Monday, October 5, 2015

Bloghop: Question of the Month

The very entertaining and talented Mike from A Life Examined has graciously decided to host a party.
Well, it might not be a party exactly, but it’s at least considered a gathering!
He has initiated a bloghop called Question of the Month and I’m honored to a part of it.
It was open to the world, but Jax can pretend that it’s an exclusive “gathering”, right? RIGHT?!

Who would play you in a movie of your life?

There are several lovely ladies that I admire and secretly wish I was comparable to.
No, I'm not jealous of them.  Instead, it's more of a girl crush. 
If the time ever came that my life became a movie, I would only hope one of them would volunteer to be me!

Let's play a Jax game and see if you can guess who the winner is.
I'm sure all ten of these gorgeous celebrities are jumping for joy at being mentioned in my honorable list...

1.  Evangeline Lilly
She seems nice, care free, down to earth, and natural.
If only we shared those piercing blue eyes, cute freckles, and the love of the outdoors.

2.  Lucy Hale
She seems cute, motivated, and to know her worth.
If only we shared that gorgeous head of hair and killer eye brows .

3.  Isla Fisher
She has the red hair that I constantly fail to replicate and seems to have my spunk.
If only we shared that flawless pale skin and natural fire. 

4.  Nina Dobrev
She seems to go after what she wants and not be afraid to take chances.
If only we shared her height, perfect body, and powerful demeanor.

5.  Mila Kunis
She seems romantic, free spirited, and to easily go where life takes her.
If only we shared those mysterious eyes, sexy voice, and ability to make anything look easy.

6.  Lea Michele
She seems completely at ease in her own skin and admirably confident.
If only we shared her voice and impeccable way with words.

7.   Rachel McAdams
She seems loyal, kind, and very independent.
If only we shared her grace and her flawless ability to present herself.

8.  Rachel Bilson
She seems like that girl next door that everyone wants to be friends with.
If only we shared that killer smile and carefree attitude.

9.  Anne Hathaway
She's seems to be naturally beautiful inside and out, quirky, and all around fabulous.
If only we shared her talent and impeccable fashion sense.

And the winner is...

10.  Kristen Bell
She seems petite, quirky, out going, genuinely happy, and an all around ball of fun.
She doesn't let her size and smaller frame stand in her way of success.
I like to think of myself as Kristen Bell with darker skin, darker hair, and darker eyes. 

While I adore all the ladies listed above for many different reasons, I feel a connection with Kristen Bell.
Now, I know that none of these people are probably anything like the way I perceive them.
But they each have something that I genuinely admire, wish we had in common, and that I relate to.
Congratulations, Kristen!  I know that you'd drop everything to star me in your next film adventure!

Who would you want to play you in a movie about your life?


  1. All fine picks that deserve a stare or three from me lol not in a creepy way, shhh.

    Bell does seem like fun and Veronica Mars is a great show.

  2. Kristen Bell seems like she's hilarious so thumbs up!

  3. I don't know who any of these ladies are, but they are a fine looking group. But can't they act? I guess Anne Hathaway and Rachel McAdams definitely can.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  4. Hopefully not Steve Buscemi or Clint Howard

  5. I'd like Whoopie Goldberg to play me... what? We're lookalikes!

  6. You had some great picks, and I love Kristen Bell. She has such a great bubbly attitude all the time. And she's super cute.

  7. I actually wouldn't be able to pick one. But I like your idea and question. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Lots of great choices for great reasons. I like the winner!

  9. I love Kristen Bell. She's so adorable and ugh.. just love her!

  10. Great choices. I do like Isla Fisher but I feel like her lookalike, Amy Adams, would be more suited to play me...she's more "cute" and down-to-earth, whereas Isla is a little more "hottie sex symbol!"

  11. Those were all great picks. I'm too old for any of those to play me. I'm more the long suffering TV sitcom mother type.

  12. Great choice. I too like Kristen Bell.

  13. All of these are lovely ladies, but Kristin Bell is something special. Good choice! I'd buy a ticket to that movie. :-)

  14. Kristin Bell is so fun! She seems like she would be a great person to work with.

  15. I love Kristen Bell too. Since this will never happen I am not going to be constrained by who is living now and will pick Katherine Hepburn to play me. If my greatest accomplishments are later in life Helen Mirren.

  16. Anne Hathaway is easily in my top three sexist women in the world. I must remember to tell her that.

    1. PS: Good luck turning the next question into a list ;)

  17. excellent choice! i want to be her bff!!

  18. Fun line up of talented and beautiful women. If only I had the voice of Lea Michele!
    Play off the Page

  19. What a good choice! Kristen Bell is adorable, and a good actress.



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