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List: The different bird species that frequent our feeders and what attracts them.

Through lots of research, failed experiments, and quality products, we have finally been able to set up a backyard bird sanctuary that we're proud of.  The joy we get every time a new species visits our feeders is hard to describe.  We love every one of our birdie friends and work hard to ensure that they'll want to visit this safe environment that we created for them.  If you're just starting out, click the related post link for an article more suited to beginners.

This post is going to be a living article.  That means as new species come to the feeder and we learn new techniques to attract those specific species, it will be updated.

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Different species that frequent feeders.

1.  Ruby Throated Hummingbirds
I'm going to start off with the most common bird that I get inquiries about.  You guessed it.  That's hummingbirds.  These little guys are like the fairies of our bird sanctuary that never cease to leave me in awe.  They are so tiny and surprisingly smart.  While I have hanging feeders like this one, I prefer this window feeder.  It brings the hummingbirds right to my window as they feed on our homemade nectar (1 cup water & 1/4 cup sugar).  Hummingbirds are pretty bold creatures that have no problem flying right up to your window.  In fact, my loyal hummingbirds let me walk right up to them and will linger until they get my attention.  For a detailed post on how to attract hummingbirds, click here.

2.  Cardinals
Cardinals are striking birds that are a surprisingly easy specie to attract to your feeders.  All you need is a well placed feeder and a good quality bird food.  I love this versatile feeder that holds a good amount of food and is squirrel proofPlus, it's prettyWhile there's a wide array of feeders that you can use, you'll want to be particular about the food you fill it with.  Cardinals love 100% black oil sunflower seed like this one actually it's the exact one I use.  Don't be fooled into purchasing mixed bags of food.  They're often mixed with "filler seeds" that birds won't eat.

3.  House Finches & Sparrows
These birds may not be on your bucket list, but they're important.  They discover feeders easily and then frequent them all day long.  Their discovery will lead to other birdies wanting to see what all the hype is about.  Remember, birds attract other birds.  To attract house finches and sparrows, follow the same process mentioned in Cardinals.  It's worth noting, that finches are also easily attracted by following the same steps to attract American Goldfinches as listed below.

4.  American Goldfinches
These birds may be more common than I originally thought, but they're super shy.  Every time I show a picture of one at my feeder, I get lots of surprised faces.  Sometimes people accuse me of attracting someone's pet..  American Goldfinches prefer a special type of seed called nyjer seed which you can learn more about by clicking here.  I love this small seed because invasive birds like Common Grackles and Starlings ignore it.  As a double bonus, squirrels don't like it either!  This feed requires a special type of feeder since it is so fine.  I use this Woodlink Magnum Thistle Feeder because it's an inexpensive version that attracts American Goldfinches very well.

5.  Blue Jays
Blue Jays are another bird species that is common but striking.  They love to eat insects, but they will also eat your 100% black oil sunflower seed.  While they love to perch at the top of the feeder to keep guard, they rarely eat directly from my feeders.  They prefer to pick up all the seeds that dropped from the ground.  Some people have mixed feelings about Blue Jays, but I love them when they aren't scaring away the other birds.

6.  Downy & Hariy Woodpeckers
These amazing creatures are one of my favorite bird species that frequent our feeders.  They will eat 100% black oil sunflower seed, but what really attracts them is suet.  The Downy Woodpeckers love my little suet feeder with a tail prop because it's comfortable woodpeckers prefer tail props for balance and the suet is accessible from both sides.  We've tried countless brands of suet bricks, but the only one that I've seen them actually eat is this no melt insect suet cakes which contains grasshopper yum.

7.  Pine Warblers
This adorable little balls of fluff live in pine trees and are commonly found in areas with pine trees.  They feed on insects which become scarce in the Winter time.  To make up for it, you can find pine warblers on our suet feeder munching on the insect suet cakes all Winter long.

8.  Common Grackles
These birds are invasive, come in flocks, and act like bullies.  I'm not a fan of Common Grackles, by they do love 100% black oil sunflower seed and the no melt insect suet cakes.

9.  Chickadees
These adorable little birds are another one of my favorite species that frequent our feeders.  They are tiny and very quick.  I often stare in amazement at how they hop around so quick while still landing perfectly on their feet.  While they will eat the nyjer seed, they are significantly more often found snatching our 100% black oil sunflower seed.

10.  Morning Doves
These birds look like a fat pigeon and usually scare me with their whistling sound when they fly away.  I have researched that they eat nyjer seed but I've never seen them do it and we have quite a few Morning Dove friends.  I typically find them under the larger bird feeder munching on the 100% black oil sunflower seed that fell to the ground from the messy sparrows.

11.  Starlings
These birds come in giant flocks that pass through and eat up all your expensive food.  They also scare away the other birds.  To top it off, they're aggressive with little fear of people.  I've seen them eat 100% black oil sunflower seedno melt insect suet cakes, and peanuts.

12.  Red Bellied Woodpeckers
These poorly named woodpeckers that don't actually have a red belly are a fun sight to see in your bird sanctuary!  They enjoy the same no melt insect suet cakes and suet feeder with tail prop as the other woodpeckers.  They are slightly larger than our other woodpecker friends which makes that tail rest extra important to them!

What birds are you trying to attract?


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