Friday, September 18, 2015

Discussion: Curly Hair vs. Straight Hair in the office.

I recently had an argument with a very intelligent person that made an ignorant statement.
He said, “No professional company would hire a lady with curly hair.  It should be straightened.”
Yes, I swear that someone actually said these words.  To make it worse, it’s someone I respect.
To sum up the long and loud argument, he feels that curly hair is not appropriate for an interview.
He thinks that it looks messy and leads to an assumption that the person is an all around mess.
As a woman with naturally wavy hair, I fought against this ridiculous stereotype.
Not only do I think it’s stupid to say curly haired women are “a mess”, but I think curly hair is sexy!
Maybe I’m a little biased because half my family, including my daughter, rock natural curls…

Don't mind the blurred face.  I had to steal this from an old post.  My naturally CURLY hair proudly displayed.

Argument One:
Straight hair makes you appear more put together, more professional, and in control.
Curly hair makes you appear messy, irresponsible, and not in control of your of your career.
You are more likely to be hired for a job if you interview with a perfect blow out.

Argument Two:
A person should not be judged based on the natural texture of their hair.
To straighten curly hair is expensive, time consuming, and potentially damaging to the follicle.
Curly or straight hair is not a considered factor when interviewing for a new position.

After asking around, I was dumbfounded by the reactions I was getting.
One person went as far as to accuse me of straightening my hair because I secretly agreed.
Ladies and gentlemen, I straighten my hair ONLY because it’s easier than getting a perfect wave.
So now, I extend this argument to my intelligent and wide minded followers.

Do you think a woman with curly hair will be at a disadvantage during an interview?


  1. First of all, I love your hair. Second, what century are we living in? Seriously someone not only thinks that, but actually said that to you? Ok, let's all forgo our individuality and buy flat irons so we can all look like the perfect Jennifer Aniston all day, every day. Oh and while we're at it, let's all hire professional stylists to blow out and flat iron our hair every day. Yeppers, I'm sure every employer would consider that a valid company expense.

  2. I think that we live in a world where everything can be a factor at an interview... everything... even the colour of your eyes or the hair in your nose :) At one of my interviews I was asked if I was planning on getting pregnant any time soon.... :).... and I said No, I'm not ruining my figure.... such is the crazy world we live in... I do understand companies who don't want people with extreme style, including hair, tattoos, clothes, in their staff...

  3. Well I can see how some idiot interviewer may view such things, as idiot interviewers can view anything to a disadvantage or advantage depending on the idiot lol but that is just stupid. Maybe they should hire all bald people, everything is spick and span with a shiny bald head. No hair to bother anyone. Morons are everywhere.

  4. I have naturally wavy hair, too, and I'm kinda resent those remarks, haha .. I mean, I used to straighten, but it grew tiresome because my hair's about mid back long and it used to take nearly an hour to straighten it all. I just don't see how curly hair could be seen as unprofessional?
    But then, I haven't gone on an interview in a while and the last one I went to (that I got) I spent an hour straightening. But then I never again straightened the entire duration of the job and got tapped for management. So it's sort of... mixed results?

  5. I like straight hair better, but if I was the employer I don't think it would have any effect on me about whether I would hire a person or not

  6. I've always loved curly hair...and that's because mine is straight. It won't even hold a single curl. *sigh* And since when does curly hair mean you're not a professional? There's many professional women out there with curly hair. Some people are idiots!

  7. dang, tough crowd in that person, lol. I think he or she is confusing messy hair with curly hair... there's a ton of people with straight hair who keep it frizzy and messy. It's not the type of hair for a job interview it's whether (like everything else) you took the time to make it job interview presentable! In other news, your curls are really pretty.

  8. That's crazy. Does he refrain from hiring blondes because he thinks they are all ditzy? lol....

  9. No way. That's the craziest thing I've ever heard! I started my career in the 90s, when you curled your hair with hot rollers to look professional...straight hair actually looked like you weren't trying. I wish I had wavy hair. Does anyone say MEN with curly hair look unprofessional? Interesting how that double standard works, right?!

  10. Sorry for the absence Jax! IC you are holding up fine.😉

  11. Sorry for the absence Jax! IC you are holding up fine.😉

  12. Sigh. If there's people saying it, then that unfortunately makes it true. I also just saw a story on TV about how selfies are losing people jobs too. And girls wearing pants instead of pencil skirts. It's pathetic and I wish that part of the world would change immediately.

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