Monday, December 21, 2015

List: Ten best practices to ensure an easy and successful moving day.

As I've probably mentioned way too many times, we're closing on our new home Tuesday.  I'm so stressed and anxious about every piece of this, that it's hard to even be happy!  Sigh...  

Closing seems pretty straight forward.  All we really need is a good lawyer and our check book.  What's not straight forward is getting ready to move.  I've done this so many times that I should be a professional, but I always seem to forget something.  To remain organized and focused, I created a list to ensure an easy and successful moving day.  Hopefully this helps you, too!

moving day checklist so i don't forget anything

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Ten best practices to ensure an easy and successful move.

1.  Make a moving plan weeks before the actual move.
To save some money, recruit friends and family to help you out on moving day.  If it's an overwhelming amount of things to move or you have the cash, recruit a moving company to do it for you.  Whatever route you take, make sure you have a plan and that everyone else knows what it is.  This will include the date, time, roles, and if your recruits should have an empty car to carry small items.

Idea:  Assign everyone a role.  For example, you'll need someone to stand in the U'haul and organize.  You'll need someone to bring the stuff to the U'haul for packing.  You'll need someone to take apart the larger pieces of furniture and someone to go behind all of you to clean up the mess.  Remember, you probably promised to leave the place clean swept.

2.  Rent or hire all moving necessities at least a week before.
This an inclusive to do list.  Don't forget to reserve and rent the appropriate size or amount of U'hauls.  Don't forget to reserve, buy, or rent equipment so you can move large items without damaging them.

Idea:  Just in case, keep some of these in your pocket along with a spare roll of packing tape because you never know what will pop up!

3.  Collect enough boxes and newspapers to do the job.
You can either either purchase these new or you can ask stores that you frequent if they have any laying around.  You'll be surprised at how many places are willing to give away yesterday's newspapers for free, just remember to wait until it's near closing time to pop in.

Idea:  While newspapers are effective, you'll want to invest in a few rolls of this to keep certain items clean.  Newspapers typically leave behind a residue.  When you unpack, you don't want to have to wash everything at once.  This will help!

4.  Gather lots of sheets and blankets.
To ensure an easy and successful move, you'll want to set aside your spare sheets and blankets.  These will be used to protect your furniture while cramming them into a truck or sliding them down a drive way.

5.  Buy a bottle or two of your favorite wine.
Packing is a stressful and daunting task.  You'll need a few glasses of wine to get through it!

6.  Eliminate what you don't need prior to moving.
Don't haul crap from one place to another.  Get rid of it because it takes up precious moving supplies and space.  Put together bags for donation and get rid of all that paperwork you've been hoarding for years.

7.  Label the boxes with breakables.
Write FRAGILE in large, red letters on appropriate boxes.  Try to make it as clear as possible since no one is going to take the time to read what's in each and every box.

Idea:  Invest in a multi-pack of colored Sharpies like this one and assign a different color to each room.  That way you can organize the truck and put boxes where they belong with minimal decoding.

8.  Call utility companies ahead of time.
You'll need the lights on, the water flowing, and maybe even some wifi to ensure a successful move.  Don't wait until the day of to call the utility companies.  Try to do this at least a week before so that you give them some time to get the job done.  They'll usually ask you for a schedule date that they'll most likely honor.  To be extra safe, set it up for a day or two prior to your actual moving date.

9.  Save a large suitcase for the very end.
For that easy and successful moving day, you'll need some things to live just for the morning of the move.  An empty suitcase is the perfect solution.  Make sure to pack yourself comfortable clothes and clean undies for the following day because you'll have lots of unpacking to do.

Idea:  Leave this out of your boxes and set it aside.  You'll be happy that you're able to easily put together furniture without having to dig through all your boxes.  This would also make the perfect housewarming gift for yourself or someone else.

10.  Shop around for locksmiths.
The first things you should do the second you're ready to move, is hire someone to change all of the locks.  You never know who has a key to the original locks or if the previous owner made a spare set of the keys without you knowing.  Better safe than sorry!

What are your moving tips?


  1. You sound very organized. I have not moved in 20 years, and I can't even imagine that stress over Christmas, so I think you should double the amount of wine!

  2. I'd say also organize by room - perhaps by color? Red marker is kitchen, blue is bedroom, etc. Or at least "UP" and "DOWN" if it's a bilevel house. Good for both the movers and unpackers!

  3. Good list indeed. Having all utilities hooked up on time is a big one. And yep, purging the crap I always do. The cats have more things than I do at this point, no joke lol Changing locks is a really good idea. Also I'd throw in buy new toilet seats, never know what germy arse sat on the old one.

  4. Very organized. I would lose my list or accidentally pack it.

    We moved once from a house I owned to a house my husband and I bought together. He had to work,(Christmas season- he works everyday) so he left in the morning, living at one house and when he lived in a different house when he got off work that evening. My sons, daughter and I moved the whole thing ourselves in our two pickups and van. Luckily, we were only moving 4 blocks.

  5. I'll be moving (hopefully) next year

  6. Two words for you: Cable company!!! OMG it was a nightmare. We have's what we found: they won't come out and survey the situation until you're actually in the house, so if there's any problem that makes it even slightly hard for them to do their job, they'll say, "We're going to have to send out a different crew to do X before we can hook you up because we don't do X. We only do Y." Three weeks later, the X crew shows up. I wanted to strangle them all. Of course, we moved into a house that had AT&T hooked up...and "X" was digging a trench from the pole to the house, which they do with this little tool they have. No big deal, but they made it sound like they were excavating our entire yard and it required a full construction crew when they first came out.

    The other issue I had was autopay. We have separate water, utility, and gas companies--all in different towns. I thought I'd gotten autopay set up for all of them, but apparently with the water co., I'd asked for paperless billing. So I wasn't getting a bill and they weren't taking out the money. Two months later, I got a notice that my water was about to be shut off for non-payment. UGH!!! I got it all straightened out, and now my bills all just come out. But getting all that settled definitely took a while. Once all that's settled, though, you're just happy to be in your new house! (And you vow never to move again...then forget that vow a few years later.)

  7. Here's my moving tip: pay someone a hefty sum to do it for you, and they'd better be insured too.

    I know, I'm lazy. Good luck with the prepping.


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