Friday, October 16, 2015

Life: Friday ramblings.

Happy Friday, lovelies!
I asked what my readers wanted to hear, and you guys were amazing enough to answer.
I was shocked to learn that what you guys wanted to hear about the most was me!
Shocked may be true, but I was mostly flattered!!  I mean, you guys DO care!!
In an attempt to give what you all what you want, I'll be starting a new series called Friday ramblings.
It will be fun, light hearted, and filled with little snippets of my world.
In return, I hope to hear little snippets of your life in the comments section so we can get to know each other.
While I'll try to do this regularly, it will not post weekly.
I mean, my life isn't THAT interesting that you'll want a weekly play by play.  Trust me!

Without any further adieu, introducing R&W's first Friday Ramblings!
If you have any suggestions, requests, or if you just hate this series, please let me know.


Current Goal:

I want to fully potty train my little Mushy Face!
With the help of her school, we've been pushing this whole potty training thing full force.
She's rocking her pink Pull Up panties and is constantly asked "Do you have to pee pee?"
Tuesday morning we had a breakthrough!  She told ME she had to pee pee without my saying anything!!

Current Big News:

My husband and I are in the process of buying a house!
We found a nice home in an amazing school district within our price range.
We settled on a price, got pre-approved for a mortgage, and now we're writing up the contracts.
We're hopping to be in our new home before Christmas.
Although, we're refusing to pop a bottle of champagne until the contracts are signed!

Current Obsession:

My little Mushy dressing up as Olaf for Halloween.
I think she looks stinking adorable as Olaf.
She's also REALLY excited about this.  She's been begging to be Olaf for a month now.
Since we officially bought the costume, she keeps telling everyone "I be Olaf"!
Now to just get daddy on board.  My husband isn't too happy that she's dressing up as a "boy".  Smh...

Current Eye Candy:

Charles Michael Davis from the originals.
This actor is hot as hell with a voice that should be on a phone sex hotline!
While I'm completely obsessed with the show, he totally is the icing on the cake.
We've been watching The Originals every night, and every night he makes me swoon!
Oh please!  My hubby's swooning over this character's love interest, Rebecca.  It's totally fair!

Current Playlist:

I can't stop listening to Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony's duet, No Me Ames.
This song is in my head and I can't seem to get it out.
I've even been humming it to myself in my cubicle, in the car, and in the shower.
This is surprising because I generally dislike J-Lo's music, but I do love me some Marc Anthony!

What are some of your Friday Ramblings?

**If anyone is interested in making this series a link up, please let me know.  I'd be more than happy to set it up!**


  1. Potty trained is a wonderful thing! Best of luck...girls are usually pretty easy.
    Fun times with the house! Hope it all goes through without a hitch!

  2. The cat couldn't even make one rambling post about us, we don't do much lol no more diapers will be a good thing indeed. Hopefully the house goes on through without a hitch.

  3. Reminds me of all the Elsas last year on Halloween night

  4. Goal: To buy a car!
    Big news: I'll have some if I get that car ;)
    Obsession: Black to purple and chocolate brown to burgendy ombré hair.
    Eye candy: That one guy who keeps walking by my store that I'm pretty sure can't be real.
    Playlist: Stone Cold by Demi Lovato and the cover by Carrie Hope Fletcher

    I'm liking this series!

  5. You're in the process of buyng a house... That's great news, Jax. Great news. But how come you were shocked to learn that what we wanted to hear about the most was you?

  6. Good luck on the new house! I really wish I could be in that stage of my life!

    7% Solution

  7. Oh best of luck with the house! And also, good on Mushy Face for her Olaf costume :)

  8. ha, I can see why. It's always nice to know who you are corresponding with :) So exciting about the house process, I'm sure it's a bear but that is so nice to have it on the horizon. Your daughter will be so incredibly cute as Olaf (and likely warm too if it's a face garment as well!).


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