Wednesday, August 12, 2015

List: Ten ways to slow down and enjoy life.

I feel as if everything in my life is passing me by in one giant blur.
Maybe I’m just sad because after two years of planning, my wedding and honeymoon are OVER.
I’m afraid that I’ll soon be an old lady looking back at a life that I never took the time to appreciate.
In NY we are bred to get everything over with as quickly as possible without any reason why.
Life isn’t something that we should be breezing through.  Life should be relished and enjoyed.

With this new mind set, I decided to vow to slow down and actually experience life.
Is it a new mind set, or is it a quarter life crisis?  Wow, a quarter of my life is already gone!

Ten ways to slow down life and enjoy it.

1.  Take lots and lots of pictures.
When experiencing something worth remembering, stop and snap a picture.
This will allow you to reflect on that memory forever while allowing to share it with others.
I’m really, REALLY bad at this.  I need to learn it’s worth the extra second in the long run.

2.  Don’t always worry about the future.
The future is super important so it’s common to think about possible consequences to your actions.
Take the time to allow yourself to enjoy the present without worrying about the future.
Worrying about the future can seriously way you down.  Trust me, I’m a professional at that!

3.  Stop complaining about the little things.
Nothing in life is ever going to be perfect.  Focus on the good instead of dwelling on the bad.
Constant complaints will ruin a potentially good time for yourself and the people around you.
You may find this hard to believe, but I LOVE to complain.  I need to complain less and enjoy more!

4.  Don’t let grudges steer your life.
There are certainly circumstances that justify a grudge, but never let anything dictate your life.
A grudge can leave a person in a rut wasting precious time in their life.  Remember it, don’t live it.
On the other hand, don’t be like me and be a push over.  Find a balance that lets you enjoy your life!

5.  Live within your means.
It’s difficult to enjoy life when your brain is filled with worries about making ends meet.
Make your life financially comfortable so you spend less time worrying about money and more time enjoying.
Take it from the girl who used to live pay check to pay check.  Life is better without that added stress.

6.  Get out and do something.
While I’m all for takeout and a movie, sitting on the couch rarely makes life changing memories.
Take time to venture out of your home and dive into experiences that are worth a picture!
It took me a while to learn that enjoying life and living life go hand in hand.

7.  Celebrate everything.
Make a point of celebrating every little accomplishment in addition to the big ones.
That hot new hair cut is just as worthy of a night on the town as your promotion at work.
I know I say this all the time, but celebrations make memories, smiles, and happy times!

8.  Fix what’s broken.
Every moment spent dwelling on something that you need changed, is a moment wasted.
Change everything that you need changed as quickly as possible so you use your brainwaves for enjoyment.
Once anxiety is kicked in, it’s hard for me to enjoy anything.  Life passes you by real quick that way.

9.  Demand definite answers.
There is nothing worse than trying to predict the outcome of a wishy-washy response.
Save yourself wasted time by demanding a definite answer.  Don’t ever settle for a maybe!
Either someone is interested or they’re not.  Either they’re coming or they’re not.  Get the point?!

10.  Do not ever, EVER wish a part of your life to end.
Whenever I hear someone say “I can’t wait for this to be over”, I cringe!
Life is way too short to want any part of it to end quicker than it has to.  Embrace every moment of life.
I know that every moment isn’t going to be pleasant, but we should be thankful just to be alive.

How do you slow life down to get maximum enjoyment?


  1. i love not accepting maybes--excellent tip! and to celebrate everything--so true. it's all about the little things, isn't it? here's to slowing down!

  2. I was actually just thinking about this yesterday! I seriously love the idea of celebrating everything! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  3. #'s 2,3,5 & 9 = ♥♥♥

    And I like #10... time to appreciate TIME more!

    All the Cute
    Today’s Post: Cobalt Blue Dress

  4. What if one is going to the doctor for a colonoscopy or something, can they wish for that to be over? lol Not sure why that popped in.

  5. Great tips. I really struggle with not always worrying about the future.

  6. I'd add maximum sex to.. not that me is having it....
    We usually have that feeling of emptiness after a major life event that took a lot of time in our life. The day I got my MA at college left me with the biggest empty feeling ever because it was the end of the four years in my life (we go to college four years here) and I didn't really know what's next. And plus I was alone, my family didn't really celebrate it... so it was double the emptiness :)

  7. I always like taking pictures. A "stupid" picture today is something you might cherish five years later

  8. LOVE this list! Life is definitely flying by like a blur, so I try to savor special moments and take lots of pics! And I love your advice to celebrate everything :-D

  9. Life seems to blow by so fast... I'll try some of these things and hopefully it will seem to slow down a bit.

  10. I'm guilty of the last one, because Boyfriend and I are moving. More exact... He has a 4 day surprise vacation and gets back the day before I leave for my week long planned vacation and then a week after I get back, we have to move. I'm so insanely stressed about leaving work for a week and the move that I want it done with and I'm hoping I don't forget to enjoy the vacation!

    I do have one to add though: Don't do a job that you hate! It will suck your soul dry and make you angry, bitter, and exhausted. You won't see the happy things because you'll just be consumed by spending a good majority of your time in a place you can't stand.

  11. I'm one who needs to learn (over and over!) to let go of grudges! It only hurts YOU to hold 'em, you know?

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. You are so right, is waaay too short to sweat the little stuff....

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