Wednesday, October 28, 2015

List: Ten weekend activities to do at home that are practically free!

The past few weekends my family and I have found ourselves huddled inside our apartment.  In an attempt to hoard some last minute cash before our home purchase, we’ve been staying in.  I do love me some time inside to sip wine and catch up on housework, but we’re officially bored.  By bored, I mean complete cabin fever, scratching at the doors, DYING to get out, boredom.  When we officially couldn’t take it anymore, we started to enjoy some inside activities.  It was nice to have fun and spend some quality time as a family for FREE assuming we have all the supplies on hand.

free weekend activities to do at home

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Ten free weekend activities to do at home.

1.  Start, join, or manage a fantasy sports team.

A fantasy sports team can be real fun, especially when your competition is family, friends, or co-workers.  It’s amazing how a fantasy sports game can automatically make watching a game 10 times more intense.  This free weekend activity will create hours of fun between drafting your fantasy team, watching the games, and monitoring stats.

Idea:  To add more fun and competition make it so that the winner gets a medal like this one that they can display to rub in everyone's face.  The medal may be <$10, but you'll be surprised at how proudly they'll be displaying that award whenever you visit!

2.  Complete a 3-D puzzle.

Climb into the attic and dig deep into that box of puzzles.  Pull out the 3-D puzzle since it's the most challenging.  Clear a space in the house so that you'll have room to work on it in intervals.  This is guaranteed to occupy you for a whole weekend if not more.

Idea:  You don't have a 3-D puzzle in the attic?  This one is inexpensive, challenging, and pretty enough to leave out for some time to show off all your hard work!

3.  Fill up the freezer with pre-made meals.

I’m famous for always having frozen tubs of sauce & meatballs, different soups, and stews within reach.  This makes your life so much easier during the week and is great for those surprise dinner guests.  Pick a recipe and peel, slice, chop, season, and prepare as a family.  This free weekend activity is fun AND productive.

4.  Family manicures and pedicures.

Fill up the tub to soak your family’s toes in water and baby oil.  Then clip, file, & cut each other’s cuticles.  Don't forget to file off calluses on the heels of your feet.

5.  Binge-watch a whole season of a TV show.

Pick a series that you’ve been dying to see, and watch as much as you can.

Idea:  Not sure what to watch?  My favorite TV show EVER is Supernatural.  It has 15 seasons, so that's plenty of weekends at home with something to do.

6.  Play an intense game of Monopoly.

Rock the traditional game of Monopoly, but make the game all about an intense wager.  Winner gets to pick a movie rental?  Helllooo chick flick that I NEVER get to watch with the hubby around!!  This free weekend activity may seem lame, but I promise it's a lot of fun when there's a wager involved.

7.  Have a family dance party.

Learn how to do the Salsa, the Merengue, or any dance you like and practice as a family.  Youtube has plenty of instructional videos that you guys can put on your Smart TV to follow along.  As a double bonus, this is great exercise.

Idea:  Do you have a Wii that you haven't used in a while?  Dust it off and put in this game for HOURS of fun dancing.

8.  Complete a crossword puzzle.

It’s amazing how difficult crossword puzzles actually are and they’re real fun to do with a partner.  Cheaters that use Google during this have to do the dishes for aweek!

9.  Host a pot luck dinner.

Have your family and friends come over with a different dish, beverage or dessert.  This free weekend activity means enjoying people’s company and indulging in a gourmet meal without all the work.

10.  Make homemade candy.

It’s cheaper than buying candy at the store and way more impressive when you hand it out.  You can do something as simple as chocolate covered fruit or candied apples.  Or, you can do something as complicated as a homemade Snickers!

Idea:  This book will tell you all you need to know about candy making, including my favorite - chocolate fudge!  Don't have time for the book to ship?  Click here for the Kindle version.

How do you spend weekends at home?


  1. my fave Sunday activity is sitting in an armhchair, not moving and staring at the wall.... that is what you need after six days of all day long work :)

  2. All great free, family fun activities. My fave is binge watching Netflix with copious amounts of wine. Uncle Jeffy and I are addicted to Sons of Anarchy right now.

  3. Puzzles are my favourite rainy day indoor activity

  4. Binge watching works for me. Monopoly is fun but the damn game can take forever sometimes haha fantasy sports can be fun too, on Slamdunks once more at my shore

  5. I've only binged watched one show and that's Game of Thrones.


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