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List: Ten ways to get rid of zombie feet.

I just wanted to say thank you very much to everyone who participated in my survey!
I know, I know.  R&W is all about fun and not making my readers do extra work.  I’m sorry…
Your comments and ratings were helpful.  You should know that I’m taking them all very seriously.
I have some plans for Raviolis & Waterworks and I wanted all of you to take part in it.
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An anonymous commenter left me a future post request that I just had to answer right away.
Not only was it appropriate for Halloween season, but many would consider it an emergency condition.
Bonus points for the reader that can figure out who our mystery survey taker was! 

Ten ways to get rid of zombie feet.

1.  Cut your toe nails bi-weekly.
Every other Saturday, I either take a few minutes to groom my toe nails myself or get a pedicure.
I rock professional pedicures during sandal season and skip them during boot season!

2.  Moisturize your feet daily.
One of the first things I do after my morning shower, is moisturize my feet with CoCoa Butter cream.
Not to mention, cocoa butter cream smells absolutely delicious.  Why wouldn’t you do this?!

3.  Sleep with Vaseline and socks on your feet.
Before bed, I slather Vaseline on my heels and protect it with my husband’s socks.
May I suggest asking your husband before stealing his socks.  Mine wasn’t too happy with this at first…

4.  Let your toe nails breathe.
As much as I love to have colored toes, I always let my nails go naked a while so they have time to breathe.
If you don’t rock natural nails for a few days in between mani/pedis, your nails will turn yellow.  Ew.

5.  Periodically soak your feet in treated water.
Before home pedicures, I soak my feet in a tub filled with water, apple cider vinegar, and baby oil.
This not only moisturizes, but makes it real easy to cut my own cuticles and scrape away dead skin.

6.  Invest in paraffin treatments.
I try and do this a couple of times a year, typically before sandal season and sometime mid-winter.
You’re skin feels it’s best right after the paraffin treatment is peeled off.  Oh, how I love that!

7.  Don’t walk around barefoot.
Walking around barefoot is unsanitary and a great way to get things like foot fungus and warts.
All I can say to this is, bleh gag barf!!!!!

8.  Wear shoes that fit.
Believe it or not, your feet can shape themselves to your shoes.  Make sure shoes fit and are comfortable.
I’m always seeing ladies with slanted toes and horrible bunions which can be attributed to tight shoes.

9.  Remove chipped nail polish.
You’re feet may be in mint condition, but chipped polish can still make them appear like zombie feet!
For the love of God, invest in polish remover and rock natural nails in between fresh coats of paint!

10.  Stay away from zombies.
The most important tip of all is:  If you don’t want to have zombie feet, stay the hell away from zombies!
I mean, with all the zombie TV shows around, we all know how this works already, don’t we?!

How do you get rid of zombie feet?


  1. See, this is exactly why I took down photo thumbnails in my blogroll... I don't need some nasty feet appearing all day long on my first page! Debs' (I know she will be here soon) posts used to give me creeps for that reason back when I still had thumbnails beside your posts in my blogroll :)

    1. Who me Dezzy? Why would any of my little ol' posts give you the creeps? You crush me!

    2. not the posts but some of the photos that appear the first in them and thus appear in our public blogrolls too :)

    3. Lol, my deepest apologies, Dez. If it makes you feel better, I showed the picture to luci and said "what's that"? She replied with "mommy's feet". Lol!!!!!!

  2. Those feet have appeared on Pat's site and they never fail to give a fright. I do love to moisturize my feetsies and put on my toastie toes (warm comfy socks) and let the lotion soak in all night long.

    1. Bonus points for guessing Pat and bonus points for using moisturizer socks.

    2. Pat made me sick and now you're giving me a second helping? YYYYYYYikes!

  3. lmao, do I get bonus points for guessing me? No? Damn! lol

    Yeah, walking around barefeet with cats or dogs in the house is rather nasty to do. Litter here and there and whatever the dog brings in. And avoid zombies, check!

    1. Guessing yourself is cheating, so no!!! Lol I'm glad that you agree with my tips. See, I solved your problems with a list. Hahaha

  4. Exfoliate! Get a good pumice stone and keep at it :)

  5. Vaseline + socks is a great (and cheap!) trick! Def a must for me in the winter. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  6. Yikes to that picture!!! I tend to get blisters because I walk so much. I found that you can also just put lotion on them every day as soon as you get out of the shower, then put your socks on. In just a week or so, you have soft feet. Same as Vasoline, only you can do it during the day without having squish feet!

  7. I work in a shoe store. I've seen some feet that cause nightmares. Can I please print this out and hand it to people? Or maybe slip it into the bag when they aren't looking?

    For real, one time I saw a lady with a toe growing out of her toe.


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