Wednesday, November 4, 2015

List: Ten healthy life swaps.

As I’ve probably mentioned a bazillion times, I’m failing at my original healthy swap goals.
…and, yes, I totally have gained the few pounds that I worked so hard to lose for the wedding...
That means unhealthy insides, clothes that don't fit, and unflattering Christmas card pictures!
Between the stress of buying a house and the holiday season, my pants really just don't stand a chance.
Thank goodness for loose fitting sweaters and flattering tights that hold all that extra me in!

I’m by no means heavy, but my body is totally not where I want it to be.  Like, at all.
I'm hoping to do the impossible and get back to my wedding bod by the end of the holiday season!
That does NOT mean that I will be dieting, avoiding holiday meals, or binge exercising.
It means that I will make a conscious effort to be healthier.

healthy life swap challenges; to be healthier; lose weight

Ten Healthy Life Swaps

1.  Eliminate ALL Junk Food
I know this one sounds obvious, but there are so many times when we I make an excuse for it.
I really need to learn to walk past the pumpkin filled with Kit Kats and Reeses without touching!

2.  Eat Breakfast A Little Later - Intermittent Fasting
Coffee at 8AM holds me over until my 10AM oatmeal.  That means only water until lunch! 
Update- I went from no breakfast to eating (2) hardboiled eggs in the AM and it helps.

3.  Be More Active, Even At Work
Every couple of hours, take a little walk around the office to get a cup of water or go to the bathroom.
On breaks, maybe do a few laps around the building or walk through a store just to be a little active.

4.  Only Purchase Healthy Snacks
If you don’t want to be tempted to eat a gallon of ice cream, then don’t buy it.
Instead, swap the unhealthy snacks for something a little less damaging like hummus or fruit.

5.  Bring Your Lunch
Going out for lunch during your work break usually means over eating mass amounts of unhealthy food.
My cooked leftovers or my homemade salad may not be as luxurious as the dollar menu, but it’s healthier.
Not to mention, swapping lunch outings for the lunch room in the office will help save money.

6.  Play, Play, and Play
Swap resting for impromptu dance parties and tickle fights with the hubby to stay extra active.
Find that last burst of energy at the end of the day to have fun, laugh, and move around.

7.  Park Far Away
Instead of parking in the spot closest to the door, park farther away and take those few extra steps.
Not to mention that this swap will help your car out since it’s less at risk for dents and dings!

8.  Green Tea
An average day for me means 3-4 cups of coffee loaded with French Vanilla Creamer.
I will swap 3 of those cups for green tea without any additions.  This will save me serious calories!
French vanilla creamer makes anything and everything taste better.  Too bad it’s so unhealthy!

9.  Take Vitamins
The ONE cup of coffee a day has been killing me.  By 11:30 I'm dragging my feet craving caffeine.
I'm going to start taking vitamins rich in Vitamin C and Zinc for energy.
This is totally a swap.  I mean you’re swapping taking vitamins for not taking vitamins.  Right??

10.  Drink Lots of Water
In between and during meals, make sure that you’re drinking plenty of water.
Swapping drinks with water will help cleanse your body, keep you hydrated, and make your skin glow.

Related - Check out this post to see how I used tea to help with my healthy life swap challenge!

What are your healthy life swaps?


  1. If I didn't eat anything until 10am, I would be such a raging bitch that the authorities would be called. Dang girl, I don't know how you do that! I get up at 5:30am so I have to have breakfast at 6:30. After I workout, I need my first snack of the day at 10. LOL

    1. that is how me does it too, Debs! I eat a few slices of wholewheat bread with tomato slices and tons of flax, sunflower and pumpkin seeds with a bit of sour cream for breaky at about 7AM and then a glass of multivitamin or magnesium at about 10am and have lunch at noon... it ain't healthy not eating anything in the morning

  2. I always park far away. It's not so much for health but I find it easier to walk a few extra feet than to get frustrated trying to get the right spot and then backing out in a cramped parking lot.

  3. skipping breaky ain't healthy sister! 'tis better to eat plenty and hearty for breakfast and then have a light lunch and a snack instead of dinner... that is the most natural way for your metabolism. If you try to survive all morning just with coffee and oats you will eat like a piggy for lunch and plus your sugar levels get high, methinks....

  4. Parking far away I always do. Ticks my grandmother off hahaha just easier all around.

    And yep, drink lots of water, none of that fluoride crap either. My problem is keeping weight on haha

  5. I think the incentive of your wedding was to your advantage before and now that it's over, you don't have a goal! I like your choices...all good, smart things! Things that work for tea before a meal really curbs your appetite....lots of bad carbs...reach for lean protein and veggies first. And don't starve just leads to weak moments and cheating.

    Between Halloween and New Years is the hardest time, too, don't you think? Geesh! lol...

  6. I am totally on board with the only-healthy-snacks tip; if I don't have any junk in the house, I can't eat it! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. I have read numerous times you need to eat breakfast within an hour of waking up. Am I wrong on this?

    P.S. I hope you stop by and join our Christmas card exchange. The post is up today but all you need to do is email me your mailing address letting me know you want to join.

  8. Yes so hard to drinking tons of water and work breaks. Seriously helps so much!! I never get why being healthy is so hard when we all know what we need to do. Why is that so hard! Lol. My new office has snacks effing everywhere ... Everywhere. It's my current struggle.

  9. Very good points! I think I would get up and move around more during the day if I had a fitbit!

    7% Solution


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