Wednesday, April 13, 2016

List: Ten long road trip planning tips.

Tomorrow we're leaving after rush hour traffic to start the long trek from NY to FL.
You have no idea how I'm dreading the whole driving part of this trip!
It's going to be my husband, my 2 year old, a 6 year old, and myself.
We're trying to do this estimated 23 hour trip without an extended stop.
That means that we'll have to take turns driving and we'll need distracted children.
We plan on leaving at bed time so the kiddies don't wake up until we're halfway through.

In order to save our sanity, we're pre-planning this trip by brainstorming any tip we've heard, ever.
No worries.  Of course Jax is going to share these tips with you!

Ten road trip planning tips.

1.  Fill a cooler.
Be prepared with drinks, sandwiches, and lots of snacks!
Something tells me that being confined to our car is going to make us real hungry.

2.  Pack lots of snacks.
In addition to the cooler, strategically plant a bag of snacks with the snack distributor.
I guess that I'll be the lucky one to obtain the title of "snack distributor".

3.  Invest in portable DVD players.
I've borrowed two portable DVD players to keep both kids entertained.
We definitely need two unless my God son wants to watch Tangled on repeat.

4.  Invest in headphones.
Please note that I said headphones and not earbuds.
Headphones block sound both ways which is something that will be real handy!

5.  Plan to play a few driving games.
Do a quick Google search before embarking on your journey to make sure your prepared.
This is when I thank God for apps on your phone.  Helllloo unlimited trivia!

6.  Update your music playlists.
You'll be driving through radio station signals like crazy so be prepared to be your own radio.
Note to self:  Remind my husband to download more than the 3 songs he likes to repeat.

7.  Pick a few small stop destinations.
I know that I love me a road trip Crackle Barrel stop and I have small obsession with the Waffle House.
We don't have any of these things on Long Island so I need to get my fill when i can!

8.  Make sure the first driver is well rested.
Since my husband will be driving first, he'll be napping the second he gets home.
I'm sure Ill be napping before we hit the city!  The car puts me right to sleep.

9.  Prepare for tolls.
This means to have the EZ pass ready and to have lots of singles and change.
I was so excited when my EZ pass came in.  It made me feel like a "big girl".  hah!

10.  Fully charge all electronics.
It may even be a bright idea to bring a couple car charges with you just in case.
Imagine starting the trip with dead DVD players and phones?  Oh, hell no!!

What are your road trip tips?
Trust me, I'm listening!


  1. I like to carry mint candy with me. When you don't have where to peepee and thus do not drink enough water mints trick your mind with their freshness and you think you're hydrated :)

  2. I was going to say Xanax but you have to drive. Best of luck!

  3. Hope you have a great trip. Be prepared for the "are we there yet" and "I've got to go to the bathroom's" too. Oh and another tip is to avoid any sketchy places where the backwater hillbillies still have the last person's van lol

  4. I've actually never passed a toll bridge.

  5. If you have to come near Jacksonville, Florida, unless it's your destination, don't enter the city. Take the beltway around it. Jacksonville is the largest city, geographically, in the contiguous 48 states. You don't want to get lost and wander around here. Jax has nothing of serious cultural interest. No special restaurants. Before I lived here, I worked with someone who had mistakenly driven through Jacksonville. She said she thought she'd never get out.


  6. Pillows! Throws. I always have everyone's favorite pillow to prop heads, books, tablets. A small throw or two are good for when the AC is too much for one person but not the rest of the family.

    I also take an empty journal along so that we can write about the trip, things we saw, funny things we said, or deep thoughts and the kids can draw a picture or two. Really fun to go through after the trip and sometimes reminds us to take something on next trip. (wet washcloth in ziplock bag in the ice chest) (band aids) (gum for mountain passes)

  7. Good ideas and planning tips also!!

  8. Totally downloaded an audiobook for our trip this week!


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