Friday, February 19, 2016

Life: Friday Ramblings

I'm real thankful for...
...a husband that made me feel like a queen on Valentines day.
He spoiled me with a beautiful necklace, homemade breakfast, and dinner at my favorite restaurant!

I'm still in shock over...
...last week's episode of The Walking Dead!
What a great way to end our Valentine's day!

I'm praying hard for... grandmother who is in the hospital battling a wicked case of pneumonia.
I don't want anyone sick, ever, but my nanny suffering hits me especially hard.

I'm still laughing over...
...the Jenga battles with my two year old daughter.
It's crazy how hard my Mushy rips out those blocks and the tower NEVER tips over.

I'll never again...
...cook a skirt steak on a stove top grill in the house.
My house still smells like burnt meat and I swear I still see little puffs of smoke in the air!

I'm wishing lots of luck... a great manager that had to leave us earlier in the week.
As much as he'll be missed, I know that he'll be successful in all his career endeavors!

I'm very unimpressed with...
...Snap Chat.  I finally downloaded this app but I just don't see the hype.
In an effort to save space on my phone, that app is getting uninstalled today.

I'm looking forward to... girl friend's wedding next Friday.
I can't wait to dress up, celebrate, and dance the night away!

What are your Friday ramblings?


  1. too many kids dead or wounded in TWD, made me disgusted and sick. What a vile world it is in which audience cheers for a kid to be killed or eaten by zombies. The world which also celebrates those who kill kids (I mean that ebil biatch Carol).

  2. My kids (20 and 16) love Snap Chat and they make fun of me because I don't even know what it is. Then they say FaceBook is for old people. Oh well, that's where this old hag gets lots of entertainment.

  3. I just love your positivity!! Hope your grandma is better soon.

  4. Hopefully your grandmother feels better soon. Never even looked at Snap Chat before. Jenga battles can be fun, until the cat comes over and thinks he can do better and then knocks it all over lol

  5. Wishing your grandmother a speedy recovery!

  6. I bet she's better at Jenga than my wife. She sucks at it.

  7. Hope your grandma feels better soon and can come home!
    Good to know about snap chat...I hadn't tried it yet!

  8. TWD was fantastic last week. Had me on the edge of my seat. Literally. It's going to be great season. Can't wait for tonight. I tried Snapchat for a few weeks. I just didn't get it. Maybe my attention span is too long.

  9. I don't get the appeal of Snapchat either. I don't understand it at all. Hope your grandmother is better soon!!

  10. This was a nice read, glad your V day was done well!!! That's awesome. I'm sorry about your Nanny :( Boo on that and I will be thinking good thoughts for her! Hilarious about jenga.


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