Wednesday, September 30, 2015

List: Ten things brides should not worry about.

My wedding came and went quicker than anything I’ve ever experienced before.
I still can’t believe we hit our two month anniversary last Saturday.  Where does life go?!
Next up is my brother and his fiancé who are all set to get married next October.
They are planning their wedding with an entirely different approach than we did.
They booked 80% of their wedding before they were even engaged for 4 months.
We waited until we had about 9 months to go to start the major planning and book vendors.

With their strategy, they set aside a whole year to worry about the little things.
Not only is it driving our family bananas, but they aren’t taking time to enjoy their engagement.
Now that I’ve lived through the whole experience, I can give my honest opinion on a few things.
There are many things that can drive a future bride crazy that really don’t deserve to be stressed.
This list is dedicated to my future sister in law and my loving brother.

Ten things not worth stressing over while planning your wedding.

1.  Engagement Photographs
While this may be nice to do, it’s certainly not a necessity.
This is money and time that can be devoted elsewhere.
Besides, why can’t you let a friend play photographer and do it yourself?!

2.  The Bridal Party Beauty Plan
While you can pick their dress, shoes, and hair style, getting it done is their problem.
It’s their responsibility to book all of their appointments and to get there on time.
You already have a million things to do.  Let your bridal party get wrinkles over this one.

3.  Bridal Registry
Some people prefer to do this and others skip it completely.
Fact is, most people are going to give you cash for your wedding, not browse your registry.
Cash is the optimal gift anyways.  I mean, it could make for a nice down payment on a house!

4.  Getting Final Responses
The sad truth is, there will be quite a few people who will forget to mail their response cards.
Delegate this responsibility to the appropriate parent of the bride or groom.
This is a simple enough task that it could be taken out of your already busy hands.

5.  Trying On Tuxedos
By all means go with your groom and pick out your favorite tuxedo and color combos.
At that point, register your final decisions and leave it up to the groomsmen to get this done.
There is absolutely no need to accompany the groomsmen on this 5 second task.

6.  Decorating The Venue
While you should prepare a finalized plan and supply the goods, leave this to the maître dee.
Explain the plan to him/her in detail, drop off the supplies, and then forget about it.
Your maître dee or event planner will probably be tipped well.  Let them work for it!

7.  Picking up the Cake
There are plenty of bakers who deliver.  If yours won’t, then find a new baker.
You will have a million things to do that day and you don’t want to worry about that!
That $25 delivery charge was money well spent:  I saved time, stress, and unnecessary responsibility.

8.  The Weather
There are many things in your control, but this one is not.  You can’t control nature.
Other than an “if it rains” back-up plan, there is nothing you can do about it.
Ignore the control freak in you and put the farmer’s almanac down!

9.  Decorating the Ceremony Venue
Most facilities are beautiful without expensive decorations, especially a church or temple.
People will be so distracted by your wedding dress reveal that alter flowers won’t matter.
Ceremony flowers were an additional $500 that I didn’t have and I never missed them!

10.  Other Weddings
There is always going to be a bigger and better wedding.  Ignore it because this one is yours.
A wedding is all about love, family, and a good time.  Don’t let others compete with you.
This was a huge one for me.  Comparisons of my budget friendly wedding made me furious!

What things would you tell a bride not to worry about?


  1. I also like cash gifts...and then buy what I want.
    I remember when I got married there was a lot of hush--- too many weddings. Fortunately, I did not have to attend those ;)

  2. Very true, can't control the weather unless you are a member of the X-men lol

    Comparing it to everything else will just drive you nuts, that can be said for most anything though, car, house, job, etc.

  3. great list, especially the last one. The comparisons suck and never result in anything good. Just be happy with YOUR wedding. I'm a sucker for photos so I do like the idea of engagement photos but honestly, like you said- you could definitely get a friend to take them!

  4. Good advice, if I ever decide to get married. I'd likely do it at the beach or a lake or something though..

  5. I remember wedding season--that's the time in a person's life when it seems everyone is getting married. Mid to late 20s usually. Then comes baby-shower season, which lasts from mid 20s until your early 30s...when people either stop having babies or stop having a celebration every time they do!

  6. you mean a bride should not go pick up the cake in her wedding dress? Why not? :))

  7. The seating arrangements. No one who ended up at the back table was going to be happy. We picked the floor plan and lay out and let our parents work out who should sit where. It was nice because they knew a lot of the relatives better than we did and they mixed up the families so they all got to know each other.
    Focus on the honeymoon. You will spend a lot more time and make a lot more memories there.

  8. I actually had to pick up my own cake though it wasn't giant or had towers.

  9. I can't imagine the responsibility of picking up the wedding cake! ugh! How stressful....I'd drive so slow and be so afraid it would melt, tilt, slide, fall, get the

  10. I've been off blogs for so long, I completely missed your wedding! Well, belated congratulations!


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