Monday, December 7, 2015

Bloghop: Question of the Month.

The very entertaining and talented Mike from A Life Examined has graciously decided to host a party.
Well, it might not be a party exactly, but it’s at least considered a gathering!
He has initiated a bloghop called Question of the Month and I’m honored to a part of it.
It was open to the world, but Jax can pretend that it’s an exclusive “gathering”, right? RIGHT?!

Which one social convention would you get rid of?

Ladies and gentlemen, I feel the need to answer this question in the form of a list.
I'll start off with the less obnoxious social conventions and end with the grand finale.
I mean, how else did you expect me to answer this simple question?  Totally Jax style!

1.  Men shouldn't show emotions.
I'm not saying that men should be all balls of mush, but they can say how they feel.
It's refreshing for a man to open up, but it's awful when they cry and moan over everything.

2.  The three day rule.
The whole concept of waiting three days to contact someone you like after a date is ridiculous.
If we liked each other, why must we torture ourselves by not communicating for THREE days?!

3.  A full work day being 8am-5pm.
Why can't it be flexible as long as we work our full 8 hours?!
I would be all for working 6:00am-3:00pm.  I mean, I'd have the whole day left.  Heyy!

4.  Leaving a tip.
The customer dreads figuring out the tip and the receiver dreads getting an inappropriate one.
Establishments should pay their employees a little more, raise the price, and take away the stress.

5.  Leaving someone a voicemail.
I personally never leave a voicemail and I never listen to ones left for me.  I simply return their call.
I mean, my voice mail box is currently full so you can't leave me a message anyways!

6.  Women should do the cooking.
It's completely ridiculous that women are typically expected to do all of the cooking.  It isn't hard!
Luckily, my man doesn't follow the male/female roles.  Unfortunately, he's an awful cook.

7.  Men should make more money than their woman.
I honestly think this old school way of thinking is backwards.  It's not emasculating, it's impressive.
Just as how I'd be proud of my husband for making a higher salary, he should be proud of me.

8.  Mothers should never have a night out.
Just because I have a child does not mean that I should stop living life.
The nights out should not be excessive or become a financial burden on your family.

9.  Finishing your plate when you don't like something.
There's nothing worse than having to force food you don't like down your throat.
I mean, if someone didn't like something I made, I would totally not take offense to it!

10.  Go to college right after high school.
Very few teenagers know what they want to do right after high school and it's REAL expensive.
Society forces us to dump hundreds of thousands of dollars on college that takes a lifetime to see a return on.

What social convention do you want to get rid of?


  1. Are you seriously still being told your place is in the kitchen? And that you shouldn't do anything other than look after your child? I thought that was an archaic thing we'd all grown out of :P

    Can't agree with you on the finishing food thing though. I hate throwing away food and will make every effort to finish what's on my plate whether I'm full or hate the food etc.

  2. Most people in my country including schools still work from 6 or 7am to 2 or 3pm :) And they work in morning and afternoon shifts so that one parent can be with kids AM and another PM

  3. That is why you have a dog, then food never gets wasted lol

    Be so nice if hours were flexible, a much better way to work, but that could make chaos if in customer service area or something.

  4. These are all normal social expectations, but I know many people who don't follow them. My man is a chef, so he does most of the cooking. The work week/day is flexible in some jobs, depends on the job, though. But, good list. Keep living your life your way.
    Play off the Page

  5. These are all good, but 9 and 10 rock! I hated being forced to eat something that I didn't like or when I was full. I've always had extra weight to lose and this convention is ridiculous. I don't do this to my kids or myself.

    And the college thing. Amen, sister! I went to college with no clue about what I wanted to do. During the summer after my junior year, I volunteered to work at a zoo and it worked out so great, they held a job opening for me to start after graduation. Later I went back to college when I was inspired to become a math professor and the classes were so much more meaningful because I had a goal. If my kid wanted a job after high school instead of college to have to time to figure things out, I would be fine with that--but my husband would not.

  6. My wife apparently didn't get the memo about cooking. I do all of it in our house. If I left it up to my wife we'd have some pretty weird and spare meals and I'm not talking spare ribs.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  7. I think couples are getting better about dividing the cooking and cleaning chores. The phone message thing is absolutely me too. And I'm not surprised you made a list.

  8. Hi Jax..New follower here! I loved your list. Great answers and I agree with every single one of them!

  9. I have a job that rotates. I can be there 6-3, 8-5, 10-7, or 1-10/2-11. I like the ones where I work at night better. Waking up around 4 something sucks no matter how much sleep you get. I wouldn't mind having one that never changes. That way I could always know what times I'd work.

  10. Lovely link up. My man cooks amazing food, but he aint there half the times too cook.

  11. Oooh, I have to say I agree with all those points! LOL, on your commentary. I hate the 3-Day Rule and especially the Finishing Your Plate. I think it's partly the reason why some people eat more than they should.

  12. I agree with all of these! Except maybe, the tipping. Even if they do get paid a reasonable wage.. they're still doing a service and have to deal with morons. An occasional tip would be nice. I'd probably still tip if they got paid decent moohlah. Didn't realize the 3-day rule was a thing? lol

    I also finish my plate because I hate wasting food.

  13. Love this list, Jax!! A lot of these are really thought-provoking. Cracking up about your husband willing to cook but not the best at it, ha. Aw. And yes, men should be able to say how they feel. But anyone who whines a ton has got to go at some point. I can't even begin to say how much I agree with you on #3. Sooooooo annoying.


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