Monday, March 14, 2016

List: Ten stereotypes about women leaders that need to end today.

I'm a firm believer that women can do almost anything a man can do, and sometimes they do it better.  While we're lucky enough to live in a time that men and women are typically considered equals, it's disheartening to hear a select few people still put men on a higher pedestal.  While these ignorant people are far and few between, I got stuck with two of them!

Ladies, let's get together and squash those idiotic rumors I was forced to overhear.  FYI:  In my family's household, our chores, childcare, and salaries are all pretty much equal.

stereotypes about professional women;

10 stereotypes about women leaders that need to end.

1.  Women take more time off then men.
All employees are given an equal amount of paid time off based on position and seniority.  Apparently this stereotype is backed by women's stereotypical mental instability and their motherly instincts.  I fail to see the fine print in my employee handbook that states "Women get an extra 3 days off".

2.  Women with children are less reliable.
As a mother, I would think this stereotype would be the opposite.  I became more reliable after having a child.  Apparently, children make women use more PTO time, make women more susceptible to get sick, and fill all women's brains leaving no room for work.  Unless men have an invisible shield to protect them from getting their child's cold, this stereotype is rubbish.

3.  Women can't work extended shifts.
Most responsible people wouldn't have applied let alone accept a position if they couldn't work the required hours.  The stereotype typically states that all women need to come in later and leave earlier to take care of a household.  I work a solid 10-12 hours shift several times a week...and I'm a woman, wife, AND mother!

4.  Women aren't a good business investment.
Women get married and have babies which makes them more likely to quit after a certain age.  Apparently a woman's desire to gain a certain position isn't enough evidence to prove this rumor false.  Not all women want to be full time caregivers.  Those that do, probably won't waste time pursuing a career.

5.  Women sleep their way to the top.
Believe it or not, many women work real hard to obtain certain titles and positions.  Insert gasp.  The common stereotype amount women leaders is that they are incapable of using anything other than their bodies to get anywhere in life.  Truth is, women typically have to work harder than men to overcome stereotypes while still maintaining their personal responsibilities.

6.  Women get upper management positions to fill a quota.
See number five.  As a woman, I find the fact that these laws still exist insulting.  Their existence puts a damper on any woman's success.  To say that a woman is only most qualified female candidate as opposed to the most qualified of all candidates is disheartening.

7.  Women are too emotional to make hard decisions.
Not everyone is qualified to be in a decision making position.  Both men and women need to learn how to separate their emotions from their business duties.  This stereotype about women leaders absolutely false.

8.  Women need to be protected.
While I'm all about chivalry, men need to know that it's more of a want than a need.  As the stereotype typically goes, a woman needs a man by her side to protect her physically or from a professional nightmare.  While most women appreciate the concern, don't be fooled into coddling us.

9.  Women don't like to get dirty.
While I'll admit that I hate to get dirty, not all women are that way.  According to the popular rumors, women are the only sex that will shy away from the dirty jobs and physical labor.  I recently asked a male coworker to hold something and he told me "but, my shirt is clean".  Just saying!

10.  Women are weaker and submissive.
The majority of men are physically stronger then women, but that doesn't make women weak.  As the stereotype goes, a man's physique is going to make women jump and say "yes sir" at every request.  Besides, I know plenty of women that could mentally or physically kick anyone's butt!

What stereotypes would you like to end?


  1. Women who are aggressive are bitches. Big fat nope!

  2. And it's not always the woman that takes maturity leave either. I know guys that have taken it instead. I agree men and women can pretty much do whatever, but not all can do what a man can do and not all men can do what a woman can do. Just like not all women can do what other women can do and men what other men can do. Everyone has skills they can and can't do, or just don't want to do. Should be based on the individual not the sex.

  3. Riles me up a bit to hear men talk like this! Typically don't hear it except when passing by a couple of jocks sipping coffee in the break room (while everyone else is working) or overhearing them during their smoke break, basking in the sunlight (while everyone else is working).

  4. I wouldn't mind sleeping my way all to the top.. if only I get a chance :)

  5. You have to tell the women at my work about number 10. When it comes to any kind of tough labor, they seem to believe not having a Y chromosome gets them out of it when it's suppose to be everyone helping.

  6. women are brighter side of the picture especially when i see in history no woman tried to rule over the world and not responsible for death of hundreds of innocent people ,

    i think their diversity in using their brain and capacity of doing doing many different jobs at one time make them little higher then men ,best part of woman is that she idealize the world in its best shape and then try to make it happen


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