Monday, March 28, 2016

List: Ten words and phrases created and used by a toddler.

Last week I suffered through a very traumatic event at work:  my favorite water bottle died.
Feel free to have a moment of silence for my beloved cup.  He was a faithful work companion.
The next day I had no choice but to borrow my baby girl's Elsa & Ana cup.
When a co-worker quickly made fun of me, their giggle turned to a laugh when I called it a baba.
Apparently there's no need to refer to things in baby talk when speaking to adults.  Woops.

That got me thinking of all the different things my mush has changed into her own word.
In an attempt to record these cute fake words forever, I decided to share them all with you!
I know, I know.  You all got a little nervous that I wasn't going to share.  No worries, here they are!

Ten words and phrases created and used by a toddler.

Please note:  It took all the power in the world to write "toddler" and not " baby".

1.  Let it go
Anything Frozen related including the actual movie will forever be known as "Let it go".
Except for Olaf.  Apparently he deserves his own identity...

2.  Chicken
Every single type of meat in the world will forever be called chicken.
This causes confusion when fulfilling her requests.  We always hear "not THAT chicken"...

3.  Blah Blah Blah
Hotel Transylvania will forever be known as Blah Blah Blah.
The best was hearing my grandpa say "Mushy, what is blah blah blah?!".

4.  Picker
While the rest of us are using our computer, my baby girl is using her picker.
This one actually took me a while to decipher.  I had to ask her to show me the picker.

5.  Pop Pop
The movie Rio and all of its characters will forever be known as Pop Pop.
Apparently the only part of the movie that stuck is the 2 second clip saying "I'm the pop pop".

6.  Tangled
When my Mush wants her "tangled" she isn't talk about the movie.  She wants her scarf.
I can only assume the dangling ends of the scarf reminds her of Rapunzel's hair.

7.  Meow
For months now she ends almost every word, phrase, and question with "meow meow".
The sad part is, I do it back.  And, no, I have no idea why...

8.  S'kito
Every bug in the world, except for a spider, will forever be known as a S'kito.
Spiders are always referred to as itsy bitsy.  Trust me, some of them were NOT itsy bitsy.

9.  Dookah Dookah
She's been saying this since before she was one and I still have no clue what it means.
At this point she may just be saying it on purpose to hear me ask "WHAT IS A DOOKAH?!"

10.  Queen Mommy
When I'm not mommy, I'm Queen Mommy.
Don't look at me like that.  I have no idea where Princess got that from...

What made up words have you heard toddlers say?


  1. my condolences for the water bottle :( May it rest in peace

  2. My oldest son used to call his crib a "dib". He's almost 21 now and we still crack up at that one.

  3. lol your poor poor water bottle. Well I meow back at the cats, which is stranger there, Queenie?

  4. I have a cousin that as a toddler kept calling myself and my sister "Pookah". Whenever we appeared at the door he'd come running, yelling "Pookah!" and we'd say it back. We never did decipher it.

  5. I think the only thing I ever really said was "baby house". Apparently I asked where babies came from (probably after watching Dumbo) and I was told that mommy stomachs have a special baby house for babies to live until they're too big. I took it literally and assumed they have a full blown house.

  6. Oh so cute! Baby words are always forever and good for family laughs for generations! Love the Queen jaclyn!


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