Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Life: Happy birthday Raviolis & Waterworks!

Many moons ago, August 24, 2011 to be exact, I made my first entry to R&W.
Back then I was known as LMF or Little Miss Fun, until I realized how impractical that name was.
I started with zero followers and had no clue how to do this whole blogging thing.
It started as a place for a newly single 23 year old to vent all of her problems.
I'm not sure how, but I quickly gained followers and became part of the blogging world.
Eventually, my pointless ramblings turned into organized lists about different things I value.
I created fun recurring themes like the Jax Seal of Approval and Let's Play a Jax Game.
The point is:  My blog has grown into something I'm real proud of.
...and, of course, I have all of you wonderful readers and followers to thank for that...

Ten thank yous in honor of Raviolis & Waterworks' fourth birthday!
Of course I need to do a fun list in honor of R&W's birthday.

1.  Pat Hatt @ It's Rhyme Time
Thank you for becoming a loyal blogging buddy and a personal friend.
I also appreciate you listening to my blabber and your rhyming cat that always makes me laugh!

2.  Dez @ Hollywood Spy
Thank you for being there for R&W every step of the way even during my blogging break.
I also appreciate the hot pictures you post of those sexy men, especially the Hunksworth brothers!

3.  Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie
Thank you for being a constant inspiration for both taking more pictures and posting them.
I also appreciate your amazing comments that are always encouraging and thoughtful!

4.  Betsy @ My Five Men
Thank you for always reminding me to slow down and appreciate the little things.
I also appreciate the contest you held years ago.  I still use the winnings for my french pedicures!

5.  Adam @ Neko Random
Thank you for giving me tidbits of information that make me look smart in future conversations.
I also appreciate your sarcastic comments that really do make me giggle!

Thank you for always giving me something to laugh at every dreaded Wednesday and Friday.
I also appreciate the conversation starters you give the hubby and I during dinner talk!

7.  Jimmy @ Jimmy Fungus
Thank you for keeping me up to date with the latest memes, celebrity gossip, and viral videos.
I also appreciate your constant words of encouragement in the comments.  It makes me feel important!

8. Biana @ B Loved Boston
Thank you for giving me new recipes to try and new websites to browse.
I also appreciate you teaching me how to arrange flowers and for being a newer follower.

9.  Ruth @ A Miusmie
Thank you for taking us on tours of your dream homes.  They'll help us on our house hunt.
I also appreciate your quirky, fun posts that remind me to always stay optimistic.

10.  Elle @ Elle Sees
Thank you for inspiring me to tweak my beauty routine, take better care of my hair, and wear make up.
I also appreciate your heartfelt posts that let us relate to you and become a small part of your life.

Over the past four years I've spent blogging, I've learned so much from all of you.
Obviously I can't list everyone that has impacted R&W, so here's a huge thank you to everyone!

Please join me in wishing R&W a very happy birthday!


  1. congrats, congrats! WHere are our birthday raviolis?
    I always forget to celebrate spy's b-day, I think we started in 2007 or something like that...

    1. The meatballs are on the oven and the raviolis are on the stove. Soon we can all mangia!

  2. Happy, happy blog anniversary! I always enjoy your posts...and do agree that the blogging community is just awesome.

    1. Thank you, Betsy!! Yes, it is certainly an awesome thing to be a part of. :)

  3. The cat is off to brag now, he is number 1 lol Happy Blog Anniversary, you only missed it a few years while on break haha the blog world is awesome indeed and blabber away.

    1. LOL Obviously being #1 on one of MY lists is something to brag about. I'd be proud too. hahaha Well, It really was only ONE full year of a break. :)

  4. Happy blogging anniversary! It's so good to see you back after your break and I love all the personal touches you've included (like wedding pics!). Here's to many many more years of blogging

    1. Aw, thank you, Rooth!! It's been so awesome to get to know you through the Blogosphere!

  5. aw, arent' you sweet! I remember when you were single and your dating stories and your dad (the Viking :) had much to say on it, ha! I was really sad when you stopped blogging for a bit so I'm really glad it was only temporary. Happy Anniversary R&W!!!

    1. Thanks, Caitlin! I'm glad to be back also. YES! My dating days made for the best posts. Now it's more like what I have to say about the Viking's dating life. hahaha

  6. You're honestly one of my favourite bloggers, and one of the few who's known me since the "World As I see It" days. Thanks for doing what you do :)

    1. Thank you, Michael! I really enjoy yours as well. You're always making me laugh. Besides, I can't help but to read your posts in your sexy Australian accent. haha :)

  7. happy 4th blogiversary to you!! i can't believe i've been reading so long--i remember LMF!!! and thank you for the mention, you wonderful lady!!! you are the sweetest.

    1. Thanks, Elle!! Yes, you were one of my first followers. LMF was just a terrible name. I don't know what I was thinking. hahaha

  8. Happy 4th, babe! Such an accomplishment. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. You started not long after I did (Nov 2010), but your words remind me so much of my own start. I remember in those first few months meeting cool bloggers and seeing so many of them just fade away and moved on to something else. I'm really glad you came back, I think we all missed you on your hiatus

    1. Thank you, Adam!! I was so happy to see that most of you were still here. I was even happier to see that you all remembered who I am. :)


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