Wednesday, September 23, 2015

List: Ten simple ways to liven up your cubicle.

As sad and a little depressing as it is, I spend more time in my cubicle then at home.
I'm positive that I'm not the only one.  I'm sure that the majority of you can relate.
As my Cuban born husband always says, "Work is all you do in America".  It's almost true!
That being said, our cubicles/offices/work vans are seriously like a second home.
It's important to make it a welcoming environment filled with life's essentials within reach.
In fact, most management should understand this and be able to relate.
Don't be afraid to ask them to make fun and bright purchases as long as they are productive!
When I make my number for the month, my manager surprises me with a themed office supply.  Love!

Ten simple ways to liven up your cubicle.
...I'll avoid the obvious things like personal pictures, your kid's crafts, and office awards...

1.  Travel Coffee Cup

This may be a ridiculous sum of cash to spend on a coffee cup, but it's gorgeous and will be used daily!
Can be bought via Starbucks.

2.  Water Bottle/Cold Coffee Cup

Over the course of 8 hours you should drink three of these filled with water.  
It also has great as a double purpose since it's safe to make a nice cup of iced coffee in.
Can be bought via Starbucks.

3.  Vase

Sticking with my favorite wedding theme (pink & gold), this vase is perfect to hold fake flowers in my cube.
Can be bought via Target.

4.  Tissue Box

At some point during the day, we all need a tissue.  There's no reason why we can't be cute about it!
Can be bought via Target.

5.  Accessory Tray

Everyone needs an accessory tray to store their random things, especially this one from Kate Spade.  Love!
Can be bought via Nordstrom.

6.  Air Freshener

You'll see how much quicker the day will go when you're sniffing the fresh scent of laundry!
Can be bought via Target.

7.  Tea Tin
I try and fill my mid-day caffeine fix with a yummy tea.  Obviously, I need a pretty tin for storage.
Can be bought via Teavana.

8.  Cell Phone Stand

This is perfect because it's theme color appropriate, my favorite animal, and serves an important purpose.
Can be bought via Amazon.

9.  Pencil Cup

I am IN LOVE with this pencil holder.  It reads "a stroke of genius" across the bottom.
Can be bought via Kate Spade.

10.  Bedazzled Tape Dispenser

At least one thing in your cubicle should be bedazzled, so why not your tape dispenser?!
Can be bought via Amazon.

How do you lived up your work space?


  1. those are all lovely... minus that tape dispenser... that is just tacky, Jax :PPP I always have at least four or five miniature travel tubes of hand cream.... it's my aroma therapy :)

  2. Those are all so cute! I am amazed at all of the awesome office supply items now. If I worked in a cubicle I would have those high heel tape dispensers and smiley face sticky notes.

  3. So far I'm cubicle free, but yeah spent more time there than at home many times. I just have an elastic ball to play with and I'm good lol All Americans do is work? lol go to China or something, they work 12-16 hour days. North America has it good.

  4. You crack me up...all those beautiful, classy things and then...a pig? Lol......

  5. Okay, where did you get that travel coffee cup? I want it! I work from home now but I still drink coffee out of a travel stays warm longer. I put so much creamer in, a regular cup gets cold by the time I finish drinking.

  6. I don't have much of a work space, I just have a locker

  7. really cute! I love the tissue box. Cubicles definitely need some flair!

  8. Your Husband is right! My co-workers and I often joke with one another that we are with each other more then our actual families! I love the mug & tape dispenser! Always looking for ways to brighten up my desk. Good post!

  9. These are great ideas! If I have to be at work I at least want to be looking at some cute things!

  10. I bring in a few plants for the window ledge and have lots of photos pinned to one of the cube walls- makes it feel more like mine! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge


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