Friday, February 5, 2016

Life: Friday Ramblings

Currently fuming over...
...the spilled wine and coffee on my brand new freaking area rug!
Rant:  I don't bring food or beverages into YOUR living room, why are you bringing it into mine?
I was so worried about the couches, I didn't even think to cover the carpet with throw blankets!

Currently grateful for...
...the best friend ever!
She's the girl that waits for everyone to leave and stays until all the pieces are back together.
She's also talked me off the ledge a time or ten!

Currently relieved that...
...I finally found a dress to wear to my girl friend's wedding in a couple of weeks!
Let's just say that I went up a dress size and developed a body part I never had; a butt.
I tried on about 200 dresses from 7 different stores and only found ONE that I liked.  Thank you BCBG!

Completely baffled by...
...crazy co-workers that can't live without gossip and drama.
We're talking bat crap crazy that will make stories just to stir up some juice!
I love me a good story, but please stop trying to ruin reputations for your own entertainment.

Currently playing...
...Words with Friends.  Remember that game from like 3 years ago?
I've recently been challenged and now I can't seem to put the damn game down!
Part of this may be because I can't seem to beat the other person.  I will win.  I will!

Currently debating...
...whether or not to empty out my voicemail box.
I mean, I never listen to voicemails so maybe it's good to just keep it full.
Is going through over 300 voicemails really worth it to just stop my mom from complaining?!

I'm completely and absolutely obsessed with...
...these HOT new pair of shoes I surprised myself with.
They are the perfect addition to my closet and pair magically with my new dress!
Although my husband wasn't a happy camper.  But, then WHY take me into Kenneth Cole?  Smh...

Currently beaming with pride...
...because my 2 year old little mushy learned how to spell her first word; Car!
I almost eeped myself to death after hearing her say "Car, car, C-A-R".
The school she attends really is amazing.  Now if only they can get her to go on the potty!

What are your Friday ramblings?


  1. If you haven't used it, you don't need it. Empty away. haha I haven't played words with friends in a long time. Don't even have it on my phone anymore I don't think lol

  2. Who spilled the wine and coffee? Who? Who? Are they buying you a new one?

  3. 300 voicemails?! I had the stupid notification icon that doesn't go away until I at least listen to the voicemail, so I typically just play and delete the second to starts playing. Hate voicemails haha

    Congrats on your kiddo and car! It's always a cool moment to hear them learn something new!

  4. Finding something to wear for a wedding is always a daunting task. Glad you found a dress. :)Empty that voicemail. Empty it!

    Yay for your daughter's first spelling word! My nephew's nickname is Car. Full name is Carmello. :)

  5. Have you ever tried Wine Away? It's truly a magical product that can get most stains out of anything, especially that wine. And it smells fantastic!

  6. words with friends gives people too much time to cheat

  7. I don't like when people talk crap behind people's back. It means their talking crap behind mine. So I avoid them altogether. Totally not worth my time. That's why I like the Thumper theory. if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. So proud of your mushy face!!

  8. Oh no, the first spill. It's okay, a rug with stains and spots shows that it's been lived on and living is the most important part. I foolishly bought a cream coloured rug and it's got all types of wear showing, after only 2 yrs


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