Wednesday, February 10, 2016

List: Ten words men should never say.

 Sticking to the manly man theme this week I thought it'd be fun to bring this topic back.
This is the series where we picture a manly man and cringe at them saying certain things!
Men and women alike all have those certain pet peeve words that trigger inner turmoil.
These words make us do a double take to the person who actually said it out loud.
Sometimes these words even warrant calling them out for actually saying them!
For me, it's when obvious he-men say things that aren't very manly!
Ten words manly men should never say.  
1.  Cocktail
"Would you like to go out some time?  We could relax at a local bar and sip a cocktail!"
Really, dude?  A cocktail?!  No thanks...

2.  Panties
"I got you exactly what you wanted for Christmas!  I bought those sexy new panties you asked for."
Did you really just use the word panties?  Never again...

3.  Co-inky Dink
"You're an accountant too?!  What a co-inky dink!!"
Excuse me as I walk away slowly...

4.  Samzies
"Whats up?"  "Nothing, you?"  "Samzies!"
That one actually happened to me.  And, no, I'm not joking...

5.  Fabulous
"I just had the most fabulous piece of rib eye steak in my entire life!"
You just took a manly meal and turned it into a tea party.  Sigh...

6.  Divas
"I'm starring in this new film, but the lead actress is such a diva."
Oh really?  A diva!  Do you even know the qualifications of such a title, bro?

7.  Giggle
"I just heard the funniest joke.  It made me giggle."
Men don't giggle.  Chuckle, maybe, but they definitely do not giggle.
8.  Tummy
"I think the cheese in the fridge is bad.  It made my tummy hurt."
I could see a he-man with a stomach, abs, or even a gut...but a tummy?  Nope...
9.  Stinky
"Can you take out the trash?  It's stinky!"
There's a reason why Hefty didn't hire a man for their commercials!
10.  Smidgden
"Can you smear just a smidgen of that on the bagel please?"
Men don't do smidgens of anything.  Speaking of which, they shouldn't smear either!
What words do you think men should avoid? 


  1. I had to read #4 about 10 times because I never heard that word. OMG so funny!!!!!

  2. Never even heard anyone use Samzies before. So I can't say don't get your panties in a bunch? Pffft screw that lol That's the only one I've ever used and for that saying.

  3. ha, this is really funny. I agree with #7 for sure. I must say though, there's a part in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" where they go "oh, cocktail guy!" and now we all say that in my friend group, men included. lol. Men should definitely NEVER use the emojoi with the winky face and tongue out. Hayll to the nah.

  4. Excuse me, but I happen to love word giggle and I don't use fabulous but I do use delightful like there's no tomorrow. Eat my fabulous panties! :)

  5. Cocktails, panties, fabulous and divas don't bother me at all. The others made me laugh, though.

  6. Hahaha these are hilarious. Cocktail wouldn't totally drive me nuts, but the rest would for sure! Coinky-dink? I would die!!

  7. Humorous list... I feel like most of these don't bother me... but hadn't really thought about it until now. Haha!!

    All the Cute
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  8. I just really dislike the word panties... I call it underwear!

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