Monday, May 23, 2016

List: Happy birthday Madre!

On Friday, May 20th, my mommy celebrated her 53rd birthday!
...and by celebrated I mean she completely refused to acknowledge it was her birthday...

Typically we would all venture out to the Belmont Race Tracks to celebrate her special day.
My mama loves to rock the race tracks with a big fancy hat while betting on the horses.
This year all she wanted was pumpkin pancakes and to pretend it was just another day.
Shout out to my brother who took a day off to take her for the best pumpkin pancakes on Long Island!

My hubby was a little disappointed, but I totally get it!  I mean, I love me some pumpkin pancakes.
That got me thinking.  My mother and I have many different things in common that I refuse to admit.
Even if people tell us we look alike my mom will say to them "Don't tell her that.  She'll cry!"
In honor of madre's un-celebrated birthday, here are ten things I'm proud to have gotten from my momma!
Please note:  I'm not really ashamed to look like my mommy.  We all joke in good fun!

Ten things I'm proud to have inherited from my mother.

1.  We both have the constant need to be independent.
If we lost our ability to be financially, emotionally, or physically independent we'd go crazy!
Madre has always beaten independence into my brain.  She taught me to always rely on myself!

2.  We both have a great work ethic.
We will always get the job done quickly, alone, and to the best of our ability.
It drives us both completely NUTS when people don't finish what they start.

3.  We both are border line OCD with keeping things neat and clean.
We will forever live, work, and play in a clean and organized space.
It drives me crazy when people are able to live in complete filth and surrounded by a mess!

4.  We both like to fill our home with living things.
We find it very fulfilling to surround ourselves with living plants that we nurtured.
Her green thumb is something we definitely share!

5.  We both believe in a homemade meal.
I grew up eating a homemade meal  as a family every night.  This is still important to me now.
There is nothing comparable to a meal cooked with fresh ingredients and shared with family.

6.  We are both forever thirsty for knowledge.
While we may be interested in different lessons, we both need to be constantly educated.
I can't imagine a day where either of us are satisfied with the knowledge we already have.

7.  We are both loud with a lot to say.
While my mom may have a little more to say than me, she taught me to always speak my mind.
Let's just say that we don't know how to whisper.  A low voice is like a foreign language to us.

8.  We both know the importance of self maintenance.
While we both know it isn't all about the looks, one's appearance is always the first impression.
If you need a quick lesson on personal appearance, then watch a few episodes of What Not To Wear!

9.  We both refuse to throw away money.
While we certainly aren't cheap, we don't like to give money away either.  We believe in a good deal!
We also believe in spending extra for good quality.  It saves you money in the long run!

10.  We both will always put our family first.
We will always be present for every family event, Sunday dinner, and anytime our family needs us.
Madre also told me that their is no such thing as a best friend.  A best friend is family with different blood!

Please join me in wishing Madre a very happy birthday!


  1. Happy birthday to your mama!

  2. Hope she has a really happy birthday. We agree too, living in filth or people not finishing crap ticks us off.

  3. Your Mother is the same age as me. Hahaha All the best to that young lady!

  4. I like to refuse it is my birthday too! What is there to celebrate?
    And I refuse to believe Debs is that age, I thought she's younger than us...

  5. You are just the best with these lists you make! Always so personal. This is a great one and it sounds like she really honed in on the important stuff with you! I love your shared love of plants (how do you keep them alive!), frugality and family. Wonderful, wonderful! And though she didn't this year, how fun to have a tradition of big hats on your birthday!


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