Monday, October 19, 2015

List: Ten important lessons that I hope my daughter will always remember.

After watching a particularly upsetting Lifetime movie, I started to think about equally upsetting things.  This specific TV movie was about a woman who passed away and left behind a very young daughter.  I’m tearing up just thinking about this.  I can’t even imagine not being there to see my Mushy grow!  Since the daughter was so young, the only thing she know of her mother was from a single picture.  This got me thinking, if something was to God forbid happen tomorrow, what would I want Mushy to know?

a letter to do my with everything I want her to know

Ten things I want my daughter to know.

1.  Always keep the company of reliable people, but never rely on anyone.
Independence is key.  With it comes a sense of security and the comfort of knowing that you'll never have to settle.  The people you surround yourself with will be because you want to be with them, not because you need them.  On the flip side, be careful that the same company you choose to keep isn't using you for your independence.  All relationships should be mutually beneficial.

2.  Save your regrets for the things you did instead of the things you didn’t do.
Being cautious of everything makes you miss out on moments that you’ll never get back.  Take that chance.  Make the leap of faith.  Open doors.  Embarrass yourself taking an opportunity rather then sitting on the sidelines.  Say what's on your mind.  Whatever it is, live in the moment instead of just watching it.  Within reason, obviously.

3.  Don’t live life counting every calorie, and once in a while, eat the damn cheeseburger.
It’s important to consider health but it’s also important to indulge.  Indulgences make life worth living.

4.  Always keep up with your appearance.
Being pampered will always keep you confident, motivated, and ready for a spontaneous night on the town!  This doesn't mean to always wear make up while dressing up in fancy clothes.  It simply means to not let yourself go.  If prince charming knocks on the door, would you look fresh or beaten?  All it takes is a good nights sleep, good hygiene, and the best moisturizer!

Tip:  Mommy's favorite moisturizer is this specific one.  Use it daily for glowing, radiant skin without feeling greasy afterwards.  It will also keep your skin looking younger for a longer period of time.  Trust me on this one!

5.  Periodically take time to re-familiarize yourself with yourself.
We change as we grow.  It’s important to know every bit of yourself inside and out at all times.  Don't be ashamed if you change.  If that rediscovery teaches you that your interests have matured, then embrace it.

6.  Never put off a doctor’s appointment, ever.
Health determines your quality and length of life.  It’s vital to regularly monitor and maintain it.

7.  Treasure every moment you can, and forget the moments you can’t.
Life is way too short to live with grudges.  Find a way to move past things as quickly as you can.  When you let things fester in your brain, they start to consume you.  Try your best to move past things, to forgive yourself, and to not let anger with someone else effect your life.

Tip:  Take pictures!!  I was always so insecure with myself that I never wanted to take pictures of myself or anything else.  Now that I'm older, I regret not having these memories in a photo album.  Take pictures.  Upload and store them in SnapFish.  Make photo books (click here for a great deal) and prints of all your favorite memories.

8.  In every aspect of your life, always choose quality over quantity.
This is particularly true when it comes to companions, friendships, and shoes!

9.  Be content with what you have, but always have your eyes open.
As you grow so will your desires and needs.  Don’t keep at it just because you’re comfortable.  Strive for growth.  This will keep you challenged, sharp, and on the road to success.  Just don't let that drive distract you from enjoying the present while reveling in your smaller wins.

10.  Celebrate everything.
Every accomplishment, no matter the size, deserves a celebration.  Be proud of everything you do.

What life lesson is most important to you?


  1. I have told you this before my dear, but you are wise beyond your years. This is such an amazing list. I have also taught my boys to stay humble, no matter what successes they earn in life, humbleness is a very attractive quality.

    1. Thanks, lady! That really means a lot. Humble is a great thing to remain and, what makes it even better, is that it insinuates success. :)

  2. Yep, eat the damn cheeseburger. A few extra pounds is better than being a skeleton and miserable all the time. Great pearls of wisdom for that beautiful daughter of yours!

    1. I totally agree. No one likes skin and bones, unless it comes to your belly. lol

  3. Always believe in yourself.
    And your kid is the spitting image of her father :)

    1. That's why she's so beautiful!!! Thanks, Dez.

  4. These are all really good ones - number one especially. Also, add "dentist" to the doctor point

  5. A great list indeed, Independence can take one far. Not sure I care about appearance though, but I won't go looking like some of your wal-mart people lol

    Bah, no need to worry, you'll make it to 30, hahahaha

  6. Be honest.
    Keep your sense of humor.
    Surround yourself with good people.
    Learn to say no.
    Don't be guilted into doing anything.
    Be true to yourself.
    Pray first, not as a last resort.
    Be thankful.
    Worry never changed a thing.
    Work hard ~ play hard.
    Think before you speak.
    Look forward, but backward.
    Be kind.

  7. I'm not sure what'd I tell my children if I had any

  8. Jax, I love this post! I don't think it's depressing at all (and I knocked on wood for you the entire first part :), these are wonderful, wonderful tips. And I really like the spin you put on regret, well said. gosh goodness she is so cute!

  9. Those are great things to teach your daughter, Jax. I also like the list that Betsy provided.

  10. Jax, would you mind if I used the idea for the post? I have a Godson and I really like this idea.

  11. I love it and hope you can keep doing these posts every now and then. I recently wrote about a book of similar nuggets of wisdom that affected me growing up.

  12. This is a great list- and oh so true! Your daughter is lucky she'll have a record to reference as she grows up, in addition to having a stellar mom. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. These are all really great things for the kiddo to know. I don't even like thinking about this sort of situation with mine... so traumatizing :(

  14. The perfect list. I was feeling guilty about putting off my mammogram/obgyn appointment ONE MONTH when I read a post from a high school classmate who still hasn't been to her first mammogram. We're 45! I thought, "I've been beating myself up about a month and people don't even go until 45 or 50! I've gone every single year. I usually schedule all my medical appointments around my birthday so I realize how lucky I am to be able to GET another birthday. Not everyone gets that chance. We should never mourn turning a year older...we should celebrate getting another year in this great world...


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