Friday, September 25, 2015

Discussion: Social labels, Hipster Vs. Trendy.

In honor of our fiscal year end, I'm going to have to do a couple of re-posts.
Please enjoy this series from 2012.  This is my #10 most popular post  according to my Blogger stats.


A few weeks back, Tab and I hit up our regular lunch spot, Whole Foods.
Do you have a Whole Foods near you?  If so, you should totally shop there!  The food is yummy and healthy.
While I enjoy the food, that isn’t the only reason why I am a regular at this establishment.
Whole Foods just happens to be crawling with people referred to as Hipsters.
How many of you just hummed that Ke$ha song?  Don’t lie!

What is a hipster anyways, Jax?
A hipster is a super cool and super fashionable person that definitely doesn’t use the word “super”.
They are known for their unique style, underground music choices, and the need to always be different.
Tell me you’re not intrigued by these people?  They have cool written all over them!!

This led to a discussion of how I would love to become a hipster.
I mean, hipsters are totally hot!  I also love their carefree attitude and unique style!

That’s when Tab looked at me and said “You can’t be a hipster. You’re trendy.”.
Mixed emotions much?  I’ve never been labeled before!!
Tab then went back to eating his lunch like nothing just happened.
I mean, how could he be so ignorant to what he just started?
Tab challenged me.  Tab took off his glove, slapped me with it, and initiated a duel.
Challenge accepted and game on.

That’s when Tab caught my eye and knew exactly what I was thinking.
After an unnaturally long huff, he said “You can never be a hipster.  That’s like trying to convert Paris Hilton.”
Paris Hilton?  This went from a glove slap to swinging at me with a sword!!!

I then spent the next week gathering as much information as possible on how to become a hipster.
Lucky for me, I found a website with a very thorough step by step guide.
I’ll keep you guys updated on my “hipster” progress.
…because you care, right?  Right?!

Have you ever been labeled with a social title?


  1. some of them hipsters have no taste whatsoevah! Most of them look like they use trash bins as their wardrobes.....

    1. Agree Dezzy! My kids are anti hipster and when I can drag them shopping they want anything that does not look hipster. No skinny jeans fo sho for my boys! Oh, and I can't afford to have lunch at Whole Paycheck (Whole Foods). The one and only time I was there I went to the salad bar and my very modest salad cost 18 bucks. For reals!!!!!!

  2. I stay far away from ever becoming a hipster. I find many of them just seem to want attention anyway.

  3. I wrote about this a while back and actually offended a couple of people, which I never intended to do! I was covering the fact that hipsters are hard to define because their very purpose is to NOT be defined. A couple of people seemed to have their own thoughts about hipsters and strongly disagreed with the multiple pictures I posted of guys in plaid shirts and long beards (the lumberjack look, I call it!), the girls dressed similarly to Zooey, etc. They thought hipsters were people who were "hip" and dressed trendy. It's funny because my stepdaughter was walking through Forever 21, saying all the clothes were "hipster," when I thought they were trendy...but there were a LOT of Zooey clothes in there...does that mean hipster is in now?!

  4. My daughter told me a few years ago that my son, who is also her brother, is a hipster. I couldn't figure it out. Finally, I asked Sam, who cares for my golden tresses, if my son is a hipster. She said he's not a hipster, but he has hipsterish qualities. Then she told me what they were. I feel better now. Have I ever been labeled with a social title? Does slut count?


  5. I try to avoid trend and status titles

  6. I actually just follow what I want. I like what I like because I like it. I don't care about trends or titles. Many of the "hipsters" make me giggle because the original "hipsters" just did their own thing. They weren't about trends in any sort of way. And now they're all about what they were originally against. It's kind of crazy.

  7. hahahah, noooooo! lol, don't become a hipster. Or at least keep your non-hipster attitude. ha! Here's a nice little rundown:


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