Wednesday, January 6, 2016

List: The utlimate moving checklist!

  Remember a few weeks back when I posted a list of 10 moving tips?
Yea, well, despite my good intentions this was the most unorganized move ever.
In an attempt to make up for the move from hell due to my own stupidity, here's a better list...
**Please note that all these items have been recently learned through a tedious life experience.**
1.  Make a moving plan weeks before the actual move.
2.  Rent or hire all moving necessities at least a week before.
3.  Collect enough boxes and newspapers to do the job.
4.  Gather lots of sheets and blankets.
5.  Buy a bottle or two of your favorite wine.
6.  Eliminate what you don't need prior to moving.
7.  Label the boxes with breakables.
8.  Call utility companies ahead of time.
9.  Save a large suitcase for the very end.
10.  Shop around for locksmiths.
11.  Start packing early.  You have way more stuff than you think.
12.  Label each box by room in addition to titles and fragile warnings.
13.  Set a day before the move to scrub the new space. Cleaning after moving is stupid.
14.  Ask people to move the boxes to each labeled room.
15.  Invest in bubble wrap to save lots of headaches and finger prints.
16.  Make sure the water is on.  The water company don't just know.
17.  Have the exterminator come BEFORE moving in.
18.  Refrain from grocery shopping the day before moving.
19.  Plan a technique for moving your pets.
20.  Do your laundry after you move in.
21.  Invest in shelf liners and line all the cabinets.
 22.  Set money aside for take out.  Despite your intentions, you won't be cooking.
23.  Make an "essentials" box for things like toilet paper.
24.  Don't fill one room with all of the boxes so they're easier to access.
 25.  Move the furniture to the rooms you plan on leaving them in.
 As you can tell from all my additions, we're still digging our way through this mess.
I didn't realize how many things we had so we eventually ran out of time to pack.
That means lots of boxes filled with random things and NO labels.
Let's just say that Carlos still can't find his deodorant...
For the first time in my life, I was unorganized and completely unprepared.
Example:  Our fish sat on Biff's lap in its' bowl while he was driving his mom's mini van. 
Thanks for being patient during my two week hiatus!
Things have been REAL hectic around here.  I can't wait for things to get back to normal. 
  I hope you all had a fantastic holiday and a real happy new year!  xo

What are your moving tips?


  1. Cleaning beforehand is a great one, get all the germs away. Something always crops up. After 16 times my big one is hire movers, to hell with me doing it lol

  2. OMG, yes, yes and yes! I can't even imagine moving into a home with multiple rooms as the last 3 moves I've done have been 1-bedrooms and they're STILL a nightmare. Any and all tips, especially good ones like this are so necessary! #11 is the most important.

    My best packing tip is to put a plastic garbage bag over your hanging clothes upside down, poke a hole so the hangers can poke through and still hang and tie off at bottom. SO EASY to move.

  3. I plan on painting all I need to before I move in the house my wife and I plan to get this year. Much easier without moving all sorts of junk

  4. a day wasn't enough for me to scrub the new place ten years ago when we moved. I thought I'd clean the whole palace in a day, yeah, right...

  5. I thought you might need that extra bottle of vino!

  6. Really detailed moving checklist! It is a great idea to make lists for all the things that need to be taken care of during a move. There is nothing worse than badly organized house move. I have moved many times and at one time I was really specialized in listing all the necessary steps. The best idea is to hire a moving truck. This also takes time and it is important to be one of the first things to do! Thanks for sharing! :)


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