Monday, April 11, 2016

List: The ultimate checklist to throw a kid's party at home.

Those who know me have been following the trail of tears to find me.  My baby girl is turning three this month.  I've been doing my best to wipe away the tears and plan a celebration fit for my princess.  She's practically old enough to be a queen these days..  Since my two babies birthday's are around the same time, we are double celebrating with Disney World.  While that was going to be the end of her third birthday, I decided to go old school with a good old fashioned backyard birthday party celebration!

how to throw a kid's birthday party at home

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How to throw an epic kid's party at home.

__ Pick a theme.  Be creative!  Don't settle for just "blue".

__ Pick a date & time.

__ Confirm your budget.

__ Create a finalized guest list.

__ Consider "main event" ideas.  It can be a game hour with prizes, hired entertainment, or even renting a bounce house!

__ Hire the entertainment, if applicable.

__ Rent equipment, if applicable.  This includes tables, chairs, or a tent.

__ Mail out the invitations. 

__ Keep track of responses.

__ Consider meal options.  Are you cooking or ordering food?

__ Plan a finalized menu.  This means appetizers, main meal, deserts, and drinks!

__ Place the meal order, if applicable.  

__ Order the cake, if applicable.  It's always fun to have a theme friendly cake!

__ Purchase themed decor.

__ Purchase themed paper goods.  I love all inclusive sets like this one to save time and money.  Plates, cake plates, bowls, cups, napkins, cutlery, coffee cups, and serving spoons are musts!

__ Purchase goody bags and fillers.  Try to fill with 2 themed items, 3 fun items, and candy.  I used this multi-pack set for my son's party.  It was cheaper than buying separately and less stressful.

__ Prepare a music playlist.  Add this to the reasons why I LOVE my Alexa.

__ Plan the birthday child's and your family's outfits for day of.

__ Purchase birthday hats.

__ Plan for enough serving bowls and dishes.

__ Prepare to keep drinks cold.  Don't forget the cooler and lots of ice!  Don't forget to separate the adult drinks.

__ Plan easy activities.  Keep kids distracted with small activities like jump ropes or pitched tents.  My kids always have a blast using this puppet show center during parties.

__ Order latex & mylar balloons to go with your theme.

__ Plan layout arrangements.  You need eating areas, serving areas, play areas, and an area for the entertainment.

__ Purchase a themed pinata and get a bag of variety candy to fill it.

__  See what you can borrow.  This can be anything!  I've borrowed things from folding chairs to gigantic coffee pots.

__ Make final confirmations.  Call the caterer, the entertainer, and the baker!

__ Display the menu.  I use one similar to this and now everyone else I know does too!

__ Pick up the balloons.

__Pick up the cake.

__ Get ice.

__ Decorate interior and exterior as needed.

__ Set up all equipment, chairs, tables, music player, video camera, etc.

__ Charge your camcorder, camera, and phones.

__ Put it all together.

__ Don't forget to have LOTS of fun!

How do you celebrate a birthday?

Did I miss anything?  Yes, I do modify my posts with YOUR input, so tell me!


  1. Where's the ultimate Dezzy birthday party checklist? It is Dezzy's notgonnatellyouwhichone b-day tomorrow :(

    1. Sure hope you have a fabulous birthday Dezzy! Cheers to you!

    2. thanks, Debs, I never celebrate it, especially now that I'm as old as Methuselah :)

  2. Since kids never remember their birthdays, and the parties are really for the adults, I always made sure I had plenty of adult beverages so we could handle all of the kids running around going crazy.

  3. Wow, with that list she'll sure have everything indeed. Fun is key though. I'd rather throw a kids birthday anywhere but home, then no clean up needed haha

  4. Even I, internet person from afar, cannot believe your daughter is turning 3!!! So very crazy indeed!! And I'm sorry it's so hard for you :( I imagine that's inherent to being a mom. This is a great birthday checklist and I love the theme for your daughter and God son. They are so very lucky!

  5. We used to hang ballons up by rubbing them on our heads and the static would keep them on the wall


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