Wednesday, August 26, 2015

List: 10 necessities to consider when picking a day care.

When you first start looking into day cares, you’re going to get extremely discouraged.
The average day care takes about half (sometimes more) of your pay check.
It helps to remember that this is a temporary situation.  Your child will grow.
It's also good to know that most day cares charge less as your child hits different ages.
I mean, not only are they super expensive, but they’re taking care of your little mush!
We got lucky enough to find a baby school that is decently priced and all around amazing.
My kiddies absolutely love it there and really look forward to going to everyday.

It’s important to shop around and to make sure that you know all of your options.
Trying compiling a list of Day Care Non-Negotiable Items to help weed out the losers.

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Ten things to consider when researching childcare options.

1.  They need to be reasonably located.
Don’t even bother looking into a facility that isn’t in a prime location.
You want a day care that’s either along your route, or only minutes out of the way.
We already have a bazillion things to do before work, let’s not add 20 minutes to our travel time.

2.  They have to have a flawless reputation.
Before even stepping into a facility, make sure you do your research.
Look online and ask around to make sure that the facility you're considering is top-notch.
Just one bad review may make all the difference depending on its' content.

3.  They need to have a serious security system in place.
The day care must have a way of filtering who goes in and out of their facility.
In addition, they must have cameras, fire drills, evacuation plans, emergency contacts, etc.

4.  Their teacher to student ratio needs to be reasonable.
Make sure their ratios are not only compliant to state laws, but reasonable.
In addition to primary teachers, there should be plenty of “helpers” assigned to each class.
At our daycare, the teachers communicate via intercom how many kids they have.  Love it!

5.  They have to be reasonably priced.
You need to figure out how much you make and how much of that you’re willing to spend.
Remember that you get what you pay for, but don’t get taken advantage of either!
Bills need to be paid, but there is a price point where it just doesn’t pay to work anymore.

6.  They need to include food and decent meal plans.
While I expected to provide diapers, wipes, and crib sheets, I refused to bring food also.
Tuition must include formula, milk, water, and healthy meal plans or it isn’t worth the money.
Besides, the last thing I need to do is worry about packing four-course meals and snacks!

7.  They need to have a real curriculum with real results.
Ensure that they have a curriculum for each class.  You need to be comfortable with it.
Your baby will be spending everyday there, so they need to be stimulated and learning something!

8.  They must give you a daily, DETAILED report.
Ask for a sample copy of their daily report, and make sure it includes all necessary information.
You want to know what they ate, when they were changed, and what activities they did.
There is an application called Tadpoles that is amazing with this.  Ask if they use it!

9.  They must handle “incidents” properly.
There are many incidents that can occur in a day care including accidents or small fights.
They must file a DETAILED incident report, have all parties sign it, and keep it anonymous.
You don’t want to find out their policy sucks after a potential incident.  See if they'll show you example.

10.  They must have everything recorded.
To protect your children and to protect their caretakers, it’s vital that a daycare records everything.
It’s helpful when researching an incident or if someone files a formal complaint.
Besides, it’s amazing when you get a picture of your baby sent to you every day!

What are your daycare non-negotiable items?


  1. absolutely great tips and all of these are necessities. i can't believe how expensive it is!! glad she is somewhere that you both love.

  2. That is great that she is learning so much, not many day cares do that around here. More of a just watch and play thing. Ugg to the prices though, that's more than my rent lol

  3. Great tips. Hard to find on a budget. My "must-haves" are a top-notch security and a clean record. My kiddo doesn't go right now, but whenever she does it'll be before and after school so I'm not so concerned about curriculum.

  4. they need to have Rock as the Tootfairy and Hunksworth as their nurse

  5. Great tips..any tips though on how to tame the kids on your own when needed LOL

  6. These are great day care hunting tips- I'm going to send it to my best friend, who is currently looking for somewhere to place her daughter for care. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  7. It's hard to believe what they charge a week. Makes some mortgages look small in comparison

  8. Thanks for your tips darling


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