Monday, August 31, 2015

List: Ten ways to get back into school mode.

Ladies and gentlemen, summer break is officially over and school is back in session.
Can you believe that my beloved little God-Mushy is starting Kindergarten next week?  Eep!
This doesn’t just apply to the little munchkins anxiously awaiting their first day of school.
This also applies to the ancient folk (like me!) that are dreading the start of the college semester.
I remember when I had time for school.  Why didn’t I cram more classes in then?!  Ug!

That means that a large part of the population has to snap out of summer mode, like now!
We somehow need to find a way to transition our brains from beaches to school books.
No worries, Jax is going to help you.  I would never leave you hanging like that!!

Ten ways to transition your brain from vacation mode to school mode.

1.  Plan a last hurrah.
There’s no need to quit summer cold turkey.  Let’s gradually transition with a last hurrah.
Plan something fun and summer themed as close to your first day of school as possible.
Please note that I said “as close to your first day” and not “on your first day of school”.

2.  Invest in really cool school supplies.
Put down the black and white composition notebook and reach for something exciting!
Funky pens and pretty notebooks will put a little spunk in your educational duties.
I mean, my Papermate ball point pens with purple ink almost make me WANT to do homework.

3.  Set a goal.
Put a target GPA in your mind or promise yourself you’ll complete all homework assignments early.
By challenging yourself to reach your goals, you may be a little more anxious to start.
Trying to achieve a goal is almost like my own personal game with a scoreboard in my brain!

4.  Reflect on the future.
Choosing to reflect on how you’re advancing your future will put a positive spin on things.
Whether it’s trade school to start a new career, college, or an elective in HS it’s good to reflect.
Speaking of electives, take these seriously kiddos.  They may help you pick your life long career!

5.  Remember-You now have an excuse to NOT do almost anything.
There’s so many times when I don’t want to do something but feel bad declining with a lie.
When you’re in school you have a legitimate reason to decline any dreaded event.
“Jax, want to help me clean out my garage?”  “Um, sorry, I have LOADS of homework to do.”

6.  Look forward to meeting new people.
School and work are great places to make lifelong friends.  Embrace it and look forward to it!
You never know if you’ll be lab partners with your future husband or even a good career contact.
This is always one of the highlights for me.  Even if I don’t meet a BFF, I enjoy socializing.

7.  Stock up on lots of decorations.
Whether it is pimping out your locker or decorating your dorm, go all out and enjoy it.
Remember that it’s your space.  Utilize it and decorate it how YOU want to.
I was never allowed to hang anything on my bedroom walls, so my locker was my favorite spot.

8.  Buy clothes in honor of the new school year.
“Back to school shopping” is definitely an anticipated highlight of the year!
Getting new clothes and shoes to rock in front of classmates makes going back a little easier.
Even my 2 year old little Mushy got real excited.  She kept saying “Like my new shoes?”!!!

9.  Associate something enjoyable with the start of school.
This could be joining a club, a sports team, or even writing for the school paper.
If you don’t like your new thing being related to school, join the gym and make it routine to go.
This will help get you into school mode because you’ll associate it with your enjoyable “thing”.

10.  Plan something to look forward to.
When you have something to look forward to, everything else in the middle seems less horrible.
Plan a fun weekend trip, set a date night, or buy tickets to see your favorite band in concert.
I’m all about distractions to make other things seem less intense!  It’s a tip I learned for my anxiety.

How do you get into school mode after summer vacation?


  1. School supplies shopping is always a reason to get excited, no matter what age

  2. School? Pffft I am soooooo over that hahaha so I should go though and get a lab partner to get a wife? Hmm that would be rather costly lol true, it is a good excuse too.

  3. Planning a last hurrah is fabulous! That always makes me excited to celebrate the end of any era without feeling like it didn't have any type of conclusion. I miss going back to school! It was always so exciting picking out a new binder and what not :)

  4. I feel like I can take a lot of these to implement into work :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. it begins here today as well....we usually start a new school year with teachers on strike :)

  6. I have a Debosa party the first day of school. It's an annual tradition that has been going for about 15 years. A hootin', hollerin', chandelier swingin' PAR-TAY when the kids go back to school.

  7. My kids are in school, and when I teach them and at times do their work it feels I'm in school.
    But, I did host a back to school party and all the games and dress code was related to that!

  8. Both of my kids are super excited about school starting. My oldest is going into middle school and my youngest in fourth grade. They both want to be with their friends. I can't wait to have my uninterrupted writing time back.

  9. Ahhhh kindergarten! How exciting. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  10. I think the problem with education in America is that college is such a drain time and money wise. Unless mommy and daddy pay for everything, you also have to have some kind of job. One guy I know is dreading the start of the year. He was like "I get up, go to school go to work, go to sleep...EVERYDAY"

  11. Kindergarten? Surely you mean preschool, right? Love your ideas....and secretly I think lots of kids are happy to start school and be with their friends, have a routine again, etc. I loved getting my supplies and clothes times.


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