Friday, October 9, 2015

Discussion: The Official National Tears of Gratitude Association

Ladies and gentlemen, I learned of something real interesting the other day.
During Buddy and I’s monthly reunion, he suggested that we start our own business.
He told me about a new Japanese company and he wants to start an American version here.
We may no longer be co-workers, but we’re still friends and we’re still interested in Japanese politics.
Just to be clear, I gave Buddy’s business proposal a big, fat no.

Basically, you hire a sexy man to come make you cry and then wipe away your tears.
You have several different “types” of men to choose from including a bad boy or an older man.
Then you would set up a date to have this man come and make you cry with sad movies.
Once the tears start flowing, this sexy he-man will come on over and wipe away your tears.
The sad part is, these men are certified in the art of therapeutic crying.  It’s a real thing, no joke!
You can have this entire experience solo or with a group for the low price of about $65.

What does Jax think?
I see wrong nothing with this!  I mean, I’d rather get a mani/pedi for $65, but who am I to judge?!
Sometimes a girl just needs a good cry, so why not hire someone sexy to wipe away those tears?
Besides, this may make for one of the most depressing yet greatest bachelorette parties of all time!

What do you think about the Japanese company Ikemeso?


  1. them Japanese have too many crazy ideas....

  2. Sounds like just another way to bed a vulnerable woman to me. I'm sure the prices just start at 65 bucks for wiping tears. Once the real action starts the price is negotiable.

  3. Err umm therapeutic crying? Riiiiiiighhhht. More like a way to get in women's pants lol

    1. This time I'm right, boo none took flight lol

  4. that does sound just too weird to make it work here.

  5. I had to write about strange jobs for a client the other day, so this one doesn't surprise me. Cities that have cuddle parties hire people to cuddle with strangers! There's also a job where hotels pay you to warm up beds for wealthy guests...although I think that was reported on back in 2010, so it may not exist anymore.

  6. It's certainly new to me. I would rather spend my money elsewhere also but if it's not my money, I'm not going to decide how it should be spent!

  7. Well if there's one thing guaranteed to make you cry, it's definitely men

  8. I have my own sexy man to wipe my tears away, thankyouverymuch ;p


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