Monday, August 17, 2015

Ideas: How to make the perfect baby shower gift basket.

Everyone around me is getting married and having babies.
That means lots of parties and tons of gifts.  Hello good times!

For those of you who know me, you already know that I don’t like to give boring gifts.
I try really hard to think of something unique or personal before giving something expected.
While this is totally true, I disregard my gift giving rule for baby showers.
People have baby showers to get things that they need and to ease a necessary financial burden.
But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun with it by putting together a fabulous gift basket.

Ten steps to create the perfect baby shower gift basket.
Step 1:  Pick a theme.
Is this gift for a boy, a girl, or an unknown gender?  What will the theme for your basket be?
Will you purchase a gigantic basket or use a big gift bag?  What colors will you use?
This is a boy’s basket.  I'll use a big gift bag.  The colors are blue and green and the them is memories.

Step 2:  Set a firm budget.
Is this gift for a family member, a bestie, or a casual friend?
What size basket did you want to make and what’s a realistic number to do this?
This basket is for Buddy who I’ve been friends with for several years now.  Budget:  $100.

Step 3:  Purchase your basket or bag and necessary supplies.
This counts towards your budget price, so start with this so you can plan accordingly.
There’s no shame is buying these things that will probably be thrown away at the $1 store!
I got a HUGE baby themed, blue and green gift bag with tissue paper from the dollar store for $3.

Step 4:  Collect lots of baby coupons.
Browse the internet and circulars for as many coupons as possible.
This will help get the most out of your budgeted money because baby things are REAL expensive.
I stuck the unused coupons in a little envelope for my friend.  Trust me, he’ll need them!

Step 5:  Shop a reputable clothing store’s clearance section.
A store’s clearance section doesn’t mean out of style clothes, it means change of season.
Purchase at least 2 season appropriate outfits in larger sizes because they’ll get lots of NB clothes.
I rocked Baby Gap's clearance section and got (2) nice outfits in size 6-9mos for $20!

Step 6:  Purchase at least 2-3 necessity items.
This is where you’re coupons are really going to come in handy.  Don’t forget to check circulars too!
Necessity items are relatively inexpensive, but they’re needed in the baby world.
At Target I purchased large sizes of Johnson’s lotion, powder, and a soft tip medicine dispenser for $15.

Step 7:  Purchase 1-2 theme related items.
Depending on your theme, these items will be the most expensive so shop around.
If your theme is play, get toys.  If your theme is safety, a car mirror is essential.  Be unique!
My theme was memories so I got a blue and green photo album and a baby’s firsts book to fill in for $35.

Step 8:  Purchase diapers or wipes.
Since you’re reaching the end of the budget, calculate how much money you have left.
Depending on your balance, buy a bulk package of diapers or wipes since they’ll use them the most.
I bought a bulk box of Luv’s size 2 diapers from Target for $18 after coupons and the cartwheel!

Step 9:  Buy your finishing touches.
This is where you should buy a themed card.  Write a touching note, add the coupons, and attach!
If money is left over, spend it on decorations or one small, themed filler item.
The card was $3, so I spent my last $6 on a baby themed picture frame for a wallet print.

Step 10:  Put the basket together.
If you went the basket route, make sure every item is meticulously displayed and taped down.
If you went the gift bag route, wrap each item in tissue paper and place neatly in the bag.
I topped my gift bag with green and blue tissue paper triangles and curled ribbon that I already had.

What do you usually gift for a baby shower?


  1. Excellent ideas. I'm so boring I usually just buy off the gift registry.

  2. I demand that somebody organizes a single person shower for all of us single people :) We need showers too :)

  3. Very nice! I own a gift basket business...made tons of these over the years for clients!

  4. The necessity items many seem to skip over, I'd think those are what is needed the most.

  5. This is perfect timing as my sister-in-law is pregnant and I want to make her a gift basket. Thankls for the tips!

  6. I haven't thought about what to give in a few years. I never attended one. Funny how it becomes culturally girls-only

  7. Luckily I don't need to come up with my own gift ideas, I will just come to your blog. I depend on you for these things, Jax.

  8. My comment keeps vanishing :(

    I gifted my friend with a rocking chair :)

    You have some great ideas , thanks for sharing.

  9. GREAT tips, I always love giving the mom something she registered for as well as some fun little things to go with it. This lays it out perfectly.

  10. Budgets are so important- these things can get expensive FAST! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  11. i buy books--i can't help it--i'm a nerd! ;)


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