Wednesday, February 3, 2016

List: Ten tips for proper social media etiquette.

Recently I've been waking up in the morning and grabbing my phone to view drama.
A very close and dear family member of mine has been getting into what I call Facebook wars.
Facebook War:  A battle that should be fought in private, but is displayed on Facebook for all to see and chime in!

I'm ashamed to admit that in the beginning I was entertained by reading the drama.
While I never actually participated, I still read line by line out loud to my husband.
By the end of the week, my feelings shifted from entertained to completely embarrassed.
I realized all of the people that this war was reaching and quickly got mortified.
 People judge you based on your social media and my family member was totally being judged!

Instead of engaging in following the drama, I put this person on a social media time out.
I also laid out some very serious social media guidelines for them.
Since I'm shocked at how far this war went, I'm extending this list to all of you!

Ten tips for proper social media etiquette. 

1.  Be open to seeing other people's opinions.
It's guaranteed that you will be bombarded with other peoples opinions from politics to beauty tips!
Remain willing to see other people's opinions without getting offended or bothered.
You don't have to agree with their opinions, but it's ridiculous to feel the need to debate all of them.

2.  Be conscious of offensive posts.
This totally goes both ways!  I've seen everything posted from racist comments to parental bashings.
Try to not be sensitive to offensive posts you will see.  Try not to post offensive posts.
If you're constantly offended by the same person, for the love of god, unfriend them!

3.  Do not make your cell phone public.
I never understood why people feel the need to post their phone number.
Simple REFUSE to post your phone number or any contact information publicly.
I love when people post their number and then complain when they get unwanted calls!

4.  Keep posts age appropriate.
Children love to look through pictures.  Remember that young children may be exposed to your posts.
Be sensitive to your social media friends that have children and don't post anything X rated.
Once again, if someone is constantly posting inappropriate things, then just unfriend them!

5.  Keep your personal drama personal.
As entertaining as those posts are, nobody needs to know all of your business.
Do not publicly post any of your personal drama or people will publicly judge you.
It's crazy how people post their life for the world to see and then complain people are talking!

6.  Limit your friends list.
Your personal page should be limited to people you feel safe being connected to.
Eliminate the "friends" that make you feel uncomfortable or that are complete strangers.
After you clean out your friends list you're going to feel surprisingly amazing!  I swear!

7.  Refrain from any form of bullying.
Bullying comes in many forms and you need to not participate in any of it.
Do not perform any act that can be considered bullying whether it involves friends or strangers.
This goes hand in hand with NOT publicly bashing your friends in posts.  Sigh...

8.  Only ask for advice when you really want it.
Many people put posts begging for advice and tips on all aspects of life.
Do not ask for advice unless you really are open to hear what everybody has to say.
I never understood those people that ask a question and then bug out when other people respond.

9.  Don't allow social media to become your life.
Way too many people live on social media.  Get off of it and start to live your REAL life. 
Limit your use of social media so that you can enjoy your real life and not just your virtual one.
A huge pet peeve of mine is when you're out and people are glued to their phone.  Get off of it!

10.  Don't ever screenshot personal conversations and post them.
For the golden rule of the day:  Don't publicly display personal conversations.
If someone trusts you enough to have a convo with you, don't post it for all to see, judge, and comment.
I know that this last one should be considered common sense, but trust me when I say it's not.

What are your social media tips?


  1. there is entirely too much crap on Facebook since internet access allows way too many idiots to voice their stupidity. I will often see deeply offensive things said at popular pages there.
    I did put certain people in their right places there a few times, usually when you feel a need to defend someone they're attacking. I can't stand uncaught nincompoops

    1. DEzzmeister... what is Facebook? Does it come in hardcover?

  2. My big pet peeve is the fakers posting things about their fabulous life, swanky vacations, awesome kids etc. when in reality their house is in foreclosure, they are having marital trouble and their preteen kids are out partying every weekend. But hey, they don't call it FakeBook for nuthin'.

    1. Debs, I'm faking it over there by only posting the photos of my face :)

  3. This is an excellent list. You hit it on the head.

  4. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes AND yes. WELL SAID. This is all so true and accurate!!! Especially in a political climate where I log-in to FB every day to see everyone enraged about something or another. I really agree with everything you said and totally have witnessed many situations like you have described.

  5. Emily Post couldn't have said it better. The only thing I would add is that when you are actually having a face-to-face conversation and your little FB notification goes off, don't cut the other person off to see who posted what!

  6. Blah, facebook is a miserable piece of crap. So glad I ditched that. Stalkers delight, whiners, fakers, arguing idiots and people posting generally useless garbage to get likes to try and make themselves feel important.

  7. I disagree a bit about the friends part. Being a FB friend is almost like saying "well we at least know each other" and when someone doesn't want to make that minimum connection it is rather insulting. Obviously strangers are not part of this, as no sane person should accept every random request.

  8. it is crazy how ridiculous people are online and aren't aware of what they are posting.


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