Monday, September 21, 2015

List: Ten ways to make the most out of your living space.

As I’ve mentioned before in this post, my apartment is just way too small for all our stuff.
Gigantic cardboard boxes have become furniture and my vacuum has become décor.  Sigh…
While we’ve decided to take the next step and purchase a home, I know that this will take time.
For now, I’m utilizing my space saving tips to avoid being on the next episode of Hoarders.
Here comes 8 years of apartment living experience…3 years of which, we were a party of three!

Ten space saving tips for apartment living.

1.  Purchase cheaper, temporary furniture that is functional.
Question 1:  Can I get my money back for this furniture when I’m done with it?
Question 2:  Does it serve a purpose or provide additional storage space?
Craigslist was a great way to find lightly used furniture with a purpose that we can re-sell later on.

2.  Invest in lots of storage bins.
Question 1:  Did I measure the corners of closets and shelves to make sure this bin will fit?
Question 2:  Will this bin take up more room, or will it help me condense the mess?
I have beach bins, purse bins, stuffed animal bins, arts & craft bins, and even a baking bin!

3.  Separate and sell or donate the items you never use.
Question 1:  Was the last time I used this item more than 2 years ago?
Question 2:  Do I see this item having a purpose in the future or is it sentimental?
My addiction to Poshmark and Mercari has given me extra cash and saved me serious space.

4.  Wait until you have your home to fill it.
Question 1:  Will this item I’m about to purchase serve its purpose now or later?
Question 2:  Where will I store this item before I find a larger, more permanent living space?
My hubby is infamous for this.  He would buy everything for our future home now if I let him.

5.  Make use of under your bed and furniture.
Question 1:  Will a slim, but longer storage bin fit under this piece of furniture?
Question 2:  If yes, what I can store under there that will save me storage space?
Under our bed is bins with all our extra linens and under our dresser is all my hubby’s work boots.

6.  If possible, ask friends or family to store larger items.
Question 1:  Will this larger item serve a purpose in the future?
Question 2:  Did this item cost a significant amount of money to make it worth saving?
The Viking’s dry cleaners and my father in law’s garage are full of expensive baby things.

7.  If necessary, find an inexpensive storage unit to rent.
Question 1:  Will this larger item serve a purpose in the future?
Question 2:  Did this item cost a significant amount of money to make it worth saving?
The cost of the storage unit should not exceed the total value of the items it’s housing.

8.  Borrow instead of buying items you don’t need often.
Question 1:  How often will I use this item and is it worth the space it will take?
Question 2:  Do I know someone that owns one that would be willing to lend it for a short time?
I follow this rule often when my husband needs tools or when I want to shampoo my rugs.

9.  Ask family and friends to respect your small space with gifts.
Question 1:  How can I nicely ask family and friends to not purchase large or unnecessary gifts?
Question 2:  If given a large gift, can I exchange it for something reasonable?
I’ll never forget the Christmas that Mushy's God father bought her this huge ball pit thing.  Horrible!

10.  Above all, stay organized and reorganize.
Question 1:  If I organize this mess, how much space will I save and how will I utilize it?
Question 2:  If I re-organize this area, can I make room for additional storage?
I can’t reiterate enough how important it is to be organized, especially when you’re limited in space.

What are your space saving tips to make the most out of your living area?


  1. I started a new thing that whenever I buy a new item of clothing, I have to get rid of at least one old item and preferably two. That way I always have space in my closet.

  2. if you're gonna ask me to store larger items of yours at my imperial palace... I only accept fridges (filled) and candy drawers (filled)... I'm generous like that

  3. some really great tips here, jax. i love the idea of if you haevnt used it in 2, get rid of it.

  4. We use bed risers to optimize the space under our beds. We also got a bed frame in my oldest son's room that has dresser drawers in them and a little crawl space. Love it!

  5. Hope you find a nice house and the mortgage isn't bad, ugg to that lol I'm just a chucker at my sea, if I haven't used it in a year, bye bye.

  6. These are such great tips! We are in one bedroom with a baby on the way, so I will definitely be referencing these ideas!

  7. This is an excellent rundown on the space saving factors. This has been my entire life and probably my least favorite thing about apartment life! SPACEEEE. And I so know what you mean about the vacuum as decor, ha!! These are truly wonderful tips and hone into all the important parts of living in a little shoebox.

  8. We lived in a 800-square-foot house for years...we only recently got into a bigger place. We found that storage furniture was an awesome solution! Plus there are so many space-saving furniture options today that weren't even around a few years ago. Love Ikea!

  9. We've tried to make our furniture as functional as possible - like purchasing ottomans that double as storage!! That's been a key for us! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  10. My boyfriend and I just moved so we went through EVERYTHING we own. We threw away probably four or five bags of useless crap and had another two or three completely full to donate. Plus we got rid of most of the furniture. Now we have too much space because we are furniture-less. haha

  11. Awesome Post!!!! It's really important to have everything lined out in a good place--so you know where to find it. It gets harder with a bigger home I feel.

  12. I love a good purge of closets, drawers, and storage to make the house feel free + streamlined!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. I too have lived in a small space with my Husband before we bought out home. We even had our baby in our small place before we finally found a home. I'm OCD when it comes to organizing and keeping things orderly and it helps a lot when it comes to small spaces! Good tips! Happy house hunting :)

  14. Separate and sell or donate the items you never use... Sound advice. I'm sure my Bollywood Princess has lots of shoes I could donate ;)

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