Friday, December 18, 2015

Life: Friday Ramblings

I'm currently FREAKING the hell out about...
The fact that we are closing on our new home on Tuesday and moving in that weekend!
Between $20K in closing costs, making the biggest financial commitment ever, and moving, I'm totally done.
Normal people would freak out about this so you could only imagine what's going on in MY brain!

I'm currently ecstatic about...
The holidays being next week!  I live to see my baby girl's face on Christmas morning.
This is my first year really playing Santa Claus and I have to say that I LOVE it!

I'm currently procrastinating...
With the whole moving thing.  I really, really hate packing!
Not to mention, I hate living amongst the clutter of boxes that comes with moving.  Ug.

I'm currently shocked that...
Blogger does not know that the word "amongst" is in fact a word.
For the love of God, remove that silly red squiggly line from under that word.  It's real, I swear!

I'm currently relaxing by...
Watching my favorite TV show, Supernatural, from the very first episode.
What can I say?  Jared Padalecki helps calm my anxiety... Yum!

What are you Friday Ramblings?


  1. Yikes! Best of luck with that move

  2. You're moving at Christmastime, so you get mega-bonus points for taking on the challenge! We moved in early May. It seems at the time like things will never get back to normal but about a couple of weeks after you move on, you start feeling "the new normal." A month or two later, I was still having small stressors--mostly related to paying bills. At the old house we had everything set up on auto-draft and I lost track of all the places I needed to get that set up here, so I ended up getting a late notice from the water company because I'd told them I wanted auto-draft and they hadn't done it...surprise! It's all just coming out auto-magically now.

  3. wait what? We is moving in? But I haven't even packed my stuff yet!

  4. Having moved 16 times so far, I can say it is never fun. But I can be packed in an hour or two haha I just watched supernatural over from season 5 onward a few months ago. Was only going to watch season 5 but then I watched the rest.

  5. You're moving during the holidays with a little one? You've got guts!! Congrats on the house. Good luck for a very smooth transition.

  6. I know so many families who are moving this holiday season... I don't envy it!

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  7. I think your web browser is responsible for the spell check

  8. I started this show, but I got super scared at night & would sleep with the lights on :P

    Hope your moving in is smooth & easy! :)

  9. I know. Dezzy told me all about it. (About you freaking out.) You'll do just fine.


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