Monday, September 14, 2015

List: Ten things that make me happy.

The past few weeks I’ve been in what I would consider a rut.
The summer is creeping to an end.  I’m over worked and mentally drained.
My wedding/honeymoon high has crashed and burned and my tan has faded.
Earlier work hours means longer days and deeper, darker circles around my eyes.
Adding a class and homework to my already hectic schedule means later nights and less sleep.
Did I mention my husband volunteering me to babysit his parent’s cleaning company for 2 weeks?!

All that aside things aren’t awful, but I could use a reminder of all the good things around me.
It’s times like these that I need to indulge in the simple things and just smile.
I could also use a vacation, but my bank account is saying otherwise.  Sigh…
In honor of the end of summer rut, please join me in listing all the things that make us happy.

Ten simple things that are making me happy right now.

1.  Gain Scented Air Freshener
Thank you, Febreze, for making my car smell like freshly cleaned laundry every time I drive.
Whoever thought of partnering Frebreze and Gain together is legitimately a genius!

2.  The Walking Dead
My nights have been filled with latest season of The Walking Dead since it’s been released on DVD.
Nothing makes me smile like watching Mr. Daryl Dixon fight off zombies.  Seriously, I love him!

3.  Merengue
Sunday morning dance parties doing the merengue with my 2 year old daughter is pure enjoyment.
La Mezcla station on Dish TV makes for great background music when making a Sunday breakfast!

4.  Hot Pink Water Bottles
My wonderful husband just bought me a hot pink water bottle with a straw from The Gap and I love it!
I mean, if you don’t like what you’re drinking out of, then you’re not going to like what’s in it. Duh…

5.  Wedding Video
I got my wedding video this weekend, and watching it with my family has been so much fun.
It’s amazing how many things were caught on camera.  Some people are in troubleee… hah!

6.  Purple Pens
I love my Profile ballpoint pen with purple ink.  It makes me actually want to take notes during meetings.
…and to make me want to do anything during a meeting other than nap is a huge success!

7.  Cold Stone Creamery
Whenever I’m not too happy, everyone knows to surprise me with Cold Stone and I’ll be all smiles.
Chocolate ice cream with brownie chunks, please!!  I’m drooling just thinking about it.  Yum!

8.  Linked Calendars
My hubby and I discovered how to link the calendars together on our phone.  That totally made me smile!
Now there is absolutely zero excuse for him to forget something ever again?  Right? RIGHT?!

9.  Dried Gourds
I bought dried gourds that have been air brushed in a translucent gold to fill my fruit bowl.
Well, I had to welcome Autumn eventually and they were so pretty and such a great price!

10.  Pink Polka Dotted Calculator
To recognize a job well done, my manager surprised me with the calculator I’ve been asking for.
Telling an employee they did a good job really does wonders for employee satisfaction!

What little things have been making you happy?


  1. Funny that you like purple pens. I have a couple of the old school pens that have 4 different color inks. Probably invented before you were born, but they make me so happy because they remind me of my childhood. Just click which color you are feelin' and write away!

  2. A good box of tea, a good new box tea, a good new box tea I haven't tried before, a free new box tea, and honey.... honey makes me happy... especially when it's from someone, meaning free... did I tell you I like free things :)))

  3. Coffee, lots and lots and lots of coffee, especially after this past weekend

  4. What makes me happy is not having a hectic schedule like yours lol

    There's always an excuse for not remembering, haven't you learned that by now?

  5. Gratitude lists are a great way to keep things in perspective. I love Frebreze car scents. I have fresh laundry too. Smells so good! My happy thought: I live so close to the beach. That freakin' rocks in my book.

  6. Remembering the little things really does help keep things in perspective! You have a nice balance of activity, visual stimulation, memories, and treats. Very nice!

  7. I need to find some dried gourds. That sounds like a good idea!

  8. Things that make me happy--chocolate, Bath & Body Works scents, a glass of wine after a long day, Mexican food, snuggling with my dog...

  9. oooo, linked calendars sound awesome! Dried gourds are awesome too though it's a funny term I must say!

  10. Your... tan has faded? Say it ain't so at your show! I have never seen a Pink Polka Dotted Calculator. Sounds like fun!

  11. We had a Cold Stone Creamery but they closed it down. It eventually became a frozen yogurt place

  12. Daryl may have reached the ranks of those very few people on the show that can't be killed because the audience loves them too much.

    I get what you mean with Cold Stone. I was grocery shopping with a friend and when we got to the freezer section, she got a serious look on her face and pointed. She said "Michael, if I'm ever upset about something, this is the only thing that can cheer me up. Sara Lee Sticky Date Pudding. I trust you with that information." I made a note of it in my phone.

  13. Oh my gosh I can only imagine how fun it must have been to watch your wedding video!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  14. I love your list.

    I am such a girly girl so I was seriously surprised to find that I LOVE The Walking Dead. How great is Daryl?! Have you been watching Fear The Walking Dead?

  15. Great, simple list! I don't really know what's been making me happy lately. Borderlands?

  16. Love The Walking Dead- can't wait for it to come back in October. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  17. It really is the little things right? A new water bottle totally brightens up my day as well!

  18. I freaking love colored pens. I have them in all sorts of colors. The purple and teal ones make me the happiest. I'm all about the little things. Sometimes just remembering those tiny things are the best way to make yourself feel better on trying days.


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