Friday, May 6, 2016

Life: Friday Ramblings

It feels unbelievably good to...
...return back to my normal, every day life with a whole new outlook.
There's nothing like a great vacation to put a whole new spin on things.
Besides, I missed all of you.  I mean, R&W is my virtual home away from home!

I'm beyond relieved to report that... daughter's third birthday was a huge success spent with lots of smiles.
We didn't let the rain stop us from throwing the birthday celebration she deserved!
Although I did hide my furniture and area rug in a locked room.  No rainy butt juice or spills for them!

You can officially call me a farmer because...
...we had a relaxing family day filled with lots of gardening fun.
The unwanted foliage was removed and replaced with real pretty landscapes and a huge garden.
Our family farm is filled with string beans, tomatoes, oregano, peppers, broccoli, and even a fig tree!

I'm totally in love with...
...what my daughter and I did with our bay window in the kitchen.
We filled this huge window with many fun and pretty things that grow real well with the extra sunlight.
We have basil for days, pretty flowers, and a shelf dedicated to my favorite decorative tea pots.

I'm completely skeeved by...
...the massive amount of bugs that decided to make our house their home.
The exterminator will be coming tomorrow to eliminate all the bees, spiders, and bugs hiding away.
I got my first bee sting this week by a yellow jacket sleeping in my coffee filters.  Bleh gag barf!

It's very freeing for my...
...little toes because I officially swapped my comfy boots for cute open toed shoes.
My feet are also real excited for all those summer pedicures they're about to be pampered with.
Fine, I'll admit that I totally enjoy those pedicures also.  It's not just my feet!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. You and lots of bugs hahaha that can't be going over well. Got a green thumb going too, look at you.

  2. I got one of those super sonic things you plug in the wall and it helps drive pests away. Their dog and cat friendly. They don't do the job 100% but they do help

  3. Good to hear you had lots of fun.

  4. It's sandal season and I definitely need my toes done

  5. we do ever so love bay windows!

  6. Last night while working on a blog post I noticed something huge flying around my home office. Palmetto bug! I screamed, ran into the hall, and shut the door. Mr. Palmetto slammed himself against the door but did not manage to commit suicide, to my disappointment. I got a yellow shoe and opened the door. He ran into the hall. I tried to smack him. He took it like a man and ran around the corner and behind the china cabinet. It took some work and a lot of screaming, but he didn't live to see another day.

    Janie, who does not like bugs and sympathizes with you because of the sting

  7. As excited as I am to rock the summer clothes, I'm not ready to put away my boots just yet! I've always loved my boots. They make me feel like a badass. But, it was 102 last week, so I don't think I can get away with wearing them.

  8. Welcome back! Glad you had so much fun on your vacation. Aren't exterminators the best? I love mine, he gets rid of the icky spiders! Well worth the money!! I'm still waiting for it to be warm enough for sandals, c'mon already warm weather...and some sun too!


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