Monday, September 7, 2015

Bloghop: Question of the Month

The very entertaining and talented Mike from A Life Examined has graciously decided to host a party.
Well, it might not be a party exactly, but it’s at least considered a gathering!
He has initiated a bloghop called Question of the Month and I’m honored to a part of it.
It was open to the world, but Jax can pretend that it’s an exclusive “gathering”, right? RIGHT?!

What's the best job you've ever had?

This is a difficult one to answer because I've had many jobs over the course of my lifetime.
Each one had their ups and their downs so to pick a favorite is going to be difficult.
You see what's coming, don't you?  A list!  You guys really know me, don't you!
Let's play a Jax game and see if you can guess my favorite job.  I'll give the answer at the end.


1.  Dry Cleaners & Shoe Repair
My very first job was running the front counter at my father's dry cleaners.
Pros:  Working for family meant that I couldn't do wrong and it kept me occupied in the summer.  I also got free lunch and breakfast.  I also got to enjoy lots of idle time in between customers.
Cons:  My dad's dry cleaners does not have air conditioning.  It's the literal definition of a sweat shop.
You know that being a daddy's girl means you get lots of perks when he's your boss!!

2.  McDonalds
I worked here for five years.  I started as a crew member and advanced to  crew trainer and swing manager.
Pros:  This job was a huge part of my high school social life.  I made life long friends and memories that will last forever.  It taught me many basics that I use today such as customer service skills, cost of wastes, scheduling, payroll, and how to delegate responsibilities fairly.
Cons:  I ate way too much fast food in those five years and I always smelled like a French fry.
I didn't list the free food because I'm not really sure if that's a pro or a con!  hah.

3.  HSBC
I worked here for a little over a year as a bank teller.
Pros:  I learned a lot of information about the banking world.  They paid well, had flexible hours, and had an excellent commission package.  It also helped push me to start my college career in accounting.
Cons:  The people here were very clique-ish.  You also couldn't leave at the end of the day unless all of the tellers balanced out.  Job security stunk considering they would over hire and let people go at random.
It became a game that we worked at the banking version of Survivor.  I quit for more stability.

4.  JP Morgan Chase
I worked here as a bank teller for exactly one year.
Pros: This job was minutes away from my home and the hours were very flexible.  They also had an excellent benefits program that gives you full health coverage when you work part time.
Cons:  Their commission package was much lower than HSBC.
I actually enjoyed this job.  The people were friendly and the customer's became familiar faces.

5.  Local Orthodontist Office
I worked here for a year as a receptionist for some extra cash.
Pros:  The job was easy.  Scheduling appointments and laying out folders was the bulk of the job.
Cons:  After working a long week, I would come here at night and on weekends.
This was when I was young, full of energy, and ready to hustle!  Where did all that money go anyways?

6.  Local Electrical Contracting Company
I worked here for a year doing their books and administrative support.
Pros:  This was my boyfriend's (at the time) business so I could come and go as I pleased.  I also got to cut my own paycheck and buy my own "work" computer.  It was also nice to get surprise lunch dates.
Cons:  We broke up and his mom started doing this job.
I worked at Chase during the day, the orthodontist office nights/weekends, and here free time.  Hustle!

7.  A Lawyer's Assistant
During the short period of time I was interested in law, I worked as a lawyer's assistant.
Pros:  I learned about things I never thought I would know.  By the time I quit, I was real good at looking up prior court cases to support current arguments.  He also paid exceptionally well.
Cons:  This was the most boring job I've ever had.  Like, ever.
Well, when my boyfriend and I broke up, I had to find a way to make up that lost money!

8.  An International Shipping Company
I worked for a Japanese international shipping company for 4 years as the head of A/R, Credit, & Collections.
Pros:  I absolutely loved my boss and I made life long friends.  I learned first hand areas of accounting that are crucial like consolidated income statements, journal entries, and aging reports.  I was constantly busy and highly valued.  They were also very accommodating when I got pregnant.
Cons:  Their pay did not match their hefty workload.
I left for a year in between because they moved to Queens.  I returned when they came back to Long Island.

9.  A Local Washer Manufacturer
I worked here for a year in between the Japanese company.  I designed and sold washers in bulk.
Pros:  The social atmosphere was phenomenal, the pay was decent, and it was 10 minutes from my home.  I learned things that I never though I would such as the different types of metals and how to design a washer.
Cons:  My boss was a little TOO friendly and there was no where to grow in the company.
FYI- Washers are the little round things with holes in the middle usually found under a screw.

10.  My Current Job
I've been doing the billing for the Long Island district of a huge company for the past 2 year years.
Pros:  I've met many lovely people that I hope to remain friends with.  My manager really respects me and values me as an employee.  He treats me as if I was his executive equal.  This is a huge company with unlimited opportunities for growth.  I'm privileged to have scheduling flexibility and the option to work from home as needed.  I'm granted unlimited overtime as needed.  Not to mention all the other little perks that I haven't received anywhere else such as company lunches, business trips, and appreciation days.
Cons:  The long hours take precious time away from my family.
Did I mention I'm only 10 minutes away from my baby girls' school?  I love that!


After thinking long and hard, I finally came up with an answer.
I'm totally not exaggerating.  It was really tough to choose between my top 3 contenders.
McDonalds was a great experience and lots of fun, but I wouldn't want to work there today.
I love my current job, but I don't feel it utilizes all of my capabilities.  I could be more valuable to them.
That leaves the winner as...
The International Shipping Company!
It had everything to keep me a satisfied employee minus a competitive salary.

What is the best job that YOU ever had?


  1. so there are no hot lawyers to make the lawyer's office job more interesting?
    Glad you're happy with the current job!
    I myself could only work at creative jobs... administrative ones ain't for Dezzy!

  2. That's a mini memoir. Keep this post for posterity. You have had many experiences and met people along the way who have made an impact on you. Are you using these in your writing?
    Play off the Page

  3. You've sure had an array of jobs in a few fields. The Japanese won, I may have guessed that.

  4. That was fun reading about all your jobs. I couldn't guess which one you were going to pick.

    Susan Says

  5. I like your list of jobs and the pros and cons you listed for all of them. I think it would've been interesting working for a Japanese shipping company.

  6. I always wondered what it would be like to work at a fast food restaurant. I feel like I wouldn't be able to juggle taking orders and giving change at the same time at the drive thru window, I'm not a multi-tasker.

    Breakfast at Gracey's

  7. I worked for an international shipping company located in the US but had a much different experience than you had. I'm glad you're experience was nice. I had to leave that job for health reasons.

  8. You have had more jobs than me! haha. My best job was working for General Motors for 10 years. Super pay and benefits and really great people. 45 minutes drive one way, though...but still it was a great job.

  9. My first two employers were both grocery stores. Started bagging, then to dairy and then to produce. Pay was garbage, but I got some experience. Management at both places were terrible. I would never go back.

  10. I loved reading this list! You're like me with your many jobs, but yours seem to be more financially secure than mine :P

  11. You have lots of work experience. I enjoyed your pros and cons.


  12. Hmmm, the best job I ever had was working at a makeup counter in high school + college. Playing with makeup all day + helping women find products they loved was really fun. However, I'll take my current gig any day of the week- the pay is muuuuuch better, haha. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  13. I love reading about people's jobs, always fun to have that kinda background and remember the jobs that got us started! That's funny about the free food at McDonald's. One of my guy friends worked there in college while he was trying to lose weight and it failed miserably, lol. I can't imagine working at my parent's shop! I think it would be nice to not be stressed when you know the superiors quite well :) but I also feel like my dad would be SO in my business.


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