Wednesday, December 2, 2015

List: Ten rules of proper company party etiquette.

This weekend is my company's holiday party.
It's going to be a great event complete with passing au'derves, a DJ, and expensive raffle prizes.
We may not get holiday bonuses, but at least we get a real hot partAY!
While I'm looking forward to the festivities, I can't help but reminisce on some past disasters.
In an attempt to help save some people a little face, here's a few corporate tips!
Not that I have any doubt that you'd all rock the party appropriately, but you never know!

Ten rules of proper company party etiquette.

1.  Dress appropriately.
Ask the person in charge or HR for the dress code and follow suit with it.
It should go without saying that NOTHING, and I repeat, NOTHING should be hanging out.

2.  Make sure you have some cash.
You may need to tip the valet guy, buy a drink, or participate in a raffle.  Either way, have it!
I was mortified a few years back when I had to borrow singles for the valet guy.  Sigh...

3.  Limit your drinks.
I like to follow the two drink rule, but for others it may be one or none.  Bottom line:  Don't get silly.
Just because it's a party, doesn't mean you should forget your company.  Keep it professional.

4.  Be social.
Management loves crew unity and team work.  Mingle and show off your social skills!
Don't be TOO social and then say that Jaclyn told you to...

5.  Refrain from dirty dancing.
If there is dancing at the party, that means dancing, not getting it on on the dance floor.
Please, for the love of all things holy, do NOT grind on your boss.!

6.  Participate in planned activities.
I've been told by my manager directly that it's a slap in the face when people refuse to participate.
I mean, it makes sense.  Imagine you cooked a meal for someone and they didn't eat it!

7.  Avoid social media.
Be conscious of the fact that not everyone wants to be plastered on social media.
If you MUST post something, at least clear it with all involved parties beforehand.  Better safe than sorry!

8.  Don't leave early for no reason.
If you have to leave early, let people know ahead of time.  It's rude to just sneak out.
Remember that you and your guest's dishes were paid for ahead of time.  Don't be that person.

9.  Plan your ride home ahead of time.
Even with a two drink maximum, your driving will be impaired.  Plan ahead.
You'll be mortified if your boss needs to call you a cab so you're not a company liability.

10.  Thank your host.
Make sure you extend your appreciation to the people who funded the party and those who planned it!
Just because corporate dishes out the cash, doesn't mean that the money didn't come out of  a local budget.

What are your company party etiquette rules?


  1. I once baked a cake for a party and our mayor came and ate it :)

    1. I'm jealous!! I want to try your cake. hehe

    2. I made hazelnut brownies and peanut blondies, cut them into perfect square slices and rearranged them as chess board :) They mayor ate like half of it....

    3. Oh my, that sounds amazing!!!! If you ever come to NY, Dez, we must have a baking party with lots of goodies and lots of wine. :)

  2. My etiquette? To avoid them like the plague lol the pay me and I be social, otherwise I'll stay put at home haha

  3. I've never had the chance to attend a party like that with coworkers

  4. Say thank you to the president of the company and the person who planned the party! A million years ago when I was married, we owned a company for several years. We often did things for the employees. All I ever heard were complaints. No matter what I did, it wasn't good enough to please the employees.


  5. I couldnt' have said it better myself. Perfect tips. And yes, I definitely don't put my coworkers online unless I'm actually friends with them.

  6. Gratitude for sharing these wonderful 10 rules of proper company party etiquette! I just joined my company and have to attend corporate Christmas party so this post would be very helpful for me. You know I helped my boss by sharing interesting company holiday party ideas and he was very impressed!!


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