Monday, March 21, 2016

List: Ten ways to break your family from a mundane routine.

If your family is anything like mine, you've fallen into a routine that leaves you yawning.
Work, dinner, chores, sleep, repeat and throw in the occasional movie night or shopping trip.
This busy routine with little excitement has me feeling like life is just passing me by.
That forced me to brainstorm ways we can continue to be productive and still be spontaneous.
No worries, readers!  Of course I'm going to share my brilliant ideas with you!

Ten ways to break your family from a mundane routine.

1.  Host a forgotten holiday.
Growing up Madre always threw holiday parties every Chinese New Year and National Pig Day.
Pick a holiday that you'd never celebrate and host a fun, themed event in your home.
I think we may have did Chinese New Year better than the Chinese.  Just sayin!!

2.  Have an after dinner game hour.
Our Friday nights consist of a trip to the grocery store, Chinese food, a movie, and then bed.
Once in a while we can swap our movie time for a family game night of Pop the Pig or Jenga instead!
I'll forever be impressed by my two year old who is practically unbeatable at Jenga...

3.  Take on a productive project as a family.
Whether you're a family of one or ten, there are always multiple projects that need to get done.
Take a dreaded task like painting the living room or re-potting your plants and make it fun!
While my hubby is painting the sitting room, he lets our mush paint an undone wall with water colors!

4.  Pick one day to play hookie.
Pick a day to play hookie from work, school, or just your weekend errands and be spontaneous.
My favorite way to spend a free day is to take a short road trip to a explore a new place.
I've been begging my man to play hookie and explore different areas of the hamptons with me!

5.  Respond yes to an invitation.
Many times I get invites in the mail only to decline whether it's poor timing or a lack of cash.
Once in a while you need to force yourself to say yes.  Parties, events, and celebrations are always fun!
Especially the ones where you get to dress up!  I love to wear a nice dress and a killer pair of heels.

6.  Be competitive.
I find that a little competition can make any mundane task just a little bit more interesting.
See who can finish their chores first.  Loser has to make dinner while the winner sips wine and watches!
Ladies and gentlemen, I'll totally zip through my chores if it means a nice glass of La Crema!

7.  Utilize Groupon for cheap day trips.
I've gotten inexpensive trips to zoos and aquariums through that app and yet I've stopped using it.
Stay awake an extra hour Saturday to clear up your Sunday for a fun day trip as a family.
The older my Mushy gets, the less we seem to venture out of the house.  This must change!

8.  Start a cook book challenge.
Routine seems to take over your weekly meals as well.  Spice dinner up with a cookbook challenge!
Invest in a cookbook and challenge yourself to make try a new recipe from it every week.
We've been doing this with a Rachael Ray book and let's just say dinner has been a lot more Yum-Oh!

9.  Plan a pot luck dinner with your closest friends.
This requires little work for the host and always ends with lots of laughs.
Give each person an assigned course to bring any food of their choice for a real interesting menu!
I find that this is so easy and fun that you can rotate who hosts every couple of months!

10.  Plan a vacation.
I'm a firm believer that everyone deserves at least one vacation a year whether it's a trip or a stay-cation.
Take time to plan a vacation and thoroughly enjoy it!  Vacations are the best breaks from life's routine.
How much longer until we all venture to Disney as a family?  I can't wait!!!!

How do you break your family's mundane routine?


  1. Cook book challenge sounds fun... and we do like Rachael Ray even though she feeds Amurica with crap :)

  2. Playing hookie I've done a time or two haha competitive I've done as well. Vacation a year though? haha that takes dough.

  3. i love all of these! the kids i nanny for celebrate the random "national _" holidays. there's something for every dang day, like national silly socks day. it's fun.

  4. I've never skipped work unless I was sick. I always hated knowing when others we're probably pretending to be sick leaving me in a mess.

  5. Throwing in some outdoor adventure never hurt anyone either!

  6. Picking a day to play hookie is an amazing idea :)

  7. Yes to this!!! We always talk about this, especially on weeknights. It's the exact same formula of work, home, gym, prep dinner, eat dinner, clean up dinner, watch a show, go to bed. Ho-hum. These are such good reminders of what to do better to break it up every now and again! Love #6, great idea as that always makes things more fun,

  8. I'm all about the cookbook challenge and potlucks! Great ideas.

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