Monday, February 29, 2016

List: Ten things in your life that you need to declutter.

One of my biggest annoyances in life is unnecessary clutter and the disorganization it creates.
Physical clutter takes up valuable storage space and makes it harder to remain organized.
Mental clutter makes it harder to remain focused and decreases productivity.
Not to mention, Spring is around the corner.  Removing clutter will make Spring cleaning cake!

Ten things in your life that you need to declutter.

1.  Your expired medicines.
If opening your medicine cabinet leads to an avalanche of pill bottles falling on your head, clean it out.
For the love of God, that tube of cream from 1975 is NOT good anymore.  Throw it away!

2.  Dated magazines and newspapers.
After you read it, toss it!  If there's something you want to keep, rip out the article.
Have you ever watched an episode of Hoarders?  Those old newspapers quickly become rat toilets!

3.  Your e-mail inbox.
If I don't clean out my inbox daily it gets flooded with unnecessary correspondence.
A great tip is to unsubscribe from all those pesky marketing e-mails.  I hate them!

4.  Your stock of beauty products.
If you haven't used a specific product in 3 years, it's time to toss it because you clearly don't need it!
I'm infamous for buying a product, not liking it, and then hoarding it in my vanity FOREVER.

5.  Wires without a home.
A few spare cables are good to have, but anymore than that is just clutter.
My husband has a bin downstairs that I call the wire and charger graveyard.  You don't need one too!

6.  Your social media friends and followers.
If you don't know them or don't like them, it's a good time to unfollow or unfriend them.
I keep everything pretty updated except for Twitter.  That site is just a clutter nightmare!

7.  Clothes you long retired.
People save clothes just in case one day they need them.  Give your clothes a time limit.
If you haven't worn it or fit in it for 5 years, I think it's safe to let go.

8.  The infamous mail pile.
Almost everyone I know has a pile in their house of all their mail that they need to go through.
Make a point to go through this pile weekly and eliminate the things you don't really need!

9.  The back of your fridge and freezer.
Things in the fridge go bad quickly so clean it out weekly.  Frozen food lasts longer, but not forever.
I date the things I put into my freezer.  This way I could have a good idea of when to toss things!

10.  Toxic people in your life.
Toxic people are poisonous.  There is absolutely no excuse or reason to keep them hanging around!
Delete their number, block their pages, and ignore their knocks at the door.  Buh BYE clutter!

What things in your life are cluttered and need to be cleaned out?


  1. for me number one would be declutter me brain!

  2. I have been really good about decluttering toxic people and people on social media who drive me crazy. The defriend button is my new BFF. I call it taking out the trash. It feels so good not to see those posts anymore 'cause after awhile they just start to smell stinky like nasty garbage.

  3. With 70K followers I'd be months decluttering Twitter lol but everything else my ocd keeps in check, and the toxic people pfffft, they can bite me.

  4. Every once in a while I like to declutter. It feels so freeing. My makeup, books, desk and clothing are ones I always hit.

  5. Over the past two or so months, decluttering has been my goal. I've always been very clean (in terms of deep cleaning, wiping things down, mopping, bleaching, etc.) but the clutter has always been a problem for me. I have long said that it's because we live in small spots. However, while that does give us the short end of the stick when it comes to many things we do need room for, I can no longer say that's why I have a stack of jeans I haven't worn in 12 years. Boohoo. This has been my focus and I'm hoping to have it all wrapped up by April. It's all so very true. Less things is always better. And I'm looking forward to tackling our cord graveyard too!

  6. the mail one is a big one for me

  7. What great timing for this...I did a lot of this today....four boxes ready to go to the Goodwill tomorrow.

    I'm OCD about my email....I delete emails many times a soon as I've replied. haha.

  8. Number 10 - it's so hard but so freeing when it's finally done

  9. I just re-ordered a bunch of my beauty stuff and have decided that when it comes in, everything else that I'm keeping for a rainy day must go.


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