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Ideas: How to make an epic Easter basket for kids or adults in ten simple steps.

For all of my readers that celebrate Easter, here is a step by step guide to make the perfect basket.  Some of you may not know this about me, but I am totally NOT crafty.  Luckily, this lack of creativity is genetic which means Madre was able to guide me in simple terms.  She gave me step by step instructions that will make my Mushy think I’m a basket making pro.

how to make the perfect easter basket ever for kids or adults

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How to make the perfect Easter basket.

Step 1:  Pick a practical theme.

This could be a color, a hobby, a movie, or even a band.  While the possibilities are endless, you're going to want to pick something with options.  For example, a pansy themed Easter basket may be harder to fill than a flower garden theme.

Step 2:  Buy a basket.

As my husband reminded the other day, don’t buy a huge basket.  You will feel obligated to fill the basket, so choose one that’s cute and reasonably sized.  Try to pick a neutral color or one that goes with your theme.

Idea:  Get a neutral, handwoven basket like this gorgeous one so that you can reuse it every year.  If you get a good enough basket, it can be the best investment under $20 that you'll make all year.

Step 3:  Pick and buy the “big” gift.

I'm going to be real firm and say that this is NOT Christmas.  Proper Easter basket etiquette is to fill it with one large gift and then a bunch of smaller items.  To be extra fun, keep your big gift somewhat in line with your theme.

Idea:  For the girls, try a unicorn theme and make your big gift the appropriate Rainbocorn toy (click here).  A Rainbocorn is a surprise animal with a unicorn horn obviously hidden in a giant egg.  

Idea:  For the boys, try a Ryan's World theme and make your big gift the appropriate giant mystery egg (click here).  These are giant eggs filled with different toys from the Ryan's World show on Nickelodeon.

Step 4:  Pick and buy (1) chocolate bunny.

The chocolate bunny is an Easter staple and should be displayed appropriately.  The size of the bunny is dependent upon the size of the basket.

Idea:  For a chocolate bunny that you would all actually eat, try the Dove chocolate bunny like this one.  Other chocolate bunnies look pretty, but don't taste all that great.

Step 5:  Purchase paper grass.

You will need this to line the bottom of the basket.  I suggest paper grass because a child or pet is less likely to choke if it’s consumed on accident and it's better for the environment.  As I'm sure your hyper aware of at this point, the grass should be neutral or in line with your theme.

Idea:  Use extra paper grass to make a nest on the floor as an extra surprise from the Easter bunny.  You can top the nest with all the extra candy so it's doesn't mysteriously appear the day after Easter.

Step 6:  Buy Easter themed candy.

There are so many options to choose from that this part was the most fun.  I suggest to stick to three candies plus Peeps because they're classic to keep in budget and still be festive.  We usually buy a bulk bag of mixed chocolate candy, chocolate carrots, and blow pops.

Step 7:  Pick your basket fillers.

Try the dollar store or the <$5 section in Target to bulk up your basket.  You'll be surprised at how many fun things you'll find to fit in the Easter theme that were only $1 each.  Think crayons, chalk, bubbles, sticker, etc.  These fillers are meant to be fun surprises, not Christmas morning in a basket.

Idea:  Feeling lazy?  Don't be afraid to purchase party favor multi-packs like Unicorn themed one.  This is probably the easiest way to bulk up that basket without breaking the bank.

Step 8:  Purchase plastic eggs.

These were surprisingly inexpensive and could totally be reused year after year!  Use the majority of the eggs to hide on Easter morning, but set aside 3 or 4 to put into the basket.  Growing up there was always a dollar inside the eggs in my basket.  I decided to do the same.

Idea:  No time to stuff eggs this year?  Try a stuffed 100 pack like this one.  They're inexpensive, already stuffed, and there's no reason you can't still save the empty eggs for next year.

Step 9:  Buy plastic cellophane.

This is to wrap around the completed Easter basket so make sure it’s sized accordingly.  I've wanted to make this themed with color cellophane in the past, but it was a major fail.  Plus, your roll of cellophane should last for life.  Instead go with clear plastic to emphasis that gorgeous basket that you just worked so hard one.

Idea:  If you're having a hard time finding a roll, like I was, you can just click here for exactly what you need.  I find that the stores push colored cellophane bags so that you have to buy it again every year.

Step 10:  Put the basket together.

Start with lining the basket with the grass and placing the “big” gift as the focal point.  Then place the chocolate bunny to the side, yet in a place where it would be the second thing noticed.  Sprinkle the candy along the bottom of the basket and then randomly place the plastic eggs.  Take the filler gifts and strategically place them around the “big” gift.  Cover with the clear plastic cellophane and staple closed.  Bonus points if you have ribbon to tie around the plastic cellophane.

That's it!  You're officially DONE.  Send me pictures so that I can add them here for inspiration and will link back to your page.

What are your Easter basket tips?


  1. sounds like your kid will love Easter bunny this year

  2. She'll sure have a happy easter I'm sure there at your shore.

  3. Nice tips. I don't have to make Easter baskets yet, but when I do I'll follow your tips. :)

  4. Great ideas indeed, thanks for sharing.

  5. #2 is a genius tip--to watch the size of the basket. completely something i wouldn't have thought of. i would have gone for the biggest one and he's totally right, i would have felt obligated to fill it. happy (hoppy, hehe) easter!

  6. I'd always get the store-bought ones as a kid. I loved it


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