Friday, January 8, 2016

Life: Friday Ramblings

Instead of listing my bi-weekly ramblings, I'd like to change it up in honor of 2016.
This week's Friday Ramblings will be a final reflection on this past year.
See ya later, 2015!  2016 has a real tough act to follow thanks to you!


January 2015
We began RCIA classes which proved to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
It made me want to get more active involved in the church.  It also brought Carlos and I closer together.

March 2015
My God son turned a whopping FIVE years old this month.
He's really growing up to be such a smart, caring, and handsome young man!  Clearly he takes after me...

April 2015
My husband was baptized, received communion, and was confirmed making him officially a Catholic.
My baby girl also turned 2 that month!  We celebrated with a huge pancake party at IHop. 
We also welcomed Mushy's first pet, Kyle the fish, into our family.
Between Easter and these two events, there was lot of celebrating this past April!

July 2015
I married the love of my life and went on an amazing honeymoon this past July.
Talk about one of the best months ever!  This month will be celebrated for the rest of our lives.

August 2015
We enjoyed a fabulous ending to a fantastic honeymoon and celebrated my 27th birthday.
My great, great aunt passed this past month.  May she rest in peace always watch over us.

October 2015
Halloween was a fun memory to cherish filled lots of laughs, pizza, family, and good friends.
My mushy rocked an Olaf costume despite all of her father's protests.

November 2015
My cousin and best friend turned a whopping 30 years old this past November!
We celebrated with a gigantic, catered affair that was lots and lots of fun.

December 2015
We bought and moved into the most perfect little house where our family will continue to make memories!
This was the most scariest, stressful, and REWARDING thing I've ever done.


Here's to another year of happy memories and successful adventures.
I truly wish the same for all of you!
Now, let's dive head first right into 2016!

What are your favorite highlights from 2015?


  1. WOW you have had an eventful year! Congrats on so many wonderful blessings Jax.

  2. wow wow, what an ah-mazing post!!!

    You have had an awesome year & hope that this year is even better!!! xx

  3. What an amazing year you had! Wow! So happy for you!

  4. such memorable year for you, or years, love, baby, wedding, first home! Such fun!

  5. That is sure one awesome year at your sea. Much came to be. 2016 has it's work cut out for it haha

  6. What a wonderful year. 2016 has lots to live up to.

    A friend and I are working on creating a mission in Northern California promoting active God-parenting. Its been pretty exciting.

  7. Aw! What an amazing year!!!! House, baptism, marriage, huge trip!! So cool. I'm so excited for you with your house, I know how long you wanted that. Cheers to 2016! (And my condolences about your Aunt)

  8. You never know what the year has in store

  9. I hope your 2016 is filled with even more great things and great memories are made in your new home.

  10. Wow, you definitely had a big year! Hard for us to top that!

  11. Wow! You're not kidding, you really did have an eventful year! Good for you. I hope your 2016 is just as much fun :)

  12. Fun! Can't wait to see your little house. My favourite 2015 memory was spending the holidays with friends & family that have continued to grow more dear to me

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