Monday, January 4, 2016

List: Ten new year vows for 2016.

I'd like to start this post by genuinely wishing all of you the happiest of New Years.
Raise your glasses and toast with me to health, joyful memories  and success.  Cheers!


Every year we all sit down and make a list of goals to complete during the next year of our life.
It’s very rare that we actually do any of the things on our list, no matter how good our intentions are.
Instead of listing tedious goals that I know I won’t do, I decided to make realistic vows.
…and, no, I don’t vow to go to the gym every day for the whole year…

My new year vows for 2016.

1.  Unpack and make our new home livable.
Moving furniture and sorting through boxes has becoming a daunting task that seems endless.
I vow to unpack every last item and put it in it's proper place by the end of this year!
This may sound silly, but I lived in my apartment for 2 years and never unpacked several things!

2.  Potty train my little mushy face.
I know I keep throwing this task onto lists, but this year is going to be the year.  I feel it!
I vow to stick her little hiney on her Fisher-Price potty as often as humanly possible. 
Here's to not buying anymore diapers in the year 2017.  Please!

3.  Build up our savings account.
It's time to start being responsible and plan for the future.  That all starts by saving money!
I vow to put a certain figure a week in our savings account for future purchases or emergencies.
I'm hoping our savings fund is more for future purchases than emergencies.  Just saying!

4.  Drink at least 16 ounces of water a day.
Since my pretty pink bottle broke, I've barely been choking down 2 oz a day!
I vow to buy a new water bottle and drink a significantly more amount of H2O daily.
This will also help me get back on track with my healthy swaps.  But, water is just ew.

5.  Invest in a queen sized bed.
It's time to say good bye to my full sized bed and upgrade to one we fit in!
I vow to buy a queen sized bed real soon, like, tomorrow.
You have no idea how hard it's been to fit my 6'4 husband, myself, and the mush in that little bed.

6.  Transfer schools.
As much as I love my current university, it's time to change to one that's more convenient.
I vow to transfer schools this year so I can get my degree as quickly as possible.
Online classes are limited in my current school and it's way too far to go to daily.

7.  Get out of my cooking rut.
Dinners have become pretty routine around here and it's time for that to change.
I vow to utilize my new Rachael Ray 365 :No Repeats cook book for exciting new meals!
I never thought meatballs would get old until I froze months worth at a time.

8.  Take more pictures.
I really hate to take pictures but I always regret not taking them.
I vow to take more pictures to record those unforgettable memories.
This was never more apparent then when I was making my honeymoon album with just 30 shots!

9.  Get my anxiety back under control.
Between the wedding, the baby, and now buying a house, I'm a freaking mess!
I vow to start utilizing my relaxation techniques again to get my anxiety back under control.
I mean, if I get ONE more zit or lose my sight ONE more time, I really may have a heart attack. 

10.  Go to Disney World.
We have reserved my grandparent's timeshare for Disney World in April and I really hope we go.
I vow to pack up my husband, baby girl, and God son and rock the big mouses house!
I can't wait to see my baby girl's face when she sees a real life Minnie Mouse.

What are your vows for 2016?


  1. what fun it is starting a new year in a new home! Don't take the refurbishing as a burden but as fun and joy, because it is your first house, love it and remember it

    1. Happy new year, Dez!!!!!

      I'll try to not think of it as a job although the need to perform manual labor seems almost never ending. hahaha

  2. Those are all very realistic goals. Owning a new home is so exciting so I know you will want to find the perfect place for all of your things. And, of course buy new things. Hey, your new bed can be your house warming gift to yourself.

    1. Another sleepless night cramming my husband, my toddler, and myself into a full sized bed. I think I might fulfill this vow right after work!!! Hello house warming gift to me. :)

      Hope you had a happy new year!

  3. Build up your savings account... Well, could you turn hat one into Build up our savings account and tell Blue how to do it? Yes?

    Happy New Year!

  4. Nice resolutions!! Go to Disney! Disney is best.

  5. Are yu sure you are not my long lost twin? lol

    I totally forgot to mention about water in my goals!!! I also love pink!!!!

  6. It may sound silly, but buying a Camelbak made me drink a ton more water. I drink one small Coke a day and the rest of the day I drink water. I may sneak in a Snapple (shout out to NY!) but yeah, lots of water because I love my much that I bought a second one. Happy New Year, girl!!

  7. A big bed is so nice. All to myself is nice too haha get that water down at your sea. All going to Disney World will be an awesome time too.

  8. I wish you success on all your goals!

  9. You have some big plans. I hope you meet them all. My meals are getting into a rut too. Usually it's just my husband and me and we both like the same things so I make them over and over again. Glad I'm well beyond the years of potty training little ones.

  10. I feel ya on the diaper thing. You hate diapers until you realize how tough the transition is going to be. I was lucky in that my daughters went to a Montessori preschool and started their training there. At some point, the teacher said my kid was ready, so I went with it.

  11. Good luck with all those wonderful vows. You'll really appreciate the new bed once you get it. A good night's sleep is worth every cent!

  12. Really great vows! Good luck in keeping to them!

  13. I like your realistic goals. My son, now 35 years old, was super easy to potty train. My daughter was more difficult. She'd sit and sit and sit on the potty. Then she'd get up and pee on the carpet. We'd gotten a catalog in the mail with nice wood toys in it. She kept looking at it. I told her that if she'd pee in the potty, I'd buy her what she wanted from the catalog. She was potty trained that day.


  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I'm glad not to be part of the only married couple to be in a full size bed. Not only does it make it harder to sleep in, it makes things awkward in other "times".

  15. Vows. That is a very strong word!

  16. 16 oz? You know that's only 2 of the 8 glasses you're supposed to drink, right? haha....

    All good stuff....I love making these lists!


  17. Those are seriously great goals, I love them. Especially the unpacking one. I've never lived somewhere where I don't have a couple boxes that are still sealed from my prior place. Ever. And omg, you guys have a full! We have a Queen and we are seriously dying trying to make ourselves fit, I want a King so badly. Go get yourself that queen girl! Drinking water and upping savings both so important and fairly simple to do with concentration. Also, DisneyWorld! Fun!!! Your wee one will love that.

  18. Make less lists is on mine! I need to stop micromanaging things and just let life happen for once

  19. Your list is very practical and doable. I'm sure you will accomplish most if not all from the sound of it. When I was dating Ray he had a double bed. We are both 6' tall and big people. When I'd spend weekends here it was awful. My feet would hang off and there was no room to breathe. I tease him that he asked me to move in because he loved my queen sized comfy bed. It makes all the difference.

  20. A friend gave me a soda stream she wasn't using anymore and that's helped to really ramp up my water intake. Adding a bit of lemon juice to each glass helps even more.

    Also, I downloaded an app called Headspace which might help you out. It's a meditation aid, and all you have to do is put aside 10 minutes to utilise it. I started using it before stand-up comedy sets and it really puts me in the right headspace.


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