Monday, March 21, 2016

List: Ten simple ways to break a mundane routine for a more fulfilling life.

If your family is anything like mine, you've fallen into a routine that leaves you yawning.  Work, dinner, chores, sleep, repeat, and throw in the occasional movie night or shopping trip.  This busy routine with little excitement has me feeling like life is just passing me by.  That forced me to brainstorm ways we can continue to be productive and still be spontaneous.

how to break routine for a better life; how to change for a more satisfying life
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How to break routine for a more fulfilling life.

1.  Host a forgotten holiday.
Growing up, my mother threw holiday parties every Chinese New Year and National Pig Day.  These holidays may seem odd for us to celebrate, but it was a great way to break routine and celebrate life.  Pick a holiday that you never celebrated before and host a fun, themed event in your home.

2.  Have an after dinner game hour.
Our Friday nights consist of a trip to the grocery store, Chinese food, a movie, and then bed.  Talk about routine..  Change it up your after routine for a family game night instead.  Whoever won the last family game night gets the game of choice during the next spontaneous game hour.

Idea:  Our family game to play together as a family is Color Brain.  When we play with the kiddies we use this Disney Edition of Color Brain so that it's an even battle.

3.  Take on a productive project as a family.
Whether you're a family of one or ten, there are always multiple projects that need to get done.  Take a dreaded task like painting the living room or re-potting your plants and make it fun!  For example, while my husband was painting the sitting room, the kids and I painted an undone wall with water colors.

Idea:  Instead of a productive project, make something fun and then go use it.  Try this kite decorating kit to make a kite each.  Then go to the park and fly your kites.  Hello fresh air and FUN!

4.  Pick one day to play hookie.
Pick a day to break your routine and play hookie.  That means skipping work, school, or even your weekend errands.  This spontaneous act is a great time to go on an impromptu adventure.  Go to a place you've never been before an explore even if it's just the next town over.  It's not about big and luxurious.  It's about unexpected change.

5.  Respond yes to an invitation.
Everyone declines at least one too many invitations due to lack of time, funds, or the desire to go.  This time surprise yourself by forcing a yes.  Almost anything can be fun if you make it that way.  It's all about perpective.

6.  Be competitive.
I find that a little competition can make any mundane task just a little bit more interesting.  See who can finish their chores first.  Loser has to make dinner while the winner sips wine and watches.  You may still be fulfilling your responsibilities, but the "how" is different.

7.  Utilize Groupon for spontaneous adventures.
Grab inexpensive tickets to a local concert, zoo, aquarium, or wine tasting.  Be grateful for the discount and thank Groupon for the inspiration.  Then stay awake an extra hour Saturday to clear up your Sunday schedule for your unexpected plans.  It's funny how easy those Saturday night chores will be when the reward is a fun filled day.

Idea:  Don't forget to take LOTS of pictures to make a photo album later.  That album will be filled with memories and motivation to do it again.  Click here to see some great deals on prints.  You can thank me later.

8.  Start a cook book challenge.
That mundane routine seems to take over mealtime like a fungus too.  Forget meatloaf Wednesdays and spice up your dinner with a cookbook challenge.  Get a cookbook, open to a random page, and then cook it.  Can't get more adventurous than that!  What if you land on cow tongue?

Idea:  We do this periodically with this cookbook.  It's my absolute favorite.  Easy recipes and we haven't had a bad dish from it yet.  In fact, I love it so much that I already gifted it twice.  Don't like books in the kitchen?  This will take you to the Kindle version.

9.  Plan a pot luck dinner with your closest friends.
This requires little work for the host but always ends with lots of laughs.  Give each person an assigned course to bring any food of their choice for a real interesting menu.  You'll be saving yourself from that boring routine while saving others at the same time.  Let them know they can thank you with a bottle of wine.

10.  Plan a vacation.
I'm a firm believer that everyone deserves at least one vacation a year .  It doesn't matter if that vacation is a trip or a staycation as long as it's a break from life.  Take time to plan some time off and thoroughly enjoy it.  Vacations are the best breaks from life's routine.

Do you prefer routine or excitement?


  1. Cook book challenge sounds fun... and we do like Rachael Ray even though she feeds Amurica with crap :)

  2. Playing hookie I've done a time or two haha competitive I've done as well. Vacation a year though? haha that takes dough.

  3. i love all of these! the kids i nanny for celebrate the random "national _" holidays. there's something for every dang day, like national silly socks day. it's fun.

  4. I've never skipped work unless I was sick. I always hated knowing when others we're probably pretending to be sick leaving me in a mess.

  5. Throwing in some outdoor adventure never hurt anyone either!

  6. Picking a day to play hookie is an amazing idea :)

  7. Yes to this!!! We always talk about this, especially on weeknights. It's the exact same formula of work, home, gym, prep dinner, eat dinner, clean up dinner, watch a show, go to bed. Ho-hum. These are such good reminders of what to do better to break it up every now and again! Love #6, great idea as that always makes things more fun,

  8. I'm all about the cookbook challenge and potlucks! Great ideas.

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