Monday, January 18, 2016

List: Ten reviews of different store brand items.

See last year's rendition of this series here for more store brand tips and reviews!


As you all remember from this post, Jax loves to stretch out her dollar.
Especially this time of year.  Broke much after the holidays?  Yes, mam!
One great way to save money is to purchase the store brand twins to your favorite products.
If you do that on top of using coupons, the Target Cartwheel app, and browsing through the weekly circulars, you should be in for a huge pile of savings.  And who doesn't love to save money?

There is just one problem with purchasing store brand products.
Some items are legitimately the same, but others are horribly not.
Luckily for you all, Jax already did some of the experimenting!
Since I have a love affair with Target, let's use their products as the guinea pigs. 

Ten store brand items that either rock or stink.

1.   Toilet Paper
This needs to be a decent swap otherwise your tush might not be a happy camper!

Up & Up Toilet Paper VS. Scott Toilet Paper
Toilet paper can be very complicated.  You want it soft enough to not hurt, sturdy enough that it doesn't leave behind fuzzes, yet delicate enough to not clog your cess pool.  After using both, I must say that I actually PREFER the Target brand.
Jax says this swap is a definite DO!

2.  Ricotta Cheese
I love my ricotta cheese so it just has to be on point!

Market Pantry Part Skin Ricotta VS. Polly-O Part Skim Ricotta
There was absolutely no competition.  The Market Pantry brand was barely even edible.  I also found it to be quite dry for a cheese that's usually very creamy.
Jax says this swap is a definite DO NOT!

3.  Ice Cream
Let me start this by saying that nothing could ever beat Cold Stone or Ben & Jerrys.  Period.

Market Pantry Ice Cream VS. Turkey Hill Ice Cream
Neither are a comparison to my favorite ice cream brands, but both are OK in a pinch.  I'd certainly say that they're pretty equal, even in terms of price.
Jax says this swap is a definite DO!

4.  Tampons
Sorry, boys!  This is an important one, especially when you see the price difference!

Up & Up Tampons VS. Tampax Tampons
I'll avoid going into detail, but they're both easy to apply and get the job done the same!
Jax says this swap is a definite DO!

5.  French Vanilla Creamer
You all know how much I adore my French Vanilla coffee creamer so this one is real serious!

Market Pantry French Vanilla Creamer VS. International Delight French Vanilla Creamer
This is one of the situations where it is just simply not as great as the real thing.  The Market Pantry version was just a tad too sweet
Jax says this swap is a definite DO NOT!

6.   Chicken Broth
I use chicken broth to add flavor to so many things.  This is something I rack up savings on!

Market Pantry Chicken Broth VS. Swanson Chicken Broth
They both left my soups tasty without any over powering taste of sodium.  They also both had an excellent flavor the showed in all of my quick dishes.  Love them both!
Jax says this swap is a definite DO!

7.  Dried Cranberries
I eat these every single day in my salad for lunch.  So yum!

Market Pantry Dried Cranberries VS. Ocean Spray Craisins
The cranberries in the Market Pantry brand were hard and stuck together.  They were so sticky and firm that you couldn't even taste their typical sweet goodness.  Craisins for the win!
Jax says this swap is a definite DO NOT!

8.  Ground Coffee
I love the expensive, fancy coffees but I can't afford that for my everyday life.

Market Pantry 100% Colombian Coffee VS. Folgers 100% Colombian Coffee
The Market Pantry coffee was extra bitter but still weak in taste, if that even makes any sense!  I know that I'm on a budget, but Folgers is definitely worth the extra $2!
Jax says this swap is a definite DO NOT!

9.   Chicken Nuggets
These need to be both parent friendly and kid approved.  My mushy lives on these!

Market Pantry Chicken Nuggets VS. Tyson Chicken Nuggets
The Tyson nuggets are made from all white meat while the Market Pantry nuggets have rib meat.  I'm not sure what that means, but I do prefer the dark meat.  Both of these nuggets tasted yummy to me, and my daughter actually prefers the Market Pantry brand.
Jax says this swap is a definite DO!

10.   Raviolis
Ladies and gentlemen, this one shocked the crap out of me!!

Market Pantry Cheese Raviolis VS. Buitoni Cheese Raviolis
If there is anything that I'm the utmost fussiest about it's raviolis!  My grandmother is straight up off the boat Sicilian, so if she taught me anything, it's this.  That being said, believe it or not, it's Market Pantry for the win!!
Jax says this swap is a definite DO!

What products are a store brand DO or DO NOT for you?


  1. I have to say we don't even have about nine or eight of those here at all :) I do always prefer Dove to Nivea in cosmetics

    1. I love, love, love Dove!!! It's one of the few products that doesn't give me allergic reactions.

  2. I agree with chicken stock. But, OMG girl I tried off brand toilet paper one time and nevah, evah again! It's Quilted Northern ALL the way for me. Nuthin' else even comes close.

    1. I'm telling you to just try this one!!! It really is great!!

  3. We usually use the Kirkland off brand toilet paper from Costco

    1. Seeeee...someone else that's ok with it. LOL!

  4. Something you just can't swap. TP is one for me, damn that off brand stuff haha

    1. Pat, will just TRUST me. The Target brand one is just as good as the brand name. Hmph. :(

  5. Love these! Interesting that the Target brand toilet paper is a do! Love knowing that, usually cheap TP is not worth it. Glad the cheese was a do not as that was hard to believe :) I can't do weak coffee at all (Folger's included), Trader Joe's has a lot of dark roast coffee that is really inexpensive! I get my coffee there now. Not surprised that the chicken nuggets are a do!

    Fun read, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  6. I shop at Kroger and their store brands are really good. Why spend money on the brand name if you don't have to!


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