Friday, October 2, 2015

Jax Seal of Approval: Firmoo Glasses

A fun fact that many of you may not know:  Jax wears glasses.
...and contacts.  Well, I usually wear contacts but I also wear glasses...
Since I'm not a huge fan of embracing my glasses, a few years back I splurged on a pair that I loved.
They were tortoise colored, thick, square shaped frames with a fun design on the side.
They were also Prada, which means between the frames and the lenses, I dished out an entire paycheck.
Let's skip this depressing memory and flash forward to a weeks back.

I very recently discovered the website Firmoo.
They sell stylish glasses, prescription glasses, and sunglasses at a very reasonable price.
Not only do they sell a great product, but their website is very user friendly.
Trust me!  I'm by no means eye doctor savvy, so if it wasn't easy to process, I would have hit "X".

Step One:  Pick your favorite frame.
Step Two:  Select the type of lenses you need.
Step Three:  Simply type out your prescription.
You don't need to send Firmoo anything and you can save your prescription for future purchases.
Step Four:  Select your preferred lens thickness, lens color, and lens coating.
Step Five:  Add to cart, pay, and provide shipping instructions.

Ladies and gentlemen, I officially ordered my first pair of prescription glasses from Firmoo.
...and let's just say that I'm absolutely in love...
For less than $50, I got a lovely pair of glasses, a hard case, a reusable lens wipe, and glasses screw tool.
That's what I call money well spent!

For providing quality, stylish lenses at a very low price,
 it's my honor to extend the Jax Seal of Approval to Firmoo!
I'm sure that they're absolutely ecstatic about this.  After all, this award is highly esteemed!

Have you or will you buy glasses from Firmoo?


  1. I'll certainly consider this company. I need to find out if they have high index lenses. My sight is so bad that without high index, I have ridiculously thick lenses in my glasses. I haven't gotten glasses in more than five years, so I really should get a new pair.


  2. Oh Wow, thanks for the recommendation. My 15 year old son wears glasses and he refuses to wear contacts because he says glasses make him look smarter and the chicks really dig the glasses. Every now and then he breaks them so this will be a great resource!

  3. OMG Firmoo has been chasing me for years to do promos on my sites, and I keep telling them I'm not from USA and they always forget it and send a promo request again :) They do have some lovely ones on their sites and cheap too!

  4. I used them years ago and got a pair for 10 bucks haha thankfully I fixed my eyes and don't need them anymore though.

  5. Not sure but I think this glasses company contacted me a few yrs back about hosting a giveaway on my could have been another company...not sure. Glad you like the glasses you bought

  6. I got a really basic pair, I don't ever wear them

  7. I've never bought from them before but I will have to check it out. I'm in glasses full time now (I'm too poor for contacts and too blind to be without) and I need to get some new ones within the next two months or so. Or at least get my eyes checked to see if I need new ones.

  8. I have to look up Firmoo. I buy all mine from Zenni Optical--glasses start at $6.99...but after about a year, I've found that I've bought all the cool glasses they had! I'm looking for something different.

  9. They're beautiful! What? No selfie modeling them? :)

  10. After watching Lost on Netflix, I'm a fan of Evangeline Lily too.


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