you an investment." -my manager

7.  Stop milking unnecessary overtime.
Your direct report knows what overtime hours you actually need.  Only use what's necessary.
At the end of the day all costs need to be accounted for.  Don't make your OT be a topic of conversation!

8.  Stop being overly helpful.
Stop making those spreadsheets for the computer illiterate coworker and stop cleaning the kitchen.
I mean, you'd love to do their work for them help, but you don't have the time!

9.  Stop shying away from corporate visitors.
Stop hiding in your cubicle when upper management visits.  Make sure they know you're name.
At the end of the day, being appropriately sociable with people of power will do nothing but help!

10.  Stop being a dumpster for unwanted tasks.
Don't allow yourself to be a dumping ground for brainless tasks.  Only take on valuable ones.
Let John Smith make his own folders because you're busy learning how to reconcile a new account!

What things do you think people should stop to be more successful?


  1. All good ones indeed. But with the last it can be hard to say no if a manager tells you to do their folders. Then you risk getting the bad rep haha and yeah, screw the stupid workplace drama. Oh, and no matter what, most days work is gonna be boring. People need to know that, just saying lol

  2. I hate visits from bigwigs. I've known some that never talk to anyone below management.

  3. number one is what my editor and publisher sadly thinks too :( While I think number 2 about them :) Rightfully so!

  4. When I got promoted at my store, my boss pulled me aside. He said, "Rachel, we never would have asked if you're up for the promotion if we didn't have faith in you, but I want to give you some advice too. The reason we let the last manager go is because she felt threatened by every other employee and eventually started sabotaging them. If you're doing the best job you can, you don't have a reason to feel threatened to begin with. Other people will have skills you don't. That's okay. Learn from each other and let them shine too. It's a team effort, but you're the leader."


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