Monday, January 25, 2016

List: Ten unique and inexpensive gift ideas for your best girlfriend.

**Updated September 2020**

I'd like to wish my best friend, Sis, the happiest of birthdays!!  She's turned the ripe age of 28 on January 24.

We typically don't exchange birthday gifts.  Instead, we enjoy a night out and treat the other to drinks.  This year we're both on a diet and on a budget, so the celebration will be a little more low key and low calorie.  We decided to keep the evening on a budget and diet friendly.  We will do this by eliminating cake and sticking a candle in a cantaloupe.  Since she's one of my daughter's favorite aunties, we will also give a small gift.  Since birthday gifts for my bestie is new, it took some brainstorming that I'll share.

ten budget friendly gift ideas for her

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Ten gifts idea for your best girlfriend.

1.  A Personalized Photo Book of your Favorite Memories
If you want to gift something so special that you legit bring tears to your BFF's eye happy tears, of course, then take the time to create a personalized photo book containing all your happiest memories together.  Click here for a detailed guide on how to create a photo book.  You can make it look like a scrap book or it can be the story of your friendship.  Whatever it is, you'll win the birthday gift award for years to come.
Can be found here.

2.  Casual Pocket Book
Every woman needs an inexpensive bag that's stylish and yet effective.  She'll want to remain organized while still having room to keep necessities or baby diapers if she's a new mama like my friend.  For example, this tote bag is so pretty that it looks designer.
Can be found here.

3.  Spa Gift Set
If you best friend is as hard working as mine, she'd love a spa gift set so that she can enjoy time pampering herself.  While you want to gift quality products, you also want something with a relaxing aroma.  I absolutely LOVE this vanilla spa gift set.
Can be found here.

4.  A Beautiful Bird Feeder
This bird feeder is so pretty that you won't even have to use it to enjoy it.  If your best girlfriend is a nature lover or likes rustic outdoor decor, she'll love this gift idea.  If you're looking to go the extra mile, gift a small bag of black oil sunflower seeds to get your BFF started.
Can be found here and here.

5.  Tazo Tea Gift Set
For all the tea lovers, this is a budget friendly gift that touches on everything tea.  It comes with an assortment of delicious tea flavors, an insulted tea cup, and natural honey straws.  To make life as easy as possible, it even comes in a gorgeous gift bag with a pretty tag so you legit just have to gift it!
Can be found here.

6.  Herbal Tea Indoor Garden Set
Another one for the tea lovers, is this adorable and functional indoor herbal tea garden set.  Your best friend will love the gift of fresh tea and possibly even a new hobby.  She'll think of you as it grows and later on as she sips on her hot cuppa.
Can be found here.

7.  Burt's Bees Tips and Toes Gift Set
For the best friends that love to have neatly manicured nails, this gift set is a great choice.  It's from a brand that we all know and trust for safe and effective products.  As a double win, it comes with our favorite lip balm.
Can be found here.

8.  Girly Novelty BFF Mug Set
No matter what your favorite cuppa is, everyone loves a novelty mug to smile at while sipping on it.  This one is FABULOUS, has a sentimental message, comes with a lid and a stirrer, and gorgeous packaging so you don't have to wrap it.
Can be found here.

9.  The I Love Trader Joe's Cookbook
All the foodies would appreciate this unique cookbook that contains specialty ingredients from our favorite grocery chain.  When I gifted this to my sister in law, I tried to make it extra special by included the necessary Trader Joe's products with a bookmark to the recipe I was prepping her for.  Feel free to steal my idea.
Can be found here.

10.  Photo Collage Frame
If you know your best girlfriend well enough, you should be able to pick out the perfect photo collage frame for her.  Try envision where she would display it so that you can pick the best design, color, and size for that location.  To make it extra special, fill one photo slot with a print of your picture together.
Can be found here.

What's your favorite gift from a BFF?


  1. I like the bag and the cashmere, it seems thoughtful :)

  2. lol well that book gets right to the point.

  3. most of those would work for me minus the nasty skull pendant :) and the time capsule and boot socks, the rest I'd accept :)
    I tend to give people some fancy home decoration, they seem to love it most, and bath sets too or I bake them cakes and put them in a fancy seethrough vase or something

  4. I'd have to ask Daisy's opinion on these

  5. I'd enjoy any of those...well, except the skull. haha.

  6. For me.. that tea set. I've had one of those cups before and it makes a perfect cup of tea (and the new ones are so much easier to clean).

  7. For my 'sister', I usually try to get her something to help with stress relief. I think her favorite has been a bunch of bath oils that I sent her.

    For another friend, I got her a ton of lip products since she's ALWAYS applying them and gloves since her hands are freaking ice cubes.

    And for my last best female friend, I sent her a charm bracelet that was themed around being proud and love. (You should check out

  8. Love the boot socks. I'll be my own bestie and get a pair!

  9. Great ideas for a small gift! I love how practical you are when you're focused on something. I can definitely tell you do a good job of sticking to your guns. I'm not a cantaloupe person but I'd love a candle in a big piece of watermelon!

  10. My best friend and I have been friends for 49 years now. She has always put her family first and done without selflessly. If I could I would take her away on a two week beach vacation with room service, spa days, shopping and making her feel like a queen. Nobody deserves it more!


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