Monday, August 3, 2015

List: My 27th year bucket list.

Patience, my lovelies.  I'll share wedding details real soon.  I promise!
This past Sunday was none other than Jax's 27th birthday.
Happy birthday to me!
Thirty is creeping up WAY too quick...

The past two years have been spent saving money and planning for a wedding.
Now that it's all said and done, I declare my 27th year to be dedicated to fun, excitement, and memories!
I plan on taking plenty of pictures and basking in well spent family time.
I mean, I only have a few more years to enjoy my "youth".  hah!

My 27th year bucket list.

1.  Have a picnic.
I am officially 27 years old and I've NEVER had a picnic.
I vow to get a blanket, pack a fabulous lunch, and enjoy a picnic in the park.
But, if I see ONE bug, I'm out.  I'm packing up my picnic and eating in the car!

2.  Buy fresh flowers weekly.
Every time I fill our empty vase with fresh flowers, I get extra happy.
I vow to splurge the $5 to add color and natural beauty to my home on a weekly basis.
I mean, what woman DOESN'T like the look and feel of freshly cut flowers?!

3.  Go on a day trip to the Hamptons.
The last time I've been to East Hampton was for my 24th birthday.
I vow to enjoy the drive, sight see the beautiful homes, and indulge in a fabulous lunch in East Hampton.
Not to mention, we live a whopping hour from this gorgeous place and my hubby's NEVER been!

4.  Catch a fish.
Growing up, fishing and crabbing was one of my favorite past times.
I vow to take a ride to the dock, whip out my fishing pole, and enjoy a day out with family.
There's something amazing about eating a home cooked meal that you caught yourself!

5.  Spend a weekend in Boston.
Weekend trips to Boston was always a favorite of mine!
I vow to rock a Patriots game, visit Quincy Market, and maybe even re-visit Salem.
I always said that if I had to move out of NY, it would be to live in Boston.  I just love the vibe!

6.  Enjoy a Broadway play.
I live on Long Island, just minutes away from Manhattan, and I haven't been to Broadway in TEN years.
I vow to have at least one romantic night out indulging in a dinner and a show.
This is partially my hubby's fault.  He's not too big on plays.  He'll probably take me to Spiderman!

7.  Visit a museum.
Despite that I live minutes from a million world famous museums, I haven't gone since Pat Hatt's visit!
I vow to visit at least one famous museum to introduce my Mushy to history and culture.
I heard that the body exhibit is an absolutely amazing must see!

8.  See a concert.
My last concert was Maroon 5 at EIGHT months pregnant.
I vow to see a concert whether it be a free one under a gazebo or Bruno Mars at Madison Square Garden.
I love me some Bruno Mars!  His voice is just so smooth and sexy!

9.  Go wine tasting.
There's no better way to make memories then with different bottles of wine!
I vow to head out east to the vineyards, play amongst the grapes, and sip some sweet wine.
This is another thing that my hubby has never done.  He MUST experience it.

10.  Family vacation to Disney World.
We have already began to plan a family trip to Disney World to experience the magic.
I vow to go next July.  I can't wait to see my Mushy's face as she meets the real Mickey Mouse!
This is another first for my mushy and for my man!  I can't wait to experience it.

What's on your bucket list for this year?


  1. Well, the only picnic I had was when I was in school and that was last in 1994!!!

    Nice list, well kids give priceless expressions when they see the characters come to life, we went to Paris Disneywhen they were 6!

    1. Wow, that's a long time ago. Maybe you should put it on your bucket list also. ;)

  2. Happy Birthday! Your bucket list is very doable. Good luck!

    I'm doing my thing right now with a cross country trip. I do this at least once a year.

    Tossing It Out

    1. Thank you!!! Cross country trip? Consider me jealous!

  3. Sounds like a great list, unless bugs com to visit haha you'll touch a fish and bait a hook but are scared of a bug? lol no visit since me? What's wrong with thee? lol Hopefully you don't try broadway on a day its closed like we did. haha

    1. LMAO I do NOT do bugs! If a bug came to visit, then my picnic would be cut real short. hahaha Yes, no visit since you. And, yes, now I know to buy the tickets in advance. hahahahaha

    2. haha advance is a good idea. Oh and happy birthday too.

  4. Excellent list and nothing is outlandish. My big ticket item was to see the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade live and in person. I did that on my 50th birthday so now I can die a very happy woman!

    1. Thanks, lady! I try to be practical. haha I live 20 minutes away and I've never been. Where do you go to bathroom if you have to pee?!

  5. Sounds like a fun bucket list. I went to Disney with my family last October for the first time and we loved it. My kids are a bit older (8 and 10 at the time) so they preferred Animal Kingdom over the Magic Kingdom.

    1. I've been to Magic Kingdom a bazillion times, but I've never been to Animal Kingdom. After discussing it with my husband, we decided to rock Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot. I'm so excited!

  6. not to turn the bucket would be my only wish :)
    Happy B-day once again here too :) I saw your wedding pics at your Facebook :) the ones your relatives were posting :)

    1. LOL Yes, you can make that my new #1 answer! haha

      Thanks, Dez!! I'm glad that you were able to get a sneak preview. I just saw some of the professional photos and they came out amazing!

  7. Congratulations on your wedding...I know you are having a great honeymoon...See ya...

  8. Congrats on 27! And yes, 30 comes fast. I turn 31 on Saturday (NOOOOO). Definitely have a picnic! We do that all the time and not only is it fun but it's a cheap way to enjoy yourself and get out of the house.

    I can't wait to see pictures and hear about your day! I thought of you!

  9. I second you planning a trip to boston!! Happy belated birthday and congratulations on your wedding!!

  10. I hear the best time to go to Disney World (to avoid the crowds) is December. Which sounds good to me as Florida December sounds better weather wise than any other state's

  11. I love the thought of making a new bucket list each year. I'm surprised that you're so against bugs but into fish and crabs ;)

  12. Fishing isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Sorta boring and I've been fishing many times in my life and have only caught maybe 3 fish? Now, crabbing I've done once and I immediately caught several crabs (though they were mostly too small to keep). I'm just not patient enough for it, I guess.
    Disney World has a crazy Christmas thing in December, so I don't think that'd be the least crowded time. I really don't think there's ever a least crowded time haha
    I need to start making a birthday bucket list like this!

  13. Yay for 27! And you need to have a picnic, stat! They're so fun (and yummy). :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  14. Happy birthday my dear! What a cute little bucket list! I'd also love to add fresh flowers to my home weekly, but here a bouquet starts around 15-20$ and that's a little over my budget :(


  15. What you're saying is completely true. I know that everybody must say the same thing, but I just think that you put it in a way that everyone can understand. I'm sure you'll reach so many people with what you've got to say.


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