Monday, October 26, 2015

List: Ten ways to take on a challenge.

This time last year I decided that I wasn't just a mommy.
That meant to start blogging again, to nurture all of my relationships, and to go back to school.
As much as I hate admitting this, I've been in college since 2008 and I still don't have a bachelors.
Since being a mom is still a priority along with my job, I decided to take online classes to save time.
I miss the classroom setting with a person explaining everything in detail and answering all of my questions.
That aside, the past year I dipped my toes into the online college experience by taking easy classes.
By easy I mean Intro to African Culture and History of India.  These classes were a breeze and enjoyable!
This semester I dipped my entire foot into the water by taking a financial management class.
This class is, to say the VERY least, a challenge.
In a grand effort to save my GPA and to not waste more time/money, I'm accepting the challenge to pass!
Here's to any passing grade that my brain can grant me!

Ten ways to take on a challenge.

1.  Identify the problem.
Annuities & bond calcs are tough to learn by reading the text and not having a professor to answer questions.
E-mails and YouTube videos are really not a equal replacement for this class!

2.  Set a goal.
I'd really like to not only pass the class, but to at least get a C+ so my GPA doesn't take a HUGE hit.
I don't think my transcript has seen anything less than a B- like, ever.

3.  Set time aside to accomplish this goal.
Every Saturday evening until this class is over is officially dedicated to me passing this class.
This has slowly spilled into late Saturday afternoons all the way through Saturday night.

4.  Find a place where there are no distractions.
Lucky for me, my nook in Starbucks only has the distraction of coffee and petite vanilla scones.
As much as I love my Mushy, this is one of the few things I can't accept her over eager help with.

5.  Ask for help.
I reached out to my professor via e-mail letting her know that I'm finding this class very challenging.
She gave me some online tools and calculators that have really been very helpful.

6.  Educate yourself on the topic.
My lunch breaks have been spent reading and re-reading my textbook.
As dedicated as I am, I'm starting to actually dread my lunch hour!

7.  Be organized.
I've highlighted every page of my text, put notes in the margins, and made web browser bookmarks.
I also invested in these super cute sticky tabs that I really like to stick on everything!

8.  Get support.
Madre and my husband have become constant cheerleaders and motivators for me.
They pick up the slack when I'm tucked away in my nook and they don't let me quit!

9.  Constantly remind yourself why you need to overcome this.
My GPA will suffer.  I'll lose my money.  I'd be no closer to my bachelors.
Not to mention, I'd have to pass it eventually to be able to get my bachelors!

10.  Don't stop until you get it right.
I won't move on to a different example until I get the answer right and understand how I got to it.
You'd know from the crumpled pieces of paper around me exactly how frustrating this part is!

What has been challenging you lately and how are you dealing with it?


  1. i got one of my degrees online and i HATED the experience. it was a lot of group work, and you know how that goes. just do what works for you because the good thing is that isn't a race. i'm dealing with time challenges lately. no time to get everything done!

  2. The two financial management classes I took were the ones I breezed through. It was some intermediate financial course that really screwed me, I passed though, barely. Challenges are good though, if everything was easy we'd never get better at anything.

  3. I love this! Everyone with goals or facing a challenge at work should read this and implement these steps.My current challenge is lack of book sales, so I will be putting one of my books on sale very soon.

  4. I love this! Everyone with goals or facing a challenge at work should read this and implement these steps.My current challenge is lack of book sales, so I will be putting one of my books on sale very soon.

  5. Whenever I face a challenge I set aside a specific time to work on the stuff I don't like and make sure I reward myself afterwards with things I enjoy like M&M's or a sugar cookie. The thought of a treat always helps get my butt in gear.

  6. challenges are good for the ego

  7. Anything math related has always been a real struggle for me but I'm not willing to give up.

  8. motivation is certainly key

  9. You have nothing to be ashamed about! I had a hard time getting myself thru college yet alone with a child!!! You have such a solid pragmatic view about solving this issue, everything you're saying rings true.

  10. A challenge for me lately: getting my house in order for a seasonal switchover. There is so much stuff that needs to be packed away + brought out, stuff that needs to find a permanent storage home, etc. It's a bunch of chaos right now and is driving me a bit batty. :)

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